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Excistance vs. Existence: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 26, 2024
Excistance is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "existence" which refers to the fact or state of living or having objective reality.

Which is correct: Excistance or Existence

How to spell Existence?

Excistance is Incorrect

Existence is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize existence as the essence of being, with the 's' sound repeated, as in "essence."
Existence contains 'ist,' like "persist," indicating continuation or reality.
Remember, existence has an 'e' after 'x' and before 't,' unlike the incorrect "excistance."
Existence ends with "ence," a common ending for nouns indicating a state or quality.
The word existence has the same structure as "resistance," both indicating a state or condition.

Correct usage of Existence

The excistance of the ancient ruins was confirmed by archaeologists.
The existence of the ancient ruins was confirmed by archaeologists.
He questioned the excistance of a higher power.
He questioned the existence of a higher power.
The excistance of the secret society was revealed in the documents.
The existence of the secret society was revealed in the documents.
The excistance of life on other planets is still a mystery.
The existence of life on other planets is still a mystery.
She doubted the excistance of true love.
She doubted the existence of true love.

Existence Definitions

A way of living.
He lived a peaceful existence in the countryside.
The state or fact of being real or alive.
The existence of extraterrestrial life is still debated.
Continued survival or presence.
The old traditions still have existence in the modern world.
Something that exists; reality.
Quantum mechanics challenges our ideas of existence.
The totality of things that exist.
Philosophers ponder the nature of existence.
The fact or state of existing; being.
The fact or state of continued being; life
Our brief existence on Earth.
All that exists
Sang the beauty of all existence.

Existence Sentences

The existence of the internet has changed the way we communicate.
The existence of water on Mars is a topic of scientific research.
Human existence is filled with both joy and challenges.
Philosophers have long debated the nature of existence.
The existence of hidden galaxies expands our knowledge of the universe.
The existence of microscopic organisms was discovered with the invention of the microscope.
The existence of cultural differences enriches our world.
The existence of renewable energy sources is key to sustainable development.
The existence of diverse ecosystems is essential for the planet's health.
The existence of encryption technologies ensures the security of digital communication.
The preservation of wildlife is essential for the existence of biodiversity.
Artificial intelligence challenges our understanding of consciousness and existence.
The existence of underground water reserves is vital for desert regions.
The existence of laws is crucial for maintaining order in society.
The existence of rare species is often endangered by habitat loss.
The existence of different languages reflects the complexity of human societies.
The existence of gravity is a fundamental principle in physics.
Quantum physics explores the existence of particles at the smallest scales.
The existence of historical documents helps us understand our past.
The existence of public parks contributes to the well-being of urban populations.
The existence of a supportive community can greatly improve one's quality of life.
The existence of mutual respect is fundamental for peaceful coexistence.
The existence of natural wonders inspires awe and admiration.
The existence of moral values guides our decisions and actions.
The existence of music has a profound impact on human emotions.

Existence Idioms & Phrases


Refers to existing together, often in peace and harmony, despite differences.
The community is a model of coexistence between diverse cultural groups.

Existence precedes essence

A philosophical notion suggesting that individuals first exist and then define their purpose or nature.
The concept that existence precedes essence empowers individuals to shape their own destiny.

Question of existence

Refers to inquiries or doubts about the reality or presence of something.
The question of existence of extraterrestrial life remains unanswered.

Bare existence

Means living with only the most basic necessities, without any luxuries.
After the disaster, many were left with nothing but a bare existence.

Existence theorem

In mathematics and logic, a statement that confirms the existence of a particular solution to a problem or equation.
The existence theorem proves that a solution exists, but does not necessarily provide the solution.

Existence crisis

A period of intense questioning about one's own life, purpose, or the very nature of existence.
The protagonist in the novel goes through an existence crisis, questioning the meaning of life.

Parallel existence

The concept of living or existing in a parallel universe or dimension.
Science fiction often explores the idea of parallel existence and alternate realities.

Marginal existence

Living at the edge of survival, often in poverty or extreme conditions.
Many in the region lead a marginal existence, barely able to meet their basic needs.

Sustainable existence

Living in a way that maintains resources and the environment for future generations.
The village strives for a sustainable existence by using renewable energy and practicing conservation.

Spiritual existence

Refers to aspects of life and understanding that go beyond the physical to include religious or mystical experiences.
Many seek a deeper understanding of their spiritual existence through meditation and reflection.

Fleeting existence

Describes life or a state of being that is brief and passes quickly.
The beauty of the cherry blossoms is a reminder of the fleeting existence of nature's wonders.

Shared existence

The concept of living together and sharing life experiences with others.
The shared existence within the community fosters a strong sense of belonging and support.

Existence proof

In mathematics and logic, a proof that demonstrates the existence of an element or solution without necessarily providing a specific example.
An existence proof can confirm that at least one solution to an equation exists.


What is the root word of existence?

The root word of existence is the Latin "existentia."

Why is it called existence?

The term "existence" comes from the Latin "existentia," meaning standing out, being, or emergence, reflecting the state or fact of being.

What is the verb form of existence?

Existence is a noun; the related verb is "exist."

What is the pronunciation of existence?

Existence is pronounced as /ɪɡˈzɪstəns/.

Which vowel is used before existence?

Typically, the indefinite article 'an' is used before existence, as in "an existence."

Which conjunction is used with existence?

"And" is commonly used, as in "existence and essence."

Which article is used with existence?

Both "an" and "the" can be used, depending on the context.

Is existence an adverb?

No, existence is not an adverb.

Is existence a negative or positive word?

Existence is generally neutral.

What is the plural form of existence?

Existence is typically used as a singular, uncountable noun. Plural form is not commonly used.

Is existence an abstract noun?

Yes, existence is an abstract noun as it denotes a concept or state.

Is existence a collective noun?

No, existence is not a collective noun.

Is existence a vowel or consonant?

The word "existence" starts with a vowel sound.

What is the singular form of existence?

The singular form is "existence."

Which preposition is used with existence?

"In" is often used with existence, as in "existence in reality."

Is the existence term a metaphor?

Existence can be part of metaphorical expressions but is not a metaphor by itself.

Is the word existence imperative?

No, existence is not imperative; it's a noun.

Which determiner is used with existence?

Determiners like "an," "the," and "this" can be used with existence.

Is existence a noun or adjective?

Existence is a noun.

Is existence a countable noun?

Generally, existence is used as an uncountable noun.

What is a stressed syllable in existence?

The second syllable "is" is stressed in existence.

What is another term for existence?

Another term for existence could be "being" or "reality."

What is the first form of existence?

Existence does not have verb forms; it's a noun.

What is the second form of existence?

Existence does not have verb forms; it's a noun.

What is the third form of existence?

Existence does not have verb forms; it's a noun.

How is existence used in a sentence?

"He devoted his life to exploring the mysteries of human existence."

How many syllables are in existence?

There are four syllables in existence.

How do we divide existence into syllables?

Existence is divided as: ex-is-tence.

What part of speech is existence?

Existence is a noun.

What is the opposite of existence?

The opposite of existence could be "nonexistence" or "nothingness."
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