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Bordum vs. Boredom: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 26, 2024
Bordum is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is boredum which refers to a state of being weary and restless through lack of interest.

Which is correct: Bordum or Boredom

How to spell Boredom?

Bordum is Incorrect

Boredom is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "boredom" with "dom" in "kingdom," where both imply a state or condition.
Note that "boredom" has the same number of letters as "wearied," reflecting its meaning.
Remember that "boredom" contains "bore," as in drilling through something monotonous.
Recall "boredom" ends with "-dom" similar to other states like "freedom."
Connect "boredom" with "tedium," noting both end in "-dom" and relate to being uninterested.

Correct usage of Boredom

He reads novels to escape the bordum of daily life.
He reads novels to escape the boredom of daily life.
Children often complain of bordum during long car rides.
Children often complain of boredom during long car rides.
I can't stand the bordum of doing the same thing every day.
I can't stand the boredom of doing the same thing every day.
To fight off bordum, she took up a new hobby.
To fight off boredom, she took up a new hobby.
The lecture induced a sense of bordum in the audience.
The lecture induced a sense of boredom in the audience.

Boredom Definitions

A psychological state resulting from a lack of stimulation.
She found a hobby to fight off boredom.
A feeling of dissatisfaction arising from a lack of engagement.
Boredom can sometimes spark creativity.
The condition of being uninterested in current activities or surroundings.
Boredom struck her during the flight.
The state of feeling weary and restless due to lack of interest.
Boredom overtook him during the long lecture.
A state of ennui or weariness.
The novel depicts the character's deep-seated boredom.
The condition of being bored; ennui.
(uncountable) The state of being bored.
(countable) An instance or period of being bored; A bored state.
The state of being bored, or pestered; a state of ennui.
The realm of bores; bores, collectively.
The feeling of being bored by something tedious

Boredom Sentences

She felt a deep sense of boredom without her phone or internet.
Long summer days can bring boredom if you don't find creative ways to fill them.
To combat boredom, they started playing board games.
He painted the walls to relieve his boredom.
The teacher tried to make the lessons more engaging to prevent student boredom.
The boredom in the room was palpable as the meeting dragged on.
Boredom led him to explore new parts of the city.
They started a book club to break the cycle of boredom.
The book was so dull, it almost put me to sleep with boredom.
The boredom of waiting in line was eased by listening to music.
The lecture series was designed to be informative and eliminate any chance of boredom.
Boredom is often the mother of invention.
The trip was so poorly planned that it resulted in sheer boredom.
Boredom can lead to overeating out of a lack of something better to do.
The play was so engaging, it left no room for boredom.
Finding a new hobby can turn boredom into excitement.
In an effort to fight boredom, they organized a small indoor tournament.
To avoid boredom, he constantly seeks new adventures.
The meeting was an exercise in boredom management.
Boredom often pushes people to develop new skills and hobbies.
The boredom of the afternoon was broken by an unexpected visitor.
Crafting can be a great antidote to boredom.
She took up jogging to stave off boredom and improve her health.
The monotony of the task made boredom inevitable.


What is the pronunciation of boredom?

The pronunciation of boredom is /ˈbɔːr.dəm/.

What is the root word of boredom?

The root word of boredom is "bore," referring to the feeling of being uninterested or weary.

What is the verb form of boredom?

The verb form related to boredom is "bore."

Which vowel is used before boredom?

The vowel used before "boredom" depends on the preceding word in a sentence; there is no specific vowel that is always used before "boredom."

Which conjunction is used with boredom?

Any conjunction can be used with "boredom" as appropriate to the sentence, such as "and," "but," or "because."

Why is it called boredom?

It is called boredom because it describes the state of being bored, indicating a lack of interest or a feeling of weariness.

Is boredom an abstract noun?

Yes, boredom is an abstract noun, as it refers to a feeling or state rather than a tangible object.

Is boredom an adverb?

No, boredom is not an adverb.

Is boredom a negative or positive word?

Boredom is considered a negative word as it describes a lack of interest or enjoyment.

Is boredom a vowel or consonant?

This question does not apply to the word "boredom" as it is not a single letter. The word itself contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the boredom term a metaphor?

"Boredom" can be used metaphorically to describe a dull or uneventful situation but is primarily a literal term.

How is boredom used in a sentence?

"Boredom often leads people to find creative ways to entertain themselves."

Which preposition is used with boredom?

Prepositions such as "with," "from," or "of" can be used with boredom, as in "boredom with a task," "suffering from boredom," or "the boredom of the meeting."

Is boredom a countable noun?

No, boredom is generally considered an uncountable noun since it refers to a state of feeling.

How do we divide boredom into syllables?

Boredom is divided into syllables as bor-dom.

What is a stressed syllable in boredom?

The stressed syllable in "boredom" is the first syllable: bor-.

What is the opposite of boredom?

The opposite of boredom could be "excitement," "interest," or "engagement."

Which determiner is used with boredom?

Determiners such as "the," "some," or "a" can be used with "boredom" depending on the sentence.

What is the first form of boredom?

As a noun, boredom does not have verb forms like first, second, or third. The related verb "bore" is its "base" or first form.

What is the singular form of boredom?

Boredom is both singular and plural in its form as a noun; it does not change.

What is the plural form of boredom?

Boredom does not have a separate plural form; "boredom" can refer to both singular and plural contexts.

Which article is used with boredom?

The indefinite article "a" and the definite article "the" can be used with boredom, depending on the context.

Is boredom a noun or adjective?

Boredom is a noun, referring to the state or feeling of being bored.

Is the word boredom imperative?

No, "boredom" is a noun and cannot be imperative, which applies to verbs.

What is the third form of boredom?

There is no third form of "boredom" as it is a noun. The third form of the related verb "bore" is also "bored."

Is boredom a collective noun?

No, boredom is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in boredom?

There are two syllables in "boredom."

What part of speech is boredom?

Boredom is a noun.

What is another term for boredom?

Another term for boredom is "ennui" or "tedium."

What is the second form of boredom?

There is no second form of "boredom" as it is a noun. The second form of the related verb "bore" is "bored."
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