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Regard vs. Respect: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Updated on November 3, 2023
Regard is about consideration or attention, while respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something.

Key Differences

Regard is a neutral term that implies paying attention to someone or something, but respect carries a deeper sense of admiration and high esteem. While one can have regard for laws or guidelines without necessarily venerating them, respect involves a positive evaluation and a deferential attitude.
Regard can also imply a certain perspective or way of looking at something, as in 'with regard to,' meaning concerning or regarding. Respect, on the other hand, is often used in the context of ethical and moral considerations, indicating an acknowledgment of value and importance.
In professional or casual interactions, regard is often used as a polite sign-off in communication, as in 'best regards,' without the depth of personal admiration implied by respect. Respect might influence one's actions more significantly, leading to behaviors that actively show honor and esteem.
One might regard a piece of art as interesting without actually having respect for the artist’s skills. In contrast, respecting an artist usually means that one values not only their work but also their mastery and creativity.
Showing regard can be as simple as acknowledging someone's presence in a meeting, whereas showing respect might involve actively listening, not interrupting, or seeking someone's opinion because you value their judgment.

Comparison Chart


Consideration or attention
Admiration and high esteem


Can be neutral or formal
Involves a deeper positive evaluation

Usage in Language

Often used with prepositions (e.g., in regard to)
Often stands alone (e.g., I have great respect for...)


Used in sign-offs (e.g., regards)
Reflected in speech and behavior


Can exist without admiration
Involves acknowledgment of worth

Regard and Respect Definitions


He listened to her problems with kind regard.


Her integrity has earned her colleagues' respect.


Respectful Greeting.
Please give my regards to your family.


I have immense respect for her talent.


In this regard, we must consider the legal implications.


Polite Behavior.
He treated the guests with respect.


She held his opinions in high regard.


Recognition of Rights.
This policy shows respect for employee privacy.


The story was curious in every regard.


The soldiers saluted the flag with respect.


To think of or consider in a particular way
I regard him as a fool.


A feeling of appreciative, often deferential regard; esteem
I have great respect for your work.


To look at attentively; observe closely
"He regarded the delicate lines of her profile" (Thomas Hardy).


Can regard turn into respect?

Yes, regard can develop into respect if admiration grows.

Can you have respect without regard?

Typically, respect includes a form of regard, but it goes beyond by valuing someone’s qualities.

How do you show regard in communication?

By listening and responding thoughtfully.

Can respect be demanded?

Respect is more often earned; demanding it doesn’t guarantee genuine respect.

Is regard necessary in professional relationships?

Yes, as a form of acknowledgment and consideration.

Is it correct to say ‘with regards to’?

The correct phrase is ‘with regard to,’ without the 's'.

Can respect be lost?

Yes, respect can be lost if actions or behaviors do not align with the reasons for which it was given.

Do you need to know someone to respect them?

No, respect can be based on someone’s reputation or achievements.

How do you teach children regard?

Through modeling polite attention and consideration for others.

Is regard the same as liking someone?

Not necessarily; one can have regard for someone without personally liking them.

Can companies earn respect?

Yes, through ethical practices and quality products or services.

Can animals be shown respect?

Yes, by treating them humanely and acknowledging their sentience.

Does respect imply equality?

Respect often acknowledges the inherent worth of others, which can imply equality on a human level.

Does regard have to be genuine?

Regard can be a matter of social or professional protocol and might not always be genuine.

Does self-respect differ from respect for others?

Yes, self-respect is about how you value yourself, while respect for others is about valuing them.

How is respect shown in different cultures?

It varies widely; some bow, others shake hands, maintain eye contact, or use formal language.

Why is respect important in a classroom?

It creates a positive learning environment and mutual understanding.

Is it possible to regard something but not appreciate it?

Yes, one can acknowledge something’s presence or importance without appreciating it.

Can regard be measured?

It’s difficult to measure regard as it’s a subjective feeling or attitude.

Is ‘best regards’ appropriate for formal emails?

Yes, it’s a common and acceptable closing.
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