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Receipt vs. Reception: What's the Difference?

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Receipt is a written acknowledgment of having received something, while reception is the act or process of receiving or the event in which something is received.

Key Differences

Receipt and reception are both nouns, but they serve different functions and contexts. A receipt is a documented acknowledgment that a person has received goods or services. In a typical transaction, a receipt is offered by the seller to the buyer to confirm the exchange. It often itemizes the transaction and serves as proof of purchase.
On the other hand, reception can refer to the act of receiving something, such as in the reception of information, but it can also denote a social event, such as a wedding reception, where guests are received. It's about how something or someone is welcomed or accepted.
In another context, receipt might refer to the total amount of money received during a given period, like in accounting, where it records the inflow of cash. Reception can also mean the way in which a person or a group of people reacts to something; for instance, a new policy might have a good or bad reception among the public.
Receipts are integral to financial transactions and record-keeping, serving as proof of purchase or payment. They are practical, tangible records. Receptions, however, can range from personal interactions, such as the way a visitor is received at a home, to large social gatherings, highlighting the social aspect of the term.
The receipt is strictly used in the context of acknowledging the receipt of items or services, it's concrete and transactional. The reception has a broader scope, indicating either the process of receiving or the nature of the welcome given, encompassing both tangible and intangible scenarios.

Comparison Chart


Proof of purchase or payment.
Act or event of welcoming/receiving.

Context of use

Business transactions.
Social events, or receiving information.


Document or written acknowledgment.
Event, action, or response.


From Old North French receite.
From Latin receptionem.

Common related terms

Invoice, proof of sale, transaction.
Welcome, gathering, acceptance.

Receipt and Reception Definitions


Record of transaction.
The cashier handed me the receipt for my groceries.


Act of receiving guests.
The hotel provided a warm reception to its guests.


Acknowledgment of payment.
I filed the receipt after paying the bill.


Quality of signal received.
The radio reception in the valley was poor.


Summary of income.
The company's receipts for the quarter were up.


Event for welcoming.
They held a reception after their wedding ceremony.


Document for item return.
I needed the receipt to return the faulty toaster.


Acceptance of an idea.
The new policy met with a mixed reception.


Proof of service delivery.
The mechanic provided a receipt for the repairs.


Way of being received.
Her performance received a standing reception.


The act of receiving
We are in receipt of your letter.


The act or process of receiving or of being received.


(Football) The act or an instance of catching a forward pass.


Can reception also mean how something is perceived?

Yes, reception can refer to the way in which something is received or regarded by people.

Is a receipt always printed?

No, receipts can be digital or printed.

Are receipts necessary for business taxes?

Yes, receipts are often necessary for tax purposes to document expenses.

Does reception always involve physical presence?

No, reception can also refer to the reception of ideas or information, not just physical presence.

Can reception refer to an event?

Yes, reception can denote a social event where guests are received or welcomed.

Do I need a receipt for returns?

Yes, most stores require a receipt for returning purchased goods.

Does a reception always involve a celebration?

Not always; reception can simply refer to the act of receiving, not just social events.

Can a receipt serve as a legal document?

Yes, a receipt can serve as proof of purchase in legal situations.

Is a receipt only for financial transactions?

Yes, a receipt typically refers to a written acknowledgment of a financial transaction.

What does a bad reception mean?

It means that something was not well received or welcomed.

Is the reception desk related to the term reception?

Yes, it's where guests are received, typically in hotels or offices.

Does a wedding reception have to be formal?

No, the formality of a wedding reception is up to the hosts.

Is it possible to have an electronic receipt?

Yes, electronic receipts are commonly used, especially in online transactions.

Can reception refer to the quality of a signal?

Yes, it can refer to the clarity or strength of a broadcast signal.

Should receipts be kept after a purchase?

Yes, it's advisable to keep receipts for warranty and tax purposes.

How long should you keep purchase receipts?

It depends on the item and purpose, but generally until the return period or warranty expires, or for tax purposes as required.

Can the term reception refer to a receptionist's work?

Indirectly, as the receptionist's work involves the process of receiving people or calls.

Can a receipt be handwritten?

Yes, a receipt can be handwritten as long as it records the necessary transaction details.

Are digital receipts valid for returns?

Yes, many businesses accept digital receipts for returns.

What does it mean if a TV show has good reception?

It means that the show was well received or had positive reviews from audiences.
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