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Pureology vs. Redken: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 4, 2024
Pureology is a haircare brand focusing on color-treated hair with sulfate-free and vegan products. Redken is a professional haircare brand known for innovative and scientifically advanced products.

Key Differences

Pureology is renowned for its dedication to color-treated hair, emphasizing color retention and sulfate-free formulas. Redken offers a broader range of haircare solutions, focusing on various hair types and concerns.
Pureology prides itself on vegan formulas and environmental sustainability. Redken is recognized for incorporating advanced scientific research into its product development.
Pureology mainly attracts customers with color-treated hair seeking gentle, color-preserving products. Redken appeals to a wide audience seeking professional-grade haircare for various hair needs.
Pureology typically falls into a higher price range, reflecting its specialized niche in color care. Redken offers a diverse price range, catering to both salon professionals and general consumers.
Pureology focuses on innovation in preserving hair color and health. Redken innovates across a broader spectrum, including styling products, hair treatments, and colorants.

Comparison Chart


Color-treated hair
Various hair types and concerns


Sulfate-free, vegan
Scientifically advanced ingredients


Color-treated hair customers
Wide range, including professionals


Higher range
Diverse, accessible to various budgets


Color retention, hair health
Wide range including styling, treatment, color

Pureology and Redken Definitions


Known for vegan and sulfate-free hair products.
She switched to Pureology for its sulfate-free benefits.


Provides solutions for various hair needs.
She used Redken for both color care and styling.


Focuses on maintaining hair color and health.
Pureology's conditioner kept her dyed hair healthy.


Known for scientific innovation in haircare.
Redken's products were a result of advanced research.


Offers premium haircare solutions for colored hair.
Pureology became her go-to for color care.


Offers a diverse range of hair products.
He found Redken's styling products versatile.


A haircare brand specializing in color-treated hair.
Her color remained vibrant thanks to Pureology shampoo.


Appeals to both salon professionals and consumers.
Redken was a favorite both at the salon and at home.


A brand promoting environmentally conscious products.
He appreciated Pureology's commitment to sustainability.


A professional haircare and styling brand.
Her stylist recommended Redken for hair treatment.


Can Pureology products help with hair health?

Pureology's products are designed to promote hair health, especially for color-treated hair.

Are Pureology products vegan?

Yes, Pureology offers vegan haircare products.

Does Redken cater to specific hair types?

Yes, Redken has products for a variety of hair types and concerns.

What is Redken known for?

Redken is known for its scientific approach to haircare and diverse product range.

Do Pureology products contain sulfates?

Pureology is known for its sulfate-free product line.

What kind of hair problems does Redken address?

Redken offers solutions for hair issues like damage, color treatment, and styling needs.

What sets Pureology apart in haircare?

Pureology specializes in color-treated hair with sulfate-free, vegan formulas.

Are Redken products suitable for professional use?

Yes, Redken products are widely used by salon professionals.

Is Pureology environmentally friendly?

Pureology emphasizes environmental sustainability in its products.

How does Pureology protect hair color?

Pureology uses specialized formulas to prolong color vibrancy.

Are Redken products affordable?

Redken offers products across various price points, making them relatively accessible.

Do Pureology shampoos lather well?

Despite being sulfate-free, Pureology shampoos are known to produce a good lather.

Can Pureology be used on non-colored hair?

Yes, while tailored for color-treated hair, Pureology can benefit all hair types.

What makes Redken unique in the market?

Redken's use of advanced science in haircare sets it apart.

Can Redken products be used for colored hair?

Yes, Redken has specific products for color-treated hair.

Is Redken good for daily use?

Yes, many Redken products are suitable for daily haircare routines.

Does Redken provide hair treatment products?

Yes, Redken offers a range of hair treatment products for different hair issues.

Is Pureology good for all hair types?

While suitable for all types, Pureology is best for color-treated hair.

Does Redken offer hair styling products?

Yes, Redken has a wide range of styling products.

Are Pureology products salon-exclusive?

Pureology is available in salons and also through various retail channels.
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