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PUBG Mobile vs. PUBG PC: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 9, 2024
PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game adapted for smartphones with simplified controls, while PUBG PC is the original, more graphically intense version for computers.

Key Differences

PUBG Mobile is a version of the popular battle royale game specifically designed for mobile devices. It offers streamlined controls optimized for touchscreens, making it accessible to a wide range of players. PUBG PC, on the other hand, is the original version of the game designed for personal computers, offering more detailed graphics and complex gameplay due to the advanced capabilities of PCs.
In PUBG Mobile, the game mechanics are adjusted to suit the mobile platform, including auto-aim and other assistive features to accommodate the smaller screen and touch controls. PUBG PC provides a more immersive experience with its higher resolution graphics and precise control enabled by a mouse and keyboard setup.
The pace of the game in PUBG Mobile is often faster, with matches typically lasting shorter durations to suit mobile gaming habits. PUBG PC games tend to have longer match durations, catering to players who prefer extended gaming sessions.
PUBG Mobile is free to play, with in-app purchases available, making it easily accessible to a vast audience. PUBG PC is a paid game, requiring purchase before playing, which might limit its accessibility but ensures a more controlled gaming environment.
The social aspect differs as well; PUBG Mobile is popular for its social integrations, making it easy to connect with friends and play together. PUBG PC, while also offering multiplayer options, often attracts more serious gamers focused on competitive play.

Comparison Chart


Personal Computers


Touchscreen, simplified
Keyboard and mouse, more complex


Optimized for mobile, less detailed
High resolution, more detailed

Gameplay Pace

Faster, shorter matches
Slower, longer matches


Free with in-app purchases
Paid game


High, easier to start
Lower, requires PC and purchase

Social Integration

High, easy to play with friends
Available but less focused on social play

PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC Definitions

PUBG Mobile

Offers a faster-paced gaming experience.
Quick matches in PUBG Mobile fit my busy schedule.


Offers high-resolution, detailed graphics.
The graphics in PUBG PC are stunning and immersive.

PUBG Mobile

Emphasizes social play with friends.
We often team up in PUBG Mobile for a fun evening.


Played using a keyboard and mouse.
I prefer the precise controls of PUBG PC with a keyboard and mouse.

PUBG Mobile

Features simplified controls for touchscreen.
The touchscreen controls in PUBG Mobile make it easy to play on the go.


A paid game requiring purchase.
I bought PUBG PC during an online sale.

PUBG Mobile

Free to play with in-app purchases.
I downloaded PUBG Mobile for free on my phone.


Attracts more competitive gamers.
The competitive scene in PUBG PC is intense and thrilling.

PUBG Mobile

A battle royale game adapted for smartphones.
I play PUBG Mobile during my commute to work.


The original version of the battle royale game for computers.
I upgraded my PC to enhance my PUBG PC gaming experience.


Is PUBG Mobile free?

Yes, it's free to download with in-app purchases available.

Are the maps in PUBG Mobile the same as in PUBG PC?

Some maps are similar, but there may be variations and exclusive maps in PUBG Mobile.

Is PUBG PC a paid game?

Yes, PUBG PC requires a purchase to play.

Are the updates in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC synchronized?

Updates may occur around the same time but can vary in content and features.

Can I play PUBG PC on a low-end PC?

It might be challenging as PUBG PC requires certain specifications for optimal gameplay.

Can PUBG Mobile players play against PUBG PC players?

No, there's no cross-platform play between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC.

Can I play PUBG Mobile with a controller?

Some controllers are compatible with PUBG Mobile, but it's primarily designed for touchscreen.

Whst is PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile is a battle royale game adapted for smartphones with simplified controls and gameplay.

Can PUBG Mobile be played on tablets?

Yes, PUBG Mobile can also be played on tablets.

Does PUBG PC have better graphics than PUBG Mobile?

Yes, PUBG PC generally has more detailed and higher resolution graphics.

Are the controls customizable in PUBG Mobile?

Yes, players can customize the touchscreen controls in PUBG Mobile.

Can I use voice chat in both PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC?

Yes, voice chat is available in both versions.

Do I need an internet connection to play PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC?

Yes, both versions require an internet connection for online play.

What is PUBG PC?

PUBG PC is the original version of the popular battle royale game designed for personal computers.

Is it easier to play PUBG Mobile or PUBG PC?

It depends on the player's preference and familiarity with the platform.

Can I have the same account on PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC?

No, accounts are separate for each version.

Is the community different for PUBG Mobile compared to PUBG PC?

Yes, the communities may differ, with PUBG Mobile having a broader range of players due to its accessibility on mobile devices.

Are there tournaments for PUBG Mobile like in PUBG PC?

Yes, there are competitive tournaments for both PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC.

Are the game modes the same in PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC?

While many game modes are similar, each version may have exclusive modes and features.

Is the gameplay pace different between PUBG Mobile and PUBG PC?

Yes, PUBG Mobile generally offers faster-paced gameplay with shorter matches.
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