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PSP Original vs. PSP Slim: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on May 24, 2024
The PSP Original is Sony's first handheld gaming console with a thicker design, while the PSP Slim (2000 series) is lighter, thinner, and offers enhanced features.

Key Differences

The PSP Original, officially known as the PSP-1000 series, marked Sony's foray into handheld gaming, featuring a robust build and a wide screen. The PSP Slim, or the PSP-2000 series, introduced a lighter and thinner frame, making it more portable without sacrificing screen size. Both versions catered to gamers on the go, but the Slim offered a more comfortable gaming experience due to its reduced weight and profile.
In terms of performance, the PSP Slim boasted an improved RAM size, doubling from the Original's 32MB to 64MB. This upgrade enhanced game load times and overall system performance, making the Slim a preferable choice for gamers seeking efficiency alongside portability. The PSP Original still delivered a solid gaming experience but was outpaced by the Slim's technical enhancements.
Battery life saw improvements in the PSP Slim as well, despite its smaller form factor. Thanks to more energy-efficient components and a redesigned battery, the Slim could sustain longer play sessions compared to the PSP Original. This was a significant advantage for users who prioritized mobility and extended gaming periods without constant recharging.
The PSP Slim also introduced video output capabilities, allowing players to connect their PSP to a television. This feature was absent in the PSP Original, highlighting the Slim's versatility for both personal and shared gaming experiences. The Slim's ability to double as a portable and home console broadened its appeal among users looking for multifunctional devices.
Another notable difference was the UMD (Universal Media Disc) loading tray design. The PSP Original had a more enclosed compartment, whereas the PSP Slim featured a simpler, more accessible UMD slot. This redesign made it easier to swap games on the go, addressing one of the minor inconveniences noted by users of the Original PSP.

Comparison Chart

Weight and Thickness

Heavier and thicker
Lighter and thinner



Battery Life

Shorter battery life
Longer battery life

Video Output

Not available
Available, allows connection to TV

UMD Tray Design

Enclosed compartment
More accessible UMD slot

PSP Original and PSP Slim Definitions

PSP Original

Lacks video out capability.
He wished his PSP Original could connect to the TV for big-screen gaming.

PSP Slim

Includes TV connectivity.
He loved playing his PSP Slim games on the big screen.

PSP Original

Features a 32MB RAM.
The PSP Original's 32MB RAM was impressive at its launch.

PSP Slim

Doubles the RAM to 64MB.
Games load faster on the PSP Slim thanks to its 64MB RAM.

PSP Original

Sony's first handheld gaming console.
He found his PSP Original in the attic, still in working condition.

PSP Slim

A lighter, thinner version of Sony's handheld console.
She preferred the PSP Slim for its portability.

PSP Original

Known for its durable build.
The PSP Original's robust design has stood the test of time.

PSP Slim

Features a more accessible UMD slot.
Swapping games on the PSP Slim was a breeze with its redesigned UMD slot.

PSP Original

Uses a thicker, heavier design.
The PSP Original felt solid and substantial in his hands.

PSP Slim

Offers extended battery life.
With the PSP Slim, she could play for hours without needing a charge.


Is there a difference in game loading times?

Yes, the PSP Slim typically has faster loading times due to its increased RAM.

Can I use PSP Original accessories with the PSP Slim?

Some accessories are compatible, but due to the Slim's thinner design, not all will fit.

Do both models support WiFi connectivity?

Yes, both the PSP Original and PSP Slim support WiFi for online gaming and browsing.

Which PSP model has better battery life?

The PSP Slim has a longer battery life compared to the PSP Original.

What defines the PSP Slim?

A refined, lighter version of the original PSP with enhanced features and improved portability.

Can I upgrade my PSP Original to a PSP Slim?

You cannot "upgrade" internally; you would need to purchase the PSP Slim separately.

Which model is better for travel?

The PSP Slim, due to its lighter weight and longer battery life.

Can PSP Slim play all PSP Original games?

Yes, the PSP Slim is compatible with all games released for the PSP Original.

How does the UMD tray differ between models?

The PSP Slim has an easier-to-access UMD slot compared to the PSP Original's enclosed compartment.

What is the PSP Original?

The first iteration of Sony's PlayStation Portable, known for its solid build and comprehensive features.

Is video out available on both PSP models?

No, only the PSP Slim has video out capabilities.

Which PSP is more durable?

The PSP Original has a reputation for being more durable due to its thicker build.

Are memory cards interchangeable between models?

Yes, both models use the Memory Stick Pro Duo format.

Can I play multiplayer games between PSP Original and PSP Slim?

Yes, multiplayer gaming is supported between both models.

Which model offers more color options?

The PSP Slim was released in more color variations than the PSP Original.

Can the PSP Slim's battery be replaced with a PSP Original battery?

While both use similar batteries, the PSP Slim's battery is slimmer; using an original battery may require a different battery cover.

Is there a difference in sound quality?

The sound quality is relatively similar, though some users report slightly better performance on the PSP Slim.

Do both PSP models have the same screen size?

Yes, both models feature the same 4.3-inch screen size.

How do I connect my PSP Slim to a TV?

You'll need a PSP-specific video out cable, which connects from the Slim to your TV's input.

Are PSP Original games still being made?

Production of new PSP games has largely ceased, affecting both models.
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