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Polo vs. Ralph Lauren: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 14, 2024
Polo is a sport and a clothing style, whereas Ralph Lauren is a luxury fashion brand known for its polo-inspired apparel.

Key Differences

Polo, a team sport played on horseback, contrasts with Ralph Lauren, a global fashion brand. While polo represents a game with rich heritage, Ralph Lauren symbolizes high-end fashion influenced by this sport's style.
The word Polo, often associated with a specific style of shirts, differs from Ralph Lauren, a designer label that popularized this style. Polo shirts are a casual wear staple, whereas Ralph Lauren’s designs extend beyond this, offering a wide range of luxury clothing.
In the world of fashion, polo typically refers to a shirt style characterized by a collar and a placket with two or three buttons. Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, is a comprehensive fashion brand that encompasses a variety of clothing styles, accessories, and fragrances.
The cultural significance of polo as a sport contrasts with Ralph Lauren's status as a symbol of fashion and lifestyle. Polo is known for its historical and social connotations, while Ralph Lauren represents modern luxury and style.
From a branding perspective, Polo is often used generically to describe a style of shirt, whereas Ralph Lauren is a trademark representing a broad range of high-end fashion products, including the iconic Polo shirt.

Comparison Chart


A team sport on horseback
A luxury fashion brand

Primary Association

Style of shirts
Designer label

Cultural Significance

Sport with a rich heritage
Symbol of fashion and luxury

Product Range

Refers to specific shirt style
Wide range of fashion items


Generic term for a shirt style
Trademark for luxury fashion

Polo and Ralph Lauren Definitions


Polo, a team sport played on horseback.
The players exhibited excellent skills during the polo match.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, a symbol of high-end fashion and style.
The Ralph Lauren brand is synonymous with elegance.


Polo, a style of shirt with a collar and a placket neckline.
He chose a blue polo for the casual event.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, a company representing a lifestyle of sophistication and class.
Their home was furnished with Ralph Lauren products.


Polo, a brand name used for various casual wear products.
She bought a new pair of Polo sneakers.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, a global brand known for luxury clothing and accessories.
He wore a suit from the latest Ralph Lauren collection.


Polo, in historical contexts, a game of Central Asian origin.
Polo has been played in Asia for centuries.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, an American fashion designer and business executive.
Ralph Lauren revolutionized American fashion with his designs.


Polo, a term used to describe a certain casual fashion style.
The new collection features polo-inspired designs.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren, a designer label famous for its polo shirts.
Her favorite Ralph Lauren polo fits perfectly.


A game played by two teams of three or four players on horseback who are equipped with long-handled mallets for driving a small wooden ball through the opponents' goal.


Water polo.


Can Polo refer to a brand?

Yes, Polo is often used to refer to Polo Ralph Lauren, a brand under the Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Who is Ralph Lauren?

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer and founder of the Ralph Lauren Corporation, a global multi-billion-dollar enterprise.

What products does Ralph Lauren produce?

Ralph Lauren produces a wide range of luxury clothing, accessories, fragrances, and home furnishings.

What is polo?

Polo is a team sport played on horseback, where players use mallets to hit a ball into a goal.

Is Polo only related to clothing?

No, polo primarily refers to a horseback sport, but it's also a style of shirt inspired by this sport.

Is the sport polo played internationally?

Yes, polo is played internationally, with a strong presence in countries like Argentina, the UK, and the USA.

Is Ralph Lauren only known for polo shirts?

No, Ralph Lauren is known for a wide variety of luxury fashion items, not just polo shirts.

What is the origin of the sport polo?

Polo originated in ancient Persia and was popularized in the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia.

How did Ralph Lauren start his fashion career?

Ralph Lauren began his fashion career designing men's ties, eventually expanding into a full clothing line.

Are polo shirts the same across all brands?

No, while the basic style is similar, different brands offer variations in quality, fit, and design.

Are there professional polo leagues?

Yes, there are professional polo leagues and tournaments around the world, including the Argentine Open Polo Championship.

What distinguishes Ralph Lauren's polo shirts?

Ralph Lauren's polo shirts are known for their high-quality materials, iconic logo, and classic design.

Can anyone play polo?

While traditionally associated with the elite, polo clubs and lessons are now accessible to a wider audience.

What is the Polo Ralph Lauren logo?

The Polo Ralph Lauren logo features a polo player on horseback.

What's the price range of Ralph Lauren products?

Ralph Lauren products range from moderately expensive to high-end luxury prices.

Is Polo only a summer sport?

While often played in summer, polo can be played year-round, including on snow or in arenas.

Has Ralph Lauren designed clothing for specific events?

Yes, Ralph Lauren has designed outfits for events like the Olympics and for various celebrities.

Does Ralph Lauren only cater to adult fashion?

No, Ralph Lauren offers clothing lines for men, women, children, and even home decor.

Is polo considered a luxury sport?

Yes, due to its association with royalty and the affluent, polo is often considered a luxury sport.

How has Ralph Lauren impacted American fashion?

Ralph Lauren played a significant role in defining American style, blending classic elegance with a relaxed aesthetic.
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