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Pay Order vs. Demand Draft: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 2, 2024
Pay Order is a bank order for payment within the same city. Demand Draft is a bank draft for payment between different cities or locations.

Key Differences

Pay Order is a bank-issued instrument for local payments within the same city. While, demand Draft is used for transferring funds between different cities or locations.
Pay Order typically involves transactions within the same bank's branches. Whereas, demand Draft is a method for transferring money across different banks or branches.
Pay Order is more localized and often quicker due to the same-city restriction. However, demand Draft may take longer, as it involves inter-city or inter-bank transactions.
Pay Order is generally considered safe for local business transactions. On the other hand, demand Draft is more widely used for larger payments or when dealing with distant parties.
Pay Order is preferred for its local convenience and quick clearance. Demand Draft is essential for secure payments over long distances.

Comparison Chart


Limited to the same city
Applicable across different cities or banks


Local transactions
Long-distance or inter-bank transactions

Clearance Time

Usually quicker due to local processing
May take longer due to distance and bank processing


Secure for local dealings
Preferred for secure payments over distances

Typical Application

Small, local business transactions
Large payments, often for distant transactions

Pay Order and Demand Draft Definitions

Pay Order

A payment order within the same city.
The pay order facilitated our intra-city transaction.

Demand Draft

A bank draft for inter-city payments.
I sent a demand draft to pay the interstate vendor.

Pay Order

Bank-issued for same-city transactions.
For rent, I always use a pay order.

Demand Draft

Used for transactions across different banks.
A demand draft was necessary for the out-of-state transaction.

Pay Order

An instrument used for payments within the same bank branches.
I issued a pay order for the deposit at our bank's local branch.

Demand Draft

A bank instrument for long-distance transactions.
The company issued a demand draft for the overseas supplier.

Pay Order

A bank instrument for local payment.
I issued a pay order for the local supplier.

Demand Draft

A secure way to transfer money between cities.
For the purchase, I opted for a demand draft.

Pay Order

A secure method for local payments.
The club accepted a pay order for membership fees.

Demand Draft

Preferred for large, distant payments.
I received a demand draft for the car I sold.


Can a pay order be used for inter-city payments?

No, it's meant for same-city transactions.

Does a demand draft work internationally?

It depends on the bank's policies and international arrangements.

Is a pay order restricted to one bank?

It's typically used within the same bank's branches.

What's the maximum amount for a pay order?

It depends on the bank's policies and transaction requirements.

How quickly can a pay order be processed?

Usually quickly, due to local processing.

What is a pay order?

A bank instrument for local city payments.

How is a demand draft used?

For secure payments between different cities or banks.

Is a demand draft safe for large transactions?

Yes, it's secure for large and distant payments.

Can a demand draft be canceled?

Yes, but the process varies by bank.

Can individuals issue pay orders?

Yes, for local transactions.

Are demand drafts commonly used for online purchases?

Not typically, as other electronic methods are more common.

How long is a demand draft valid?

It varies, but typically around 3-6 months.

Is a demand draft traceable?

Yes, it can be tracked through the issuing bank.

What's needed to issue a pay order?

Funds and transaction details, subject to bank procedures.

Do pay orders have any associated fees?

Generally, there are nominal charges.

Can demand drafts be issued online?

Some banks offer online issuance of demand drafts.

Can a pay order be used for utility payments?

Yes, if within the same city.

Is a pay order a cheque?

No, it's a different form of bank-issued payment order.

Are demand drafts accepted universally?

Mostly, but acceptance depends on the receiving party and bank.

How secure is a demand draft compared to cash?

Much more secure, especially for larger amounts.
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