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Partridge vs. Quail: What's the Difference?

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Partridge is a medium-sized bird known for ground living habits, often found in grasslands and woods. Quail is a small, plump bird, typically ground-dwelling, known for its short tail and camouflaged plumage.

Key Differences

Partridges are medium-sized birds often found in grasslands and woods, known for their robust body and ground-living habits. Quails are smaller and plumper with a distinctive short tail, usually found in fields and bushy landscapes.
Partridges belong to the family Phasianidae, which includes pheasants and turkeys. Quails, while similar in habits, belong to the family Odontophoridae or Phasianidae, depending on the species.
The typical habitat for a partridge is open country including farmlands and woodlands. Quails, on the other hand, are often found in more varied habitats, ranging from open savannas to dense bushlands.
Partridges are known for their ground-nesting habits and are less likely to perch in trees. Quails, although primarily ground dwellers, are sometimes found perching in low trees or bushes.
The diet of a partridge mainly includes seeds and insects, and they are known for walking rather than flying to escape danger. Quails also feed on seeds and insects, but they exhibit a more explosive flight pattern when startled.

Comparison Chart


Smaller and plumper

Tail Length

Longer tail
Short tail


Grasslands and woods
Fields, savannas, and bushlands


Odontophoridae or Phasianidae

Flight Pattern

Walks to escape danger
Explosive flight when startled

Partridge and Quail Definitions


A ground-dwelling game bird with a stout body.
A partridge scurried across the field as we walked.


A small, plump bird, well-adapted to ground living.
A quail darted into the bushes to hide.


Known for its camouflaged plumage, aiding in hiding from predators.
The partridge's feathers blended perfectly with the autumn leaves.


Known for its distinctive call, often heard in the wild.
The sound of quails calling filled the morning air.


Prefers to walk and run rather than fly.
The partridge ran swiftly through the underbrush.


Prefers to stay hidden in dense vegetation or grass.
Quails are often hidden, but their calls give away their location.


Often found in pairs or small groups, especially during breeding season.
We spotted a pair of partridges near the woodland edge.


Exhibits a short, sudden flight when startled.
The quail took off with a burst of speed when we approached.


A popular bird in game hunting and culinary dishes.
Partridge is considered a delicacy in many cuisines.


Also a popular game bird, with various species across different regions.
Hunting quail is a traditional sport in many rural areas.


Any of various plump-bodied game birds of several genera in the family Phasianidae, native to Eurasia and Africa and introduced elsewhere.


Any of various primarily ground-dwelling birds of the genus Coturnix, especially C. coturnix, small in size and having mottled brown plumage and a short tail. Also called coturnix.


Any of several game birds, such as the ruffed grouse or the bobwhite, similar to a partridge.


Any of various similar or related birds of the Americas, such as the bobwhite or the California quail.


(ornithology) Any bird of a number of genera in the family Phasianidae, notably in the genera Perdix and Alectoris.
On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent to me a partridge in a pear tree.


To shrink back in fear; cower.


A type of cannon charge composed of several missiles fired all together, similar to langrage or case-shot. Also a large cannon that shoots stones.


Any one of numerous species of small gallinaceous birds of the genus Perdix and several related genera of the family Perdicidæ, of the Old World. The partridge is noted as a game bird.
Full many a fat partrich had he in mew.


Any one of several species of quail-like birds belonging to Colinus, and allied genera.


The ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus).


Flesh of either quail or grouse


Heavy-bodied small-winged South American game bird resembling a gallinaceous bird but related to the ratite birds


Small Old World gallinaceous game birds


A popular North American game bird; named for its call


Valued as a game bird in eastern United States and Canada


Are partridges good flyers?

Partridges prefer walking and running to flying.

What is a partridge?

A medium-sized ground-dwelling bird often found in grasslands and woods.

Where can you find partridges?

In open country, farmlands, and woodlands.

Do quails fly well?

Quails can fly, but they usually exhibit short, explosive flights.

Where do quails live?

In fields, savannas, and bushlands.

Are partridges solitary birds?

They are often found in pairs or small groups.

What is a quail?

A small, plump bird, typically ground-dwelling, known for its short tail.

Can partridges be hunted?

Yes, they are a popular game bird.

Is quail meat popular?

Quail is also a popular choice in culinary dishes.

What do partridges eat?

Mainly seeds and insects.

How do quails react to danger?

Quails often take flight suddenly when startled.

What is unique about quail's call?

Quails have a distinctive call, often heard in the wild.

Are partridges used in cooking?

Yes, partridge meat is considered a delicacy.

Is quail hunting common?

Yes, quail hunting is a traditional sport in many areas.

How do partridges escape predators?

They rely on camouflage and running.

Are quails ever found in trees?

Quails can sometimes be found perching in low trees or bushes.

What family do quails belong to?

The Odontophoridae or Phasianidae family, depending on the species.

What family do partridges belong to?

The Phasianidae family.

What is the diet of a quail?

Quails also feed on seeds and insects.

Do partridges perch in trees?

Partridges are less likely to perch in trees.
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