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Organogram vs. Organigram: What's the Difference?

By Harlon Moss & Aimie Carlson || Updated on May 22, 2024
"Organogram" and "organigram" are terms for a diagram that shows the structure of an organization, but "organogram" is more commonly used in British English, while "organigram" is more prevalent in European and other international contexts.

Key Differences

"Organogram" is a term primarily used in British English to refer to a diagram that represents the structure of an organization, illustrating the relationships between different positions and departments. It is widely recognized in UK-based companies and contexts. "Organigram," on the other hand, is more commonly used in European and international contexts, though it has the same meaning and function as "organogram." This term is particularly prevalent in non-English speaking countries where English is used as a business language.
Both "organogram" and "organigram" depict the hierarchical arrangement within an organization, showing how responsibilities and roles are distributed. They provide a visual representation that helps understand the chain of command and communication flow.
While "organogram" is typically used in British English, "organigram" is often seen in multilingual settings and international organizations. The choice between the two terms often depends on regional preferences and organizational norms.
In practice, there is no functional difference between an organogram and an organigram. Both serve the same purpose of visually displaying the organizational structure, and their usage is interchangeable depending on regional or cultural context.
Understanding the distinction helps in communicating effectively within different regions, ensuring that the correct term is used to avoid confusion.

Comparison Chart


Diagram representing organizational structure
Diagram representing organizational structure

Common Usage

British English contexts
European and international contexts

Regional Preference

United Kingdom
Non-English speaking countries, international


Visualizes hierarchy and relationships
Visualizes hierarchy and relationships


UK-based companies and documents
Multilingual and international organizations

Organogram and Organigram Definitions


Used in British English contexts.
The HR team updated the organogram to reflect recent promotions.


Used in European and international contexts.
The organigram was prepared in multiple languages for the global conference.


Helps visualize the organizational structure.
The organogram was included in the annual report to show management changes.


Illustrates hierarchical relationships.
The organigram helped new employees understand the company structure.


Common in UK-based companies.
The British firm displayed its organogram in the lobby for visitors.


Helps visualize the organizational structure.
The organigram was distributed during the international merger meeting.


A diagram representing the structure of an organization.
The company's organogram showed the new department heads and their teams.


A diagram representing the structure of an organization.
The multinational corporation's organigram included all regional offices.


Illustrates hierarchical relationships.
The organogram clearly outlined the reporting lines within the company.


Common in multilingual and international organizations.
The organigram of the NGO showed its complex global structure.


(management) organigram


(management) A graphical representation of the structure of an organization, showing groups and departments and their interconnections and inter-responsibilities


Where is the term organogram commonly used?

Organogram is commonly used in British English contexts and UK-based companies.

What is an organigram?

An organigram is a diagram that represents the structure of an organization, similar to an organogram, but more commonly used in international contexts.

What is an organogram?

An organogram is a diagram that represents the structure of an organization, showing hierarchical relationships.

Why are organograms important?

Organograms help visualize the chain of command, clarify roles, and improve understanding of the organizational structure.

Can organogram and organigram be used interchangeably?

Yes, they can be used interchangeably, depending on regional or organizational preferences.

Is one term more formal than the other?

No, both terms are equally formal and professional.

Where is the term organigram commonly used?

Organigram is commonly used in European and international contexts, especially in multilingual settings.

Is there a difference between organogram and organigram?

No, there is no functional difference; the terms are used interchangeably based on regional preferences.

Why are organigrams important?

Organigrams provide a visual representation of an organization's structure, facilitating communication and understanding, especially in international settings.

Which term is preferred in a UK-based company?

Organogram is preferred in a UK-based company.

What do both organogram and organigram illustrate?

Both illustrate the hierarchical structure and relationships within an organization.

Which term should be used in an international business report?

Organigram is typically preferred in an international business report to ensure wider understanding.

Can organograms and organigrams include the same elements?

Yes, they can include the same elements, such as positions, departments, and reporting lines.

Do organograms and organigrams serve different purposes?

No, they serve the same purpose of depicting organizational structure.

Are organograms used in non-business contexts?

Yes, organograms can be used in any organizational context, including non-profits and educational institutions.

Are organigrams used outside of Europe?

Yes, organigrams are used internationally, particularly in multilingual and global organizations.

How do you decide which term to use?

The decision is based on regional norms and the audience's familiarity with the term. Use organogram in British contexts and organigram in international or European contexts.

Is there a standard format for organograms or organigrams?

There is no single standard format; they can be customized to fit the specific needs of an organization.

Which term might be more familiar in a multinational corporation?

Organigram might be more familiar in a multinational corporation.

Do both terms reflect the same information?

Yes, both terms reflect the same hierarchical and relational information within an organization.
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