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Optimation vs. Optimization: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson || Updated on May 21, 2024
Optimation refers to the act of choosing the best option, while Optimization is the process of making something as effective or functional as possible.

Key Differences

Optimation involves the selection of the most suitable option from a set of alternatives. This term is less common and primarily used in contexts where choosing the best possible option is the focus. Optimation emphasizes decision-making among various possibilities. Optimization, on the other hand, focuses on enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, or functionality to the highest degree. This term is widely used in mathematics, engineering, and business to describe processes that seek to improve performance and outcomes. Optimization is about fine-tuning and improving existing systems or solutions.
Optimation is often seen in theoretical or academic discussions about decision-making. It highlights the importance of evaluating multiple choices to determine the best course of action. Optimation can be considered a subset of optimization, specifically dealing with the decision-making phase.
Optimization applies to practical and technical fields, involving systematic approaches to improve systems, operations, or designs. It employs mathematical models, algorithms, and simulations to achieve the best possible results. Optimization is broader and more comprehensive in scope.
Optimation might be used when discussing strategic planning or scenarios involving various potential actions. It considers the evaluation and selection process. Optimization, conversely, involves detailed analysis and implementation to enhance processes, products, or services.
Optimation can be limited by the need for clear and defined options to choose from, whereas Optimization can be an ongoing process aimed at continuous improvement. Optimization methodologies include linear programming, machine learning, and statistical analysis.

Comparison Chart


Choosing the best option
Making something as effective as possible

Common Usage

Theoretical discussions about decision-making
Mathematics, engineering, business


Decision-making among alternatives
Enhancing efficiency and effectiveness


Subset of optimization
Broader and more comprehensive


Evaluation and selection process
Mathematical models, algorithms, simulations

Optimation and Optimization Definitions


Strategic planning.
Optimation helps in planning future business moves.


Enhancing efficiency.
The company focused on optimization to improve its supply chain.


Optimation requires careful analysis of all potential choices.


Maximizing effectiveness.
Software optimization reduced the program's loading time.


Choosing the best option.
Optimation is crucial when deciding the best course of action among alternatives.


Continuous process.
Optimization is an ongoing effort in the tech industry.


Selection process.
The optimation process involved evaluating multiple strategies.


Improving functionality.
Optimization techniques were applied to enhance the product's performance.


Theoretical context.
Optimation theories often explore different decision-making models.


Systematic improvement.
The engineer used optimization methods to refine the design.




To make as perfect or effective as possible.


(Computers) To increase the computing speed and efficiency of (a program), as by rewriting instructions.


To make the most of.


The design and operation of a system or process to make it as good as possible in some defined sense.


(programming) The reduction of a program or algorithm to its most efficient form, as during compilation, by removing unused portions of code and improving the speed or resource usage of others.


The act of rendering optimal;
The simultaneous optimization of growth and profitability
In an optimization problem we seek values of the variables that lead to an optimal value of the function that is to be optimized
To promote the optimization and diversification of agricultural products


Where is optimation typically used?

Optimation is used in contexts focused on decision-making and selecting the best course of action.

Where is optimization typically applied?

Optimization is widely applied in mathematics, engineering, business, and other technical fields.

What is optimation?

Optimation is the process of choosing the best option from a set of alternatives.

What is optimization?

Optimization is the process of making something as effective or functional as possible.

Is optimation a common term?

No, optimation is less commonly used compared to optimization.

What is the main focus of optimization?

The main focus of optimization is enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and functionality.

Does optimization involve algorithms?

Yes, optimization often employs algorithms to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Does optimation involve mathematical models?

Not necessarily, optimation focuses more on the selection process rather than mathematical modeling.

What is the main focus of optimation?

The main focus of optimation is decision-making among various alternatives.

Can optimation be considered a subset of optimization?

Yes, optimation can be seen as a subset of optimization focused on decision-making.

Is optimation limited to specific fields?

Optimation is more limited and often discussed in theoretical or strategic contexts.

Does optimation require clear options to choose from?

Yes, optimation involves evaluating and selecting from defined choices.

Does optimization involve implementation?

Yes, optimization involves detailed analysis and implementation to improve systems.

Can optimation be part of optimization?

Yes, optimation can be a part of the broader optimization process, specifically in the decision-making phase.

What methodologies are used in optimization?

Optimization uses methodologies such as linear programming, machine learning, and statistical analysis.

Is optimization a continuous process?

Yes, optimization is often an ongoing effort aimed at continuous improvement.

Can optimation be used in strategic planning?

Yes, optimation is useful in strategic planning and scenarios involving multiple potential actions.

Does optimization employ simulations?

Yes, optimization often uses simulations to test and improve processes or designs.

Is optimation more theoretical?

Yes, optimation is often discussed in theoretical or academic contexts.

Is optimization more practical?

Yes, optimization is applied practically in various fields to improve real-world outcomes.
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