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Ommision vs. Omission: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "ommision," while the correct spelling is "omission." "Omission" refers to the act of leaving something out or excluding it

Which is correct: Ommision or Omission

How to spell Omission?

Ommision is Incorrect

Omission is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "omission" has one 'm' and two 's's, just like "mission."
Think of the word "omit," which also has one 'm.'
Use a mnemonic: "Omitting 'm' in omission would be an omission itself."
Remind yourself that the word "mission" is part of "omission" and is spelled with one 'm.'
Link "omission" with "commission"; both have one 'm' and two 's's.

Correct usage of Omission

The ommision of ingredients made the recipe fail.
The omission of ingredients made the recipe fail.
His ommision from the team surprised everyone.
His omission from the team surprised everyone.
I noticed an ommision in the document.
I noticed an omission in the document.
Ommision of truth is sometimes considered lying.
Omission of truth is sometimes considered lying.

Omission Definitions

Deliberately not including something important.
The omission of key evidence changed the case.
An item or detail that is left out.
One glaring omission was the lack of citations.
Omission is the act of leaving something out.
The omission of his name was accidental.
Excluding or neglecting to do something.
The omission of a greeting was seen as rude.
Failing to act or take proper care.
Omission of daily exercise can affect health.
The act or an instance of omitting.
The state of having been omitted.
Something omitted or neglected.
(uncountable) The act of omitting.
(uncountable) The act of neglecting to perform an action one has an obligation to do.
E&O insurance (for errors and omissions) covers both errors of commission and errors of omission.
(countable) An instance of those acts, or the thing left out thereby; something deleted or left out.
The suspicious omissions in the new edition of the book attracted claims of censorship.
Something not done or neglected.
The lack of a sponge count was an omission by the surgical team.
(grammar) The shortening of a word or phrase, using an apostrophe ( ' ) to replace the missing letters, often used to approximate the sound of speech or a specific dialect.
The act of omitting; neglect or failure to do something required by propriety or duty.
The most natural division of all offenses is into those of omission and those of commission.
That which is omitted or is left undone.
A mistake resulting from neglect
Something that has been omitted;
She searched the table for omissions
Any process whereby sounds are left out of spoken words or phrases
Neglecting to do something; leaving out or passing over something

Omission Sentences

An important detail's omission can change the whole story.
His omission from the squad was due to injury.
The document’s omission was caught before printing.
Omission of facts is a serious issue in journalism.
They regretted the omission of a backup plan.
The omission of evidence led to the case being dismissed.
The omission of a chapter did not affect the book's overall understanding.
Omission in communication often leads to misunderstandings.
The omission of her name from the list was an accident.
The recipe's omission of salt made the dish taste bland.
The contract had an omission that needed correction.
The report's omission made the data incomplete.
An omission from the instructions caused errors in assembly.
Her omission of her previous job on her resume was intentional.
Their omission from the guest list was not on purpose.
The omission of a warning sign led to confusion.
The application's omission was discovered too late.
The movie's omission of the character changed the plot.
The teacher noticed the omission in the student's explanation.
Omission from the record made tracking progress difficult.
The omission of his achievements from the report was an oversight.
Her speech's omission of certain facts raised questions.
The omission of a key ingredient spoiled the cake.
Without the omission, the story would have been too long.
The software update included an omission fix.

Omission Idioms & Phrases

Omission is as good as a lie

Withholding information is equivalent to lying.
By not telling me the whole truth, your omission is as good as a lie.

Leave out by omission

To exclude something or someone, whether intentionally or accidentally.
She felt left out by omission from the team roster.

A sin of omission

A wrong resulting from not doing something, especially a duty.
Failing to help in a crisis can be seen as a sin of omission.

Lie by omission

To deceive or mislead by not providing all the relevant information.
Not telling her the full story was a lie by omission.

An omission of guilt

Failing to mention something can indicate one's guilt.
His omission of where he was that night seemed like an omission of guilt.

An omission from the record

Something not included in an official document or record.
The important fact was an omission from the record, affecting the case's outcome.

To make an omission

To forget or fail to include something.
I made an omission in the report, but I'll correct it immediately.


What is the root word of omission?

The root word is "omit," from Latin "omittere."

Which vowel is used before omission?

Depends on the preceding word in a sentence.

Why is it called omission?

It's called omission because it refers to the act of leaving something out or not including it.

What is the verb form of omission?


Which conjunction is used with omission?

"And," "or," "but" can be used.

Is omission a negative or positive word?

Generally neutral, but often used in negative contexts.

What is the pronunciation of omission?


What is the plural form of omission?


What is the singular form of omission?


Which preposition is used with omission?

"Of," "in," and "by" can be used.

How many syllables are in omission?

3 syllables

How do we divide omission into syllables?


What is another term for omission?


Is omission a countable noun?


What part of speech is omission?


Is omission an adverb?


Which determiner is used with omission?

"The," "an," "some," "any" can be used.

Is omission a vowel or consonant?

It's a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is omission a collective noun?


Is the word omission imperative?


What is the opposite of omission?


How is omission used in a sentence?

"The omission of pertinent information was a serious oversight."

Which article is used with omission?

"The" or "an" depending on context.

Is omission a noun or adjective?


Is omission an abstract noun?


Is the omission term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

What is a stressed syllable in omission?

The second syllable, "mis," is stressed.

What is the first form of omission?

Omission (base form)

What is the second form of omission?

There's no second form; it's a noun.

What is the third form of omission?

There's no third form; it's a noun.
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