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Coform vs. Conform: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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Coform is an incorrect spelling of Conform. Conform means to comply with standards, rules, or laws.

Which is correct: Coform or Conform

How to spell Conform?

Coform is Incorrect

Conform is Correct


Key Differences

Pronounce "Conform" as /kənˈfɔrm/; hear the "n" sound.
Visualize "Conform" as conforming to the right spelling.
Spell-check often; "Coform" will be flagged as incorrect.
Remember "Conform" has an "n" as in "comply."
Coform lacks an 'n'; the 'n' ensures you're not "non-conforming."

Correct usage of Conform

She tried to coform her ideas to the company's vision.
She tried to conform her ideas to the company's vision.
He struggled to coform to the new regulations.
He struggled to conform to the new regulations.
The materials used do not coform to the safety guidelines.
The materials used do not conform to the safety guidelines.
The new design does not coform with our standards.
The new design does not conform with our standards.
It's difficult to coform to societal expectations all the time.
It's difficult to conform to societal expectations all the time.

Conform Definitions

Conform means to act in accordance with established conventions or standards.
Students must conform to school rules.
To ensure something complies with a standard or norm.
Make sure the goods conform to the contract.
Matching in form or type.
This action does not conform with our policies.
To adapt oneself to fit into a particular group or environment.
He decided to conform to the local customs.
To be similar in form or nature.
The building does not conform to safety regulations.
To be or act in accord with a set of standards, expectations, or specifications
A computer that conforms with the manufacturer's advertising claims.
Students learning to conform to school safety rules.
To act, often unquestioningly, in accordance with traditional customs or prevailing standards
"Our table manners ... change from time to time, but the changes are not reasoned out.
We merely notice and conform" (Mark Twain).
To be similar in form or pattern
A windy road that conforms to the coastline.
A shirt that conforms to different body shapes.
To bring into accord or agreement; cause to correspond or comply
"a woman who has conformed herself to the male-designed image of virtuous widowhood so that she can live in peace" (Jennifer Panek).
To act in accordance with expectations; to behave in the manner of others, especially as a result of social pressure.
To be in accordance with a set of specifications or regulations, or with a policy or guideline.
(transitive) To make similar in form or nature; to make suitable for a purpose; to adapt.
Of the same form; similar in import; conformable.
Care must be taken that the interpretation be every way conform to the analogy of faith.
To shape in accordance with; to make like; to bring into harmony or agreement with; - usually with to or unto.
Demand of them wherefore they conform not themselves unto the order of the church.
To be in accord or harmony; to comply; to be obedient; to submit; - with to or with.
A rule to which experience must conform.
To comply with the usages of the Established Church; to be a conformist.
About two thousand ministers whose consciences did not suffer them to conform were driven from their benefices in a day.
Be similar, be in line with
Adapt or conform oneself to new or different conditions;
We must adjust to the bad economic situation

Conform Sentences

The software update will conform the program to new user requirements.
The building must conform to the latest earthquake safety standards.
To fit in, many feel pressure to conform to the norms of their peer group.
The new policies will help conform company practices to international standards.
Successful integration into the community often requires immigrants to conform to new cultural practices.
Manufacturers are required to conform their products to environmental regulations.
You shouldn't always conform to others' expectations at the expense of your own happiness.
The team worked hard to conform their strategy to the feedback received from beta testers.
The artist refused to conform her style to the mainstream tastes, preferring to maintain her unique approach.
The furniture was custom-made to conform to the unique dimensions of the room.
Teenagers often struggle with the desire to conform to trends while wanting to express their individuality.
Scientists must conform their experiments to ethical guidelines.
It's important for the new equipment to conform to the existing system for compatibility.
Clothing fashions often change, and many feel compelled to conform to the latest trends.
To maintain harmony in diverse societies, laws must conform to principles of equality and justice.
Adapting to climate change may require cities to conform their infrastructure to new realities.
In many societies, there is a strong social pressure to conform to traditional roles.
The school's curriculum will need to conform to new educational guidelines.
Employees are expected to conform to the company's code of conduct.
To ensure safety, all materials used in construction must conform to strict quality standards.


What is the verb form of Conform?

"Conform" itself is a verb.

Which vowel is used before Conform?

"A" as in "a conform."

Why is it called Conform?

It's derived from Latin "conformare" meaning "to shape, fashion, form, resemble."

What is the plural form of Conform?

Not applicable as "conform" is primarily a verb.

What is the root word of Conform?

The root is Latin "conformare."

What is the singular form of Conform?


Which conjunction is used with Conform?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence.

Is Conform an adverb?


Is Conform a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but it can be perceived either way depending on the context.

What is the pronunciation of Conform?


Is Conform an abstract noun?


Which preposition is used with Conform?

"To" as in "conform to."

Is the Conform term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, but it is not inherently a metaphor.

What part of speech is Conform?


What is another term for Conform?


What is the second form of Conform?


Which article is used with Conform?

"The" or "a," depending on context.

Is Conform a vowel or consonant?

"Conform" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Conform a countable noun?


How do we divide Conform into syllables?


Is Conform a collective noun?


What is the opposite of Conform?

Rebel or deviate.

What is the first form of Conform?


What is the third form of Conform?


Is the word Conform imperative?

It can be used in the imperative mood, e.g., "Conform to the rules."

What is a stressed syllable in Conform?

The second syllable, "form."

Which determiner is used with Conform?

"This" or "that," depending on context.

How is Conform used in a sentence?

You need to conform to the guidelines provided.

Is Conform a noun or adjective?

Primarily a verb. There's a noun form as in "conformist."

How many syllables are in Conform?

Two syllables.
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