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Iniciate vs. Initiate: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Iniciate" is an incorrect spelling, while "initiate" is the correct form meaning to begin or set in motion.

Which is correct: Iniciate or Initiate

How to spell Initiate?

Iniciate is Incorrect

Initiate is Correct


Key Differences

Remember "initiate" starts with "init-" like "initial" or "initiation."
"Iniciate" has an extra "i" that it doesn't need to start something.
Associate "initiate" with the word "inception," both referring to beginnings.
Think of "initiate" as the beginning, just like the "initial" step.
Keep in mind that "initiate" is related to "initiation," a ceremony to begin something.

Correct usage of Initiate

Iniciate the meeting with a quick introduction.
Initiate the meeting with a quick introduction.
We need to iniciate a plan for the project.
We need to initiate a plan for the project.
It's important to iniciate communication early.
It's important to initiate communication early.
Can you iniciate the software installation?
Can you initiate the software installation?
He will iniciate the training session tomorrow.
He will initiate the training session tomorrow.

Initiate Definitions

To begin or introduce
He will initiate the meeting at 10 AM.
To admit or accept with formal rites into an organization or group
She was initiated into the sorority last year.
To originate or cause to begin
The manager will initiate a new policy next week.
To set going by taking the first step; begin
Initiated trade with developing nations.
To introduce to a new field, interest, skill, or activity
Initiated the students into the world of opera.
To admit (someone) into membership, as with a ritual or ceremony.
Initiated or admitted, as to membership or a position of authority.
Introduced to something new, such as a new field of knowledge.
One who is being or has been initiated into an organization.
One who has been introduced to or has attained some knowledge in a particular field.
A new member of an organization.
One who has been through a ceremony of initiation.
One who is oriented#Adjective in and familiar#Adjective with a topic or subject; especially, one who is an expert#Noun in it.
(transitive) To begin; to start.
To instruct in the rudiments or principles; to introduce.
To confer membership on; especially, to admit to a secret order with mysterious rites or ceremonies.
(intransitive) To do the first act; to perform the first rite; to take the initiative.
(obsolete) Unpractised; untried; new.
(obsolete) Begun; commenced; introduced to, or instructed in, the rudiments; newly admitted.
To introduce by a first act; to make a beginning with; to set afoot; to originate; to commence; to begin or enter upon.
How are changes of this sort to be initiated?
To acquaint with the beginnings; to instruct in the rudiments or principles; to introduce.
Providence would only initiate mankind into the useful knowledge of her treasures, leaving the rest to employ our industry.
To initiate his pupil into any part of learning, an ordinary skill in the governor is enough.
To introduce into a society or organization; to confer membership on; especially, to admit to a secret order with mysterious rites or ceremonies.
The Athenians believed that he who was initiated and instructed in the mysteries would obtain celestial honor after death.
He was initiated into half a dozen clubs before he was one and twenty.
To do the first act; to perform the first rite; to take the initiative.
Unpracticed; untried; new.
Begun; commenced; introduced to, or instructed in, the rudiments; newly admitted.
To rise in science as in bliss,Initiate in the secrets of the skies.
One who is, or is to be, initiated.
Someone new to a field or activity
Someone who has been admitted to membership in a scholarly field
People who have been introduced to the mysteries of some field or activity;
It is very familiar to the initiate
Bring into being;
He initiated a new program
Start a foundation
Take the lead or initiative in; participate in the development of;
This South African surgeon pioneered heart transplants
Accept young people into society, usually with some rite;
African men are initiated when they reach puberty
Bring up a topic for discussion
Prepare the way for;
Hitler's attack on Poland led up to World War Two
A person who has been initiated into an organization or activity
As an initiate, he must learn the rules.
Newly introduced to something
The initiate members attended their first meeting.

Initiate Sentences

Scientists initiate experiments to test their hypotheses.
School clubs often initiate fundraisers for their activities.
To initiate a conversation, just ask a simple question.
The program is designed to initiate children into the world of reading.
The government will initiate a new environmental policy.
The manager will initiate a review of the company policies.
To initiate change, one must first understand the current situation.
Leaders initiate actions that drive progress in their teams.
She decided to initiate a book club in her neighborhood.
To initiate a return, you must have your receipt.
A simple smile can initiate friendship.
To initiate recovery, the system needs to be rebooted.
Activists initiate campaigns to raise awareness about social issues.
To initiate the process, please fill out this application form.


Why is it called Initiate?

The word "initiate" is derived from the Latin word "initiare" meaning "to begin."

Which vowel is used before Initiate?

The vowel "i" is used before "n" in "initiate."

What is the verb form of Initiate?

"Initiate" itself is a verb, but it's also a noun and an adjective in different contexts.

What is the singular form of Initiate?

"Initiate" is the singular form.

What is the plural form of Initiate?

The plural form, when referring to persons, is "initiates."

What is the root word of Initiate?

The root word is the Latin "initiare," meaning "to begin."

Which preposition is used with Initiate?

Prepositions like "into," "with," or "by" can be used depending on the context.

Is Initiate an abstract noun?

When used as a noun, "initiate" is a concrete noun.

What is the pronunciation of Initiate?

"Initiate" is pronounced as /ɪˈnɪʃ.i.eɪt/.

Is Initiate a negative or positive word?

"Initiate" is neutral; it doesn't inherently have a positive or negative connotation.

Is the word Initiate imperative?

When used as a command, "initiate" can have an imperative form.

Is Initiate a vowel or consonant?

"Initiate" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the Initiate term a metaphor?

No, "initiate" is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in various contexts.

What is a stressed syllable in Initiate?

The third syllable "ti-" is stressed in "initiate."

What is the second form of Initiate?

The second form, when referring to the verb, is "initiated."

Which conjunction is used with Initiate?

There isn't a specific conjunction exclusively used with "initiate." It depends on the sentence.

Which article is used with Initiate?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("an" or "a") articles can be used depending on the context.

Is Initiate a countable noun?

When used as a noun referring to persons, it is countable.

Is Initiate a collective noun?

No, "initiate" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Initiate?

There are four syllables in "initiate."

Which determiner is used with Initiate?

Determiners like "the" or "an" can be used depending on the context.

What is the first form of Initiate?

The first form is "initiate."

Is Initiate a noun or adjective?

"Initiate" can be both a noun and an adjective, depending on its usage.

Is Initiate an adverb?

No, "initiate" is not an adverb.

What part of speech is Initiate?

"Initiate" can be a verb, noun, or adjective depending on its usage.

How do we divide Initiate into syllables?

"Initiate" is divided as in-i-ti-ate.

What is the opposite of Initiate?

The opposite could be "terminate" or "end."

How is Initiate used in a sentence?

"Initiate" is used to indicate the beginning of an action or process, such as "They will initiate the project next month."

What is another term for Initiate?

Another term could be "begin" or "start."

What is the third form of Initiate?

The third form, when referring to the verb, is "initiated."
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