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Noteable vs. Notable: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling "Noteable" is often confused with the correct spelling "Notable," which refers to something or someone worthy of attention or remark.

Which is correct: Noteable or Notable

How to spell Notable?

Noteable is Incorrect

Notable is Correct


Key Differences

Connect "notable" with "noticeable," both of which are spelled with one 't' and indicate something significant.
Remember that "able" is always the ending of "notable," not "eable."
Link "notable" with "noteworthy," since both words imply something deserving attention.
Keep in mind that "notable" is like "potable," both having one 't' and ending in "able."
Think of the word "note" within "notable," and remember it's not a separate "note-able."

Correct usage of Notable

He is a noteable figure in the field of science.
He is a notable figure in the field of science.
She made a noteable contribution to the charity.
She made a notable contribution to the charity.
His achievements are quite noteable in the industry.
His achievements are quite notable in the industry.
The event was attended by several noteable personalities.
The event was attended by several notable personalities.
The building's architecture is very noteable.
The building's architecture is very notable.

Notable Definitions

Notable can mean significant or unusual.
He had a notable absence from the meeting.
In law, notable can indicate something legally significant.
The judge made a notable ruling.
Notable refers to something or someone deserving attention or credit.
She made a notable contribution to science.
Notable is used to describe something that is distinguished or exceptional.
The museum has a notable art collection.
Worthy of note or notice; remarkable
Notable beauty.
Sled dogs that are notable for their stamina.
Characterized by excellence or distinction; eminent
Formed a commission of notable citizens.
Perceptible; noticeable
They spoke with a notable accent and were immediately recognized as foreigners.
A person of distinction or great reputation.
Often Notable One of a council of prominent persons in pre-Revolutionary France called into assembly to deliberate at times of emergency.
Worthy of note; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished.
Easily noted (without connotations of value); clearly noticeable, conspicuous.
That can be observed; perceptible.
Industrious, energetic; specifically (usually of a woman) capable, efficient in household management.
(obsolete) Useful; profitable.
A person or thing of distinction.
Capable of being noted; noticeable; plain; evident.
Worthy of notice; remarkable; memorable; noted or distinguished; as, a notable event, person.
Well-known; notorious.
A person, or thing, of distinction.
One of a number of persons, before the revolution of 1789, chiefly of the higher orders, appointed by the king to constitute a representative body.
A celebrity who is an inspiration to others;
He was host to a large gathering of luminaries
Worthy of notice;
A noteworthy advance in cancer research
Widely known and esteemed;
A famous actor
A celebrated musician
A famed scientist
An illustrious judge
A notable historian
A renowned painter
Notable can also refer to a distinguished person.
The notable scientist won several awards.

Notable Sentences

She has made notable advancements in the field of renewable energy.
The festival is one of the most notable events in the city's cultural calendar.
That year was notable for its extremely harsh winter.
The play received notable critical acclaim.
The novel's notable success surprised many in the publishing industry.
The area is notable for its stunning natural beauty.
He was honored for his notable contributions to the community.
The museum's collection includes works by many notable artists.
The scientist's research has had a notable impact on our understanding of the disease.
She is notable for her dedication to environmental causes.
The school has a notable history of excellence in sports.
They've achieved notable sales figures this quarter.
His resignation was a notable moment in the company's history.
Her speech made several notable points on the issue.
Their team has a notable advantage in this competition.
This case is notable for setting a legal precedent.
He has a notable collection of rare books.
The building is notable for its unique architectural design.
The band's debut album was a notable success.
The project received notable support from local businesses.

Notable Idioms & Phrases

A notable absence

The noticeable lack of someone or something that was expected to be present.
His notable absence at the ceremony was the talk of the evening.

Notable for

Well-known or distinguished by a particular quality or feature.
The region is notable for its wine production.

A notable achievement

An accomplishment that stands out as being particularly significant.
Completing the marathon was a notable achievement for him.

Of notable mention

Deserving special attention or mention.
Among the year's achievements, her award is of notable mention.

A notable figure

A person who is well-known and respected in a certain field or area.
She's a notable figure in the world of classical music.

Make a notable difference

To cause a significant change or effect.
Her volunteer work has made a notable difference in the community.

Earn notable recognition

To gain special acknowledgment or honor for one's work or accomplishments.
The writer earned notable recognition with her latest novel.

To be notable among

To stand out within a group or category.
His innovative approach was notable among his peers.

A notable example

A particularly significant instance or case that illustrates a point.
The court case is a notable example of the need for legal reform.


What is the verb form of Notable?

There is no standard verb form for "notable," but "to note" could be considered related.

What is the pronunciation of Notable?

The pronunciation is /ˈnoʊ.tə.bəl/ in American English.

Which vowel is used before Notable?

The vowel 'o' is used before "notable."

What is the root word of Notable?

The root words are "note" and "able."

What is the singular form of Notable?

"Notable" is the singular form.

What is the plural form of Notable?

The plural form is "notables."

Why is it called Notable?

It is called "Notable" because it denotes something or someone worthy of attention or recognition.

Which conjunction is used with Notable?

Conjunctions such as "and," "or," and "but" can be used with "notable."

Is Notable a countable noun?

As a noun, "notable" is countable; as in "notables."

Is Notable a collective noun?

No, "notable" is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with Notable?

Prepositions like "for," "in," and "among" can be used with "notable."

Is Notable a noun or adjective?

"Notable" is primarily an adjective, but can also be used as a noun to describe a noteworthy person.

What is the third form of Notable?

"Notable" does not have a third form.

Which article is used with Notable?

The articles "a" or "the" can be used with "notable."

Is the Notable term a metaphor?

No, "notable" is not generally considered a metaphor.

Is the word Notable imperative?

No, "notable" is not an imperative word.

How do we divide Notable into syllables?

"Notable" can be divided into syllables as "no-ta-ble."

What part of speech is Notable?

"Notable" is primarily an adjective.

What is another term for Notable?

Another term for "notable" could be "remarkable" or "distinguished."

What is the second form of Notable?

"Notable" does not have a second form.

Is Notable an abstract noun?

No, "notable" is not an abstract noun.

Is Notable a negative or positive word?

"Notable" is generally considered a positive word.

What is a stressed syllable in Notable?

The first syllable, "no," is stressed in "notable."

What is the opposite of Notable?

The opposite of "notable" could be "insignificant" or "unremarkable."

What is the first form of Notable?

"Notable" does not have different forms as it is an adjective.

Is Notable an adverb?

No, "notable" is not an adverb.

Is Notable a vowel or consonant?

"Notable" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

How many syllables are in Notable?

There are three syllables in "notable."

Which determiner is used with Notable?

Determiners like "this," "that," "some," and "any" can be used with "notable."

How is Notable used in a sentence?

"Notable" can be used in a sentence like, "Her contributions to the project were notable."
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