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Napkin vs. Towel: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on February 23, 2024
A napkin is a small piece of cloth or paper used for wiping the mouth and hands while eating, whereas a towel is a larger piece of absorbent fabric used for drying.

Key Differences

Napkins are small pieces of cloth or paper designed for individual use, primarily during meals to wipe the mouth and hands. They are a part of dining etiquette and often complement table settings. Towels, in contrast, are larger pieces of absorbent fabric used for drying the body or objects, found in bathrooms, kitchens, or gyms.
The size and material of a napkin are chosen for comfort and efficiency in a dining context, often being soft and easily disposable in the case of paper napkins. Towels are made from materials like cotton or microfiber, designed to be highly absorbent and durable, suitable for repeated use in drying.
In terms of usage, napkins are specifically associated with meals and may also be used in decorative settings like folded arrangements on dining tables. Towels have a broader range of use, from drying hands and bodies to wiping surfaces, and include varieties like bath towels, hand towels, and kitchen towels.
Napkins often serve a dual purpose of functionality and aesthetics, especially in formal dining, where they can be part of the table decor. Towels, while they can come in various designs and colors, are primarily chosen for their functionality and are typically larger and thicker than napkins.
Hygiene and cleanliness are the primary purposes of both napkins and towels, but they differ in their application—napkins for personal cleanliness during dining, and towels for drying after washing hands, taking a shower, or performing household tasks.

Comparison Chart

Primary Use

Wiping mouth and hands while eating
Drying body, hands, or objects


Small, for individual use
Larger, various sizes


Cloth or paper, often soft
Cotton, microfiber, absorbent materials

Usage Context

Dining and table settings
Bathrooms, kitchens, gyms


Personal cleanliness during meals
Drying after washing or bathing

Napkin and Towel Definitions


A piece of fabric or tissue used at the dining table.
He used the napkin to dab at the corners of his mouth.


A bathroom or kitchen essential for hygiene.
The hotel provided fresh bath towels every day.


A small cloth or paper for wiping the mouth and hands while eating.
She neatly placed the napkin on her lap before starting the meal.


A fabric piece used for drying the body or hands.
He grabbed a towel to dry off after his shower.


An essential part of table etiquette and decor.
The napkins were folded into swans for the formal dinner.


An absorbent cloth for drying various objects or surfaces.
She used a kitchen towel to mop up the spilled water.


A disposable or washable item for personal cleanliness during meals.
Paper napkins were provided at the picnic for convenience.


A larger piece of fabric, often used post-washing.
They hung the beach towels out to dry in the sun.


A small, often square piece of material used in dining settings.
She embroidered each napkin with the family initials.


A versatile fabric used in households for drying tasks.
He threw the dirty towels into the laundry basket.


A piece of cloth or absorbent paper used at table to protect the clothes or wipe the lips and fingers.


A piece of absorbent cloth or paper used for wiping or drying.


Are napkins used for cleaning?

They are used for personal cleanliness at the dining table.

Do napkins come in different materials?

Yes, commonly in cloth and paper.

Are napkins reusable?

Cloth napkins are reusable, while paper napkins are disposable.

Are towels absorbent?

Yes, they are designed to be highly absorbent.

Can napkins be decorative?

Yes, especially in formal dining settings.

Can towels be decorative?

Yes, they come in various designs and colors.

Is a napkin used in bathrooms?

No, towels are used in bathrooms, not napkins.

Are all towels made of cotton?

Not all, but cotton is a common material due to its absorbency.

What is the primary use of a napkin?

For wiping the mouth and hands while eating.

How often should towels be washed?

Regularly, depending on use, to maintain hygiene.

Are paper towels and kitchen towels the same?

No, paper towels are disposable, while kitchen towels are reusable.

Can a towel be used as a napkin?

No, towels are too large and absorbent for use as a napkin.

Are beach towels different from bath towels?

Yes, beach towels are often larger and more colorful.

What is a towel primarily used for?

For drying the body, hands, or objects.

Are towels used in kitchens?

Yes, especially for drying hands and dishes.

Can napkins be used outside of dining?

They are primarily designed for dining use.

Do towels vary in size?

Yes, from small hand towels to large bath towels.

Can napkins be used for drying?

They are not meant for drying but for gentle wiping.

Do napkins have standard sizes?

They vary but are generally smaller and square-shaped.

Is it hygienic to share towels?

For hygiene, it's best to use individual towels.
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