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Mozzarella vs. Bocconcini: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on November 8, 2023
Mozzarella is a soft, white cheese originally from Italy, while Bocconcini are small, ball-shaped versions of mozzarella.

Key Differences

Mozzarella is a traditional Italian cheese made primarily from buffalo milk, but also from cow's milk in some variants. Bocconcini, which translates to "little bites" in Italian, are mini mozzarella balls, often used in salads and appetizers.
Mozzarella is known for its soft, moist, and stringy texture. It has a fresh and milky taste. Bocconcini, being a form of mozzarella, share a similar texture and taste but come in small, bite-sized portions.
Mozzarella is versatile and commonly used in dishes like pizza, lasagna, and Caprese salad. Bocconcini, due to their size, are excellent for skewers, salads, or as a snack with basil and tomatoes.
Mozzarella is made by curdling milk, then processing and stretching the curd at a high temperature. Bocconcini are made using the same process but are shaped into small balls and stored in whey or brine.
While mozzarella is globally recognized and available, Bocconcini might be less familiar to those outside of Italy but can be found in specialty or gourmet stores worldwide.

Comparison Chart




Larger blocks or slices
Small balls

Primary Use

Pizza, pasta dishes
Salads, appetizers


Soft, stringy
Soft, moist


Refrigerated in whey or brine
Typically in brine or water

Mozzarella and Bocconcini Definitions


Cheese made from the milk of water buffalo.
Authentic mozzarella is from buffalo milk.


Small balls of mozzarella cheese.
She added bocconcini to her tomato salad.


Common topping for pizzas and lasagnas.
He added extra mozzarella on his dish.


"Little bites" in Italian, referring to size.
Bocconcini are perfect for appetizers.


Meltable cheese used in various recipes.
Mozzarella melted perfectly in the grilled sandwich.


Cheese stored in brine or whey.
The jar contained fresh bocconcini in brine.


Cheese known for its stringy texture.
She enjoyed pulling apart the stringy mozzarella on her pizza.


A bite-sized version of traditional mozzarella.
Bocconcini are like mini versions of mozzarella.


A soft white Italian cheese.
She topped the pizza with fresh mozzarella.


Used commonly in salads and skewers.
He prepared skewers with bocconcini, tomatoes, and basil.


A mild white Italian cheese that has a springy texture and is often eaten melted, as on pizza.


Small pieces of mozzarella cheese.


Soft Italian cheese made from cow's or buffalo's milk and commonly used as a pizza topping and in salads etc.


Small chunks of any suitable foodstuff.




Mild white Italian cheese


What does bocconcini mean?

It translates to "little bites" in Italian.

Is mozzarella always made from buffalo milk?

Traditionally, yes, but there are cow milk variants too.

How long does mozzarella last?

Typically a week after opening if refrigerated.

Can I melt bocconcini?

Absolutely, they melt similarly to regular mozzarella.

Can mozzarella be used in cold dishes?

Yes, like the Caprese salad.

Are bocconcini used in pizzas?

Rarely, due to their size, but they can be.

What dishes are best for bocconcini?

Salads, skewers, or appetizers with fresh herbs.

Are bocconcini and cherry mozzarella the same?

Essentially, yes; both are small mozzarella balls.

How is mozzarella's texture?

It's soft, moist, and stringy.

Is mozzarella good for health?

In moderation, it offers protein and calcium but watch the fat content.

Are bocconcini and mozzarella balls the same?

Essentially, bocconcini are a specific size of mozzarella balls.

Can I make bocconcini at home?

With the right ingredients and technique, yes.

What's the difference in taste?

Bocconcini and mozzarella taste quite similar, being milky and fresh.

Are bocconcini and mozzarella the same in nutrition?

They're similar, but portion size impacts nutritional content.

Is mozzarella vegan?

Traditional mozzarella isn't, but there are vegan versions.

Is mozzarella a good source of protein?

Yes, it offers a decent protein content.

Can bocconcini be frozen?

It's possible but may affect texture.

How should I store bocconcini?

Refrigerate them, preferably in their brine.

Can I use mozzarella in desserts?

Yes, it can be used in some sweet dishes like cheesecakes.

Does mozzarella have variants?

Yes, based on milk source and processing methods.
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