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Mineral Water vs. Distilled Water: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 8, 2024
Mineral water is water containing various minerals and is often sourced from springs, while distilled water is vapor-condensed water with impurities and minerals removed.

Key Differences

Mineral water originates from underground sources and naturally contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, and bicarbonate. Distilled water is made by boiling and condensing water, resulting in the removal of minerals and impurities.
The minerals in mineral water can contribute to its taste and offer health benefits, such as electrolyte replenishment. Distilled water, lacking minerals, has a flat or bland taste and does not provide these minerals.
Mineral water is usually filtered for impurities but retains its mineral content. Distilled water undergoes distillation, which involves evaporation and condensation, effectively removing most impurities and minerals.
Mineral water is primarily consumed as a beverage and appreciated for its taste and mineral content. Distilled water is used in laboratories, automotive cooling systems, and irons due to its lack of minerals, which can prevent scaling and build-up.
Bottled mineral water is subject to specific regulations regarding its mineral content and source. Distilled water's quality is defined by its purity level, particularly the absence of contaminants and minerals.

Comparison Chart


Natural springs, underground sources
Created by boiling and condensing water


Contains various minerals
Lacks minerals and impurities


Distinct, varies with mineral content
Flat or bland due to lack of minerals

Health Benefits

Provides minerals, may benefit hydration
Does not offer mineral-based benefits

Primary Uses

Drinking, appreciated for taste
Labs, appliances, where mineral-free water is needed

Mineral Water and Distilled Water Definitions

Mineral Water

Health Benefits.
Drinking mineral water can replenish electrolytes after a workout.

Distilled Water

Used in Laboratories.
We use distilled water in experiments to ensure purity.

Mineral Water

Spring Water.
This bottled mineral water is sourced from an ancient mountain spring.

Distilled Water

Safe for Appliances.
Using distilled water prevents scale build-up in my humidifier.

Mineral Water

Taste Profile.
I prefer the unique taste of mineral water to regular tap water.

Distilled Water

Lacks Minerals.
Distilled water is great for my iron as it leaves no mineral deposits.

Mineral Water

Natural Source.
Mineral water often comes from springs rich in natural minerals.

Distilled Water

Purified through Distillation.
Distilled water is made by boiling and condensing steam.

Mineral Water

Rich in Minerals.
The calcium in this mineral water is good for bone health.

Distilled Water

Neutral Taste.
Distilled water tastes flat due to the absence of minerals.


What is distilled water?

Water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid, removing impurities and minerals.

Is distilled water good for drinking?

It's safe but lacks minerals that contribute to taste and health benefits.

Can I cook with mineral water?

Yes, but it may alter the taste of the food due to its mineral content.

What is mineral water?

Water containing natural minerals, often from springs or wells.

Should I use distilled water in my iron?

Yes, it prevents mineral build-up and prolongs appliance life.

Is mineral water regulated?

Yes, there are specific standards for bottled mineral water.

Does mineral water have health benefits?

Yes, the minerals can contribute to hydration and electrolyte balance.

Does distilled water have a pH of 7?

Yes, it's neutral, but it can absorb CO2 from the air, slightly lowering its pH over time.

Is mineral water naturally alkaline?

Some mineral waters are alkaline due to their mineral composition.

Does mineral water improve skin health?

It can, thanks to its mineral content, which may benefit the skin.

Why does distilled water taste flat?

The absence of minerals in distilled water results in a bland taste.

Can I use distilled water in my aquarium?

It's not recommended as it lacks the minerals necessary for aquatic life.

Does distilled water spoil?

It can absorb impurities over time, so it's best to store it properly and use it within a reasonable period.

Can distilled water conduct electricity?

No, the lack of minerals makes it a poor conductor.

Is distilled water sterile?

Distillation removes most impurities, so it's very pure, but not necessarily sterile.

How long can I store mineral water?

Unopened, it can last a long time, but check the expiry date on the bottle.

Are there any risks to drinking mineral water?

Generally, no, but excessive consumption might lead to an imbalance of minerals.

Can I replace regular water with mineral water in my diet?

Yes, but be aware of its higher mineral content which can affect the body differently.

Is mineral water carbonated?

It can be either still or carbonated, depending on the brand.

Can I water plants with distilled water?

Yes, but adding nutrients or using regular water is often better for plants due to the lack of minerals in distilled water.
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