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Mauve vs. Pink: What's the Difference?

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Mauve is a pale purple color, while pink is a light red hue.

Key Differences

Mauve is a color that lies somewhere between purple and pink, having a more subdued and cooler tone than pink, which is warmer and usually associated with a light red color.
In terms of color psychology, mauve is often seen as more mature and associated with sophistication, whereas pink is perceived as playful and often connected with youthfulness and femininity.
Mauve can have a more gray or blue undertone, giving it a more muted appearance. Pink, by contrast, has a range of tones from pale blush to vibrant fuchsia, all with a strong red base.
Historically, the color mauve was first synthesized in the 19th century and was quite fashionable in the Victorian era. Pink has been a popular color in many cultures for centuries, with varying shades symbolizing different things.
The use of mauve is often more restrained in fashion and design due to its subdued nature, while pink can range from subtle pastels to bold, attention-grabbing shades.

Comparison Chart

Base Color



Generally muted with gray or blue tones
Typically vibrant with a light or bright tone

Cultural Associations

Sophistication, nostalgia
Youth, femininity, playfulness

Historical Significance

Synthesized in the 1850s, Victorian era
Popular for centuries in various cultures

Use in Fashion

Subdued, often for fall and winter
Versatile, used in all seasons

Mauve and Pink Definitions


A pale purple color.
The mauve dress complemented her silver jewelry.


A color symbolizing sweetness and romance.
Valentine's cards are often pink.


A color often associated with nostalgia.
Vintage photographs have a mauve tint.


Having a playful and youthful connotation.
The nursery was painted in soft pink.


Having a grayish purple hue.
He painted the room a soft mauve shade.


A light red hue.
She wore a bright pink scarf.


A sophisticated and subdued color.
The wedding's color scheme was mauve and cream.


A shade often associated with femininity.
The fundraiser theme was pink for women's health.


The color of the first synthetic dye.
Mauve became popular after the dye's creation.


A versatile color in fashion.
His pink tie added a pop of color to his suit.


A moderate grayish violet to reddish purple.


Any of a group of colors reddish in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation.


(historical) A bright purple synthetic dye.


Any of various plants of the genus Dianthus, such as sweet William, often cultivated for their showy, fragrant, usually pink, red, or white flowers. Also called dianthus.


The colour of this dye; a pale purple or violet colour.


Having a pale purple colour.


A color of a delicate purple, violet, or lilac.


A moderate purple


Of a pale to moderate grayish violet color


Is mauve considered a neutral color?

It can be, especially in muted tones and design contexts.

What is the complementary color of mauve?

Complementary colors for mauve can be yellows and greens.

Can men wear mauve?

Yes, it's a sophisticated color that suits all genders.

What emotions does pink evoke?

Pink often evokes feelings of love, warmth, and comfort.

How do you mix paint to get pink?

Combine red and white paint to achieve various shades of pink.

Can pink be used in professional settings?

Yes, when chosen in the right shade, it can be very professional.

Can pink be masculine?

Yes, in modern society, pink is not limited by gender.

Is mauve a shade of pink?

No, it's a pale purple with its own distinct identity.

Is mauve a modern color?

While historical, it’s used in many modern color palettes.

Is there a specific pink for babies?

Pastel pink is often used for baby girls, but any shade can be used.

Are there many shades of mauve?

Yes, ranging from more purple to more grayish tones.

Does mauve go well with other colors?

Yes, it pairs well with neutrals and other pastels.

What does a pink ribbon symbolize?

It's commonly associated with breast cancer awareness.

What cultural significance does mauve have?

It was a symbol of status during its initial discovery.

Which flowers are naturally mauve?

Lavender, lilacs, and wisteria can have mauve hues.

What occasions are suitable for pink attire?

From casual to formal events, depending on the shade.

What is the RGB code for mauve?

It can vary, but a common code is R:224 G:176 B:255.

Does pink have different meanings in different cultures?

Yes, it can range from a color of joy to one of rebellion.

Does pink clash with other colors?

It can, but when paired wisely, it complements many colors.

Can mauve be an all-season color?

Absolutely, especially in fashion and interior design.
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