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Marval vs. Marvel: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 19, 2024
"Marval" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is marvel which refers to a sense of wonder or amazement.

Which is correct: Marval or Marvel

How to spell Marvel?

Marval is Incorrect

Marvel is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "Marvel" contains "el" as in "elation," linking to positive feelings.
Note "Marvel" has the same ending as "travel," helping to remember the correct 'el' ending.
Use the phrase "A marvel feels like velvet" to remember the 'v' and 'el' in "Marvel."
Associate "Marvel" with the comic brand, which is spelled with 'el' for easy recall.
Remember, "Marval" lacks the elegance of "Marvel," focusing on the correct 'e' before the 'l'.

Correct usage of Marvel

Few had seen such a marval of nature before.
Few had seen such a marvel of nature before.
She looked at the ancient ruins in marval.
She looked at the ancient ruins in marvel.
The new technology is a marval of engineering.
The new technology is a marvel of engineering.
It's a marval how quickly the children learn.
It's a marvel how quickly the children learn.
The magician's trick was a true marval.
The magician's trick was a true marvel.

Marvel Definitions

To be filled with wonder or astonishment.
She marveled at the magician's skills.
A wonderful or astonishing person or thing.
The Grand Canyon is a natural marvel.
Something that causes astonishment or admiration; a miracle.
His recovery was considered a marvel by the doctors.
A feeling of surprise mixed with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected.
The audience watched in marvel as the fireworks lit up the sky.
To wonder at something with admiration or surprise.
They marveled at the vastness of the universe.
One that evokes surprise, admiration, or wonder.
(Archaic) Strong surprise; astonishment.
To become filled with wonder or astonishment.

Marvel Sentences

They could only marvel at the artist's skill.
The mountain scenery is a natural marvel not to be missed.
The bridge is a marvel of modern architecture.
The invention was a marvel that changed daily life.
The garden was a marvel of colors in the spring.
You'll marvel at the complexity of the machine.
The recovery of the artifact was a marvel in itself.
The robot's abilities are a technological marvel.
The athlete's performance was a marvel to behold.
Everyone gathered to marvel at the fireworks display.
The novel is a marvel of storytelling and imagination.
Visitors marvel at the palace's extravagant design.
As a child, he would marvel at the stars for hours.
The music was a marvel, leaving the audience in awe.
The ancient library was considered a marvel of the world.
They created a marvel of engineering that surpassed expectations.
The festival is a marvel of cultural diversity.
To marvel at nature's beauty is a simple pleasure.
His memory is a marvel, never forgetting a detail.
The resilience of the human spirit is a constant marvel.
The city's skyline at night is a marvel to see.
The sculpture is a marvel of precision and detail.
She is a marvel with her quick problem-solving skills.
The chef's dish was a marvel of culinary art.
The success of the project was a marvel to the team.

Marvel Idioms & Phrases

Marvel at

To be filled with wonder or astonishment.
Tourists marvel at the ancient monuments, captivated by their history.

To be a marvel

To be extraordinary or exceptional in some capacity.
Her ability to recall facts is a marvel.

Work of marvel

A creation or work that is astonishingly impressive.
The cathedral is a work of marvel, showcasing incredible craftsmanship.

Marvel of innovation

A product or idea that represents a significant advancement.
The smartphone is a marvel of innovation, changing how we communicate.

Marvel of science

An achievement or phenomenon that demonstrates the power of scientific knowledge and exploration.
The vaccine is a marvel of science, saving countless lives.

Living marvel

A person or organism that is extraordinary in some way.
The centenarian athlete is a living marvel, inspiring people of all ages.

Engineering marvel

A feat of engineering that is outstanding and awe-inspiring.
The bridge is an engineering marvel, spanning miles across the sea.

A marvel to behold

Something extraordinary or impressive to see.
The sunset over the ocean is a marvel to behold.

Natural marvel

A natural phenomenon or feature that is breathtakingly beautiful or unusual.
The Great Barrier Reef is a natural marvel, teeming with life.

Modern marvel

A contemporary creation that is remarkable or groundbreaking.
The space station is a modern marvel of technology and human ingenuity.

Marvels of the world

The most impressive and remarkable phenomena or creations worldwide.
The pyramids remain one of the marvels of the world.

To create a marvel

To produce something that is astonishingly impressive or wonderful.
The team worked tirelessly to create a marvel of a presentation.

Marvel of the age

Something that is considered the pinnacle of achievement during a particular period.
The invention was hailed as the marvel of the age.

Architectural marvel

A building or structure that is remarkable for its design or construction.
The museum is an architectural marvel, attracting architecture enthusiasts from around the world.

To witness a marvel

To see or experience something extraordinary.
Visitors to the national park can witness a marvel of nature at the geysers.

Marvel of nature

A natural occurrence or feature that is extraordinary or awe-inspiring.
The aurora borealis is a marvel of nature, lighting up the sky with colors.

Historical marvel

An artifact, site, or event that is remarkable in the context of history.
The ancient ruins are a historical marvel, offering insights into a lost civilization.

Hidden marvel

Something remarkable that is not well-known or is undiscovered by many.
The secluded beach is a hidden marvel, untouched by mass tourism.

To be lost in marvel

To be so amazed or astonished that one is completely engrossed or absorbed.
Visitors were lost in marvel at the art exhibition, moved by the beauty on display.

Marvel of creativity

An artistic or creative work that is exceptionally impressive.
The film is a marvel of creativity, blending genres in a unique way.


Why is it called marvel?

It is called "marvel" because it denotes something that causes wonder or astonishment.

Which conjunction is used with marvel?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used, depending on sentence construction.

Which preposition is used with marvel?

"At" is commonly used with "marvel" (e.g., marvel at something).

Which vowel is used before marvel?

The vowel used before "marvel" in sentences is not specific; it depends on the context.

What is the verb form of marvel?

The verb form is "to marvel."

Which article is used with marvel?

"A" or "the" can be used, depending on whether it's specific or general.

Is marvel a negative or positive word?

Marvel is a positive word, denoting wonder or amazement.

What is the pronunciation of marvel?

Marvel is pronounced as /ˈmɑr.vəl/.

What is the root word of marvel?

The root word of "marvel" is "marvel," derived from the Old French "merveille."

Is marvel a collective noun?

No, "marvel" is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is the word marvel imperative?

"Marvel" can be used in an imperative form in commands (e.g., "Marvel at this!").

What is the singular form of marvel?

The singular form is "marvel."

Is marvel a countable noun?

Yes, "marvel" is a countable noun (e.g., marvels).

How many syllables are in marvel?

There are two syllables in "marvel."

What is a stressed syllable in marvel?

The first syllable "mar" is stressed in "marvel."

What is another term for marvel?

Another term for "marvel" is "wonder."

What is the opposite of marvel?

The opposite of "marvel" could be "mundane" or "ordinary."

Which determiner is used with marvel?

Determiners like "a," "the," or possessive pronouns can be used with "marvel."

What is the first form of marvel?

The first form is "marvel" (base form).

What is the plural form of marvel?

The plural form is "marvels."

Is marvel a vowel or consonant?

"Marvel" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is the marvel term a metaphor?

"Marvel" can be used metaphorically to describe something astonishing.

How do we divide marvel into syllables?

Marvel is divided into syllables as "mar-vel."

How is marvel used in a sentence?

"Children often marvel at simple joys, like a butterfly fluttering by."

Is marvel a noun or adjective?

Marvel is primarily a noun and verb, not an adjective.

Is marvel an adverb?

No, "marvel" is not an adverb.

Is marvel an abstract noun?

Yes, "marvel" can be considered an abstract noun when referring to a feeling of wonder.

What is the second form of marvel?

The second form is "marveled" or "marvelled" (past tense).

What is the third form of marvel?

The third form is "marveled" or "marvelled" (past participle).

What part of speech is marvel?

"Marvel" can be a noun or verb.
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