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Facculty vs. Faculty: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 20, 2024
"Facculty" is an incorrect spelling, whereas "faculty" is the correct spelling. Faculty refers to a group of teachers or inherent mental or physical powers.

Which is correct: Facculty or Faculty

How to spell Faculty?

Facculty is Incorrect

Faculty is Correct


Key Differences

Associate faculty with "ability" – both have a single consonant before the "ulty."
Use mnemonic: "Faculty forms the ability" to recall the correct spelling.
Visualize the correct spelling by remembering that "faculty" has seven letters, not eight.
Remember "fac" for face, as faculty are the face of an institution, not "facc."
Think of "faculty" as "fac-ulty," not "facc-ulty" to avoid doubling the "c."

Correct usage of Faculty

The facculty lounge was renovated last summer.
The faculty lounge was renovated last summer.
Her contributions were recognized by the facculty committee.
Her contributions were recognized by the faculty committee.
She was a member of the university's facculty.
She was a member of the university's faculty.
The school announced a meeting for all facculty members.
The school announced a meeting for all faculty members.
He joined the college as a facculty advisor.
He joined the college as a faculty advisor.

Faculty Definitions

A natural ability or power of the mind or body.
Her musical faculty was apparent even at a young age.
The body of teachers and educators at a school or university.
Dr. Smith joined the university's faculty as a history professor.
A division within a university comprising related subjects.
She applied to the faculty of arts and sciences.
An ability to act or do something specific.
His critical thinking faculty was well developed.
A group of people with a shared capability or interest.
The faculty of imagination is vital for writers.
An inherent power or ability
The faculty of speech.

Faculty Sentences

The faculty at the university are experts in their fields.
Faculty meetings are held every month to discuss academic affairs.
The faculty lounge is a place where teachers can relax and collaborate.
The new faculty member specializes in medieval literature.
The faculty handbook contains important policies and procedures.
He received an award for his excellence as a faculty member.
Students praised the faculty for their dedication and support.
The faculty senate proposed changes to the curriculum.
The university is hiring faculty for the new engineering department.
Faculty members are encouraged to attend international conferences.
She consulted with faculty about her research project.
The faculty exhibition showcases artworks by art department professors.
Faculty involvement in community service projects is highly valued.
Faculty development programs help professors enhance their teaching skills.
Faculty workshops focus on innovative teaching methods.
He is respected both by students and faculty for his insights.
The faculty directory lists all the professors and their contact information.
The faculty advisor helped her make wise course selections.
The faculty mentor program pairs new teachers with experienced ones.
Faculty research contributes to advancements in science and technology.
The faculty union is negotiating for better working conditions.
The faculty recruitment process is competitive and rigorous.
Faculty salaries are determined by rank and experience.
The faculty choir will perform at the university gala.
Faculty publications are displayed in the library's special collection.


What is the pronunciation of faculty?

It's pronounced as /ˈfækəlti/.

Which vowel is used before faculty?

"A" is typically used, as in "a faculty meeting."

Which preposition is used with faculty?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "faculty of arts."

What is the verb form of faculty?

Faculty is a noun and does not have a verb form.

What is the plural form of faculty?

The plural form is "faculties."

Which conjunction is used with faculty?

"And" when linking faculties or abilities.

What is the root word of faculty?

The root is Latin "facultas," meaning ability or capacity.

What is the singular form of faculty?

The singular form is "faculty."

Which article is used with faculty?

"The" or "a," depending on context.

Why is it called faculty?

Derived from Latin "facultas" meaning ease, opportunity, or ability, reflecting abilities or groups of teachers.

Is faculty an adverb?

No, faculty is not an adverb.

Is faculty a countable noun?

Yes, especially when referring to individual members or divisions.

What is the first form of faculty?

"Faculty" is the base form as it is a noun.

Is faculty a noun or adjective?

Faculty is a noun.

How do we divide faculty into syllables?

It's divided as fac-ul-ty.

What is a stressed syllable in faculty?

The first syllable, "fac," is stressed.

What is another term for faculty?

Staff, ability, or division, depending on context.

Which determiner is used with faculty?

"The," "a," or "an," depending on specific usage.

What is the third form of faculty?

Nouns like faculty do not have third forms.

Is faculty an abstract noun?

It can be, especially when referring to inherent powers.

Is the word faculty imperative?

No, faculty is not used in the imperative mood.

What part of speech is faculty?

Faculty is a noun.

What is the opposite of faculty?

Inability or incapacity, depending on context.

What is the second form of faculty?

As a noun, faculty does not change form.

How is faculty used in a sentence?

"The faculty at the university are known for their research contributions."

Is faculty a negative or positive word?

Neutral, context determines its connotation.

Is faculty a vowel or consonant?

The word begins with a consonant.

Is faculty a collective noun?

Yes, when referring to a group of academic staff.

Is the faculty term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically for inherent abilities or powers.

How many syllables are in faculty?

There are three syllables in "faculty."
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