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Foundary vs. Foundry: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 20, 2024
"Foundary" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "foundry," which refers to a workshop for casting metal.

Which is correct: Foundary or Foundry

How to spell Foundry?

Foundary is Incorrect

Foundry is Correct


Key Differences

Recall "found" in "foundry," as both share the act of creating or establishing.
Picture a foundry as a place where metal is molded; "o" in foundry can symbolize a molten metal pot.
Break it down phonetically: found-ry, emphasizing the correct 'o' sound.
Associate "foundry" with "foundation," emphasizing the 'o' to remember its correct spelling.
Use mnemonic: "Only foundries cast metal," focusing on the 'o' in both "only" and "foundries."

Correct usage of Foundry

Many towns grew around the foundary industry.
Many towns grew around the foundry industry.
The foundary process involves melting metal and pouring it into molds.
The foundry process involves melting metal and pouring it into molds.
The old foundary was known for its high-quality bronze statues.
The old foundry was known for its high-quality bronze statues.
He worked in a foundary that specialized in iron.
He worked in a foundry that specialized in iron.
They visited a foundary on their field trip to learn about metalworking.
They visited a foundry on their field trip to learn about metalworking.

Foundry Definitions

A foundry is a factory where metals are cast into shapes.
The foundry produced hundreds of iron parts daily.
In a foundry, workers specialize in metal casting and molding.
The foundry has been in operation for over a century.
Foundry refers to the process of melting and casting metal.
He worked in a foundry, pouring molten metal into molds.
Foundry: a workshop or factory for casting metal.
The sculpture was created in a renowned art foundry.
A foundry is a place for creating metal components for various industries.
Automotive parts are one of the main products of the local foundry.
An establishment where metal objects are made by melting metal and pouring it into molds.
The skill or operation of founding.
The castings made by founding.
A facility that melts metals in special furnaces and pours the molten metal into molds to make products. Foundries are usually specified according to the type of metal dealt with: iron foundry, brass foundry, etc.
The act, process, or art of casting metals; founding.
A plant that produces chips out of semiconductors in the microelectronics industry.
The act, process, or art of casting metals.
The buildings and works for casting metals.
Factory where metal castings are produced

Foundry Sentences

They use sand molds in the foundry to shape the metal.
The sound of metal clanging is constant in the foundry.
The foundry has been operating for over a hundred years.
Workers at the foundry wear protective gear to avoid burns.
The foundry recycles scrap metal into new products.
A large furnace in the foundry melts the metal.
The foundry also creates custom pieces for local artists.
The foundry produces parts for automotive manufacturers.
Every piece created in the foundry is inspected for defects.
Safety training is mandatory for all foundry workers.
Heat-resistant materials line the walls of the foundry.
The history of the town is closely tied to the foundry.
The foundry industry is vital to our city's economy.
Quality control in the foundry ensures the durability of its products.
A foundry can produce castings of various metals.
They introduced new technology to make the foundry more efficient.
The foundry offers apprenticeships to those interested in metalwork.
The foundry works closely with engineers to develop prototypes.
The foundry tour demonstrated how bronze sculptures are made.
Environmental controls in the foundry help reduce pollution.

Foundry Idioms & Phrases

Foundry floor

Referring to the main area where metal casting and work are done, often used to describe the heart of manufacturing or production activities.
He started his career on the foundry floor, learning the trade from the ground up.

The heat of the foundry

Often used metaphorically to describe intense pressure or a challenging environment.
Only through the heat of the foundry can true character be tested.

Echoes from the foundry

Can refer to the lasting impacts or remnants of industrial or creative efforts.
Echoes from the foundry still resonate in the community's culture.

Forged in the foundry

Signifying something made strong or durable through a process of intense shaping and hardening.
The policies of the new government were forged in the foundry of public debate.

In the foundry of

Used metaphorically to describe the place or situation where something is formed or created.
Great ideas are often forged in the foundry of challenging times.

Melted in the foundry

A phrase used to describe something that has undergone a transformation or been refined through a process.
His resolve was melted in the foundry of adversity, making him stronger.

Shadows of the foundry

Can denote the overlooked or less visible aspects of industrial work or creativity.
His memoir revealed the shadows of the foundry, sharing stories of the workers' lives.

Cast in the foundry

To create or establish something solid and lasting.
Their friendship was cast in the foundry of shared experiences.

The clang of the foundry

Refers to the sounds of production and hard work.
The clang of the foundry was music to the ears of the town's residents, signifying prosperity.

Sweat of the foundry

Represents the hard work and effort put into manufacturing or creating something.
The bridge stood as a testament to the sweat of the foundry, built with the toil of countless workers.

The anvil of the foundry

Symbolizes the hard work and foundational processes in creating or shaping something durable.
On the anvil of the foundry, his craftsmanship was honed to perfection.

Smoke of the foundry

Referring to the byproducts or consequences of hard work and industrial activity.
The smoke of the foundry was a reminder of the town's manufacturing heritage.

The rhythm of the foundry

Describes the consistent and ongoing activities or processes in a productive environment.
He quickly adapted to the rhythm of the foundry, working efficiently with his team.

From the foundry to the frame

Describes the complete process from raw production to the final product.
The entire process, from the foundry to the frame, was completed locally.

The bellows of the foundry

Describes the tools and processes that are essential to the operation and success of production.
The bellows of the foundry breathed life into the molten metal, shaping it into art.

A spark from the foundry

Refers to a small but significant idea or inspiration that originates from a place of creation.
A spark from the foundry led to the invention of a new casting technique.

Breath of the foundry

Indicates the life, energy, or essence of a place where creation and transformation occur.
With every sculpture, she captured the breath of the foundry, imbuing her work with raw energy and beauty.


Which vowel is used before foundry?

The vowel "o" is used before "undry" in foundry.

Why is it called foundry?

It's called a foundry because it's a place where founding or casting metal into shapes occurs.

What is the pronunciation of foundry?

The pronunciation of foundry is /ˈfaʊndri/.

What is the root word of foundry?

The root word of foundry is "found," from the Latin "fundere" meaning to pour or melt.

What is the singular form of foundry?

The singular form is "foundry."

Is foundry a noun or adjective?

Foundry is a noun.

What is the verb form of foundry?

The verb form related to "foundry" is "to found," referring to the process of casting metal.

Which preposition is used with foundry?

The preposition "in" is commonly used with foundry (e.g., in a foundry).

Which article is used with foundry?

The indefinite article "a" or the definite article "the" can be used with foundry.

Is the foundry term a metaphor?

Not typically; it's used literally to refer to a place for metal casting.

What is the plural form of foundry?

The plural form is "foundries."

Which conjunction is used with foundry?

Conjunctions like "and" or "or" can be used, depending on context.

Is foundry a negative or positive word?

Foundry is neutral; it is neither negative nor positive.

How is foundry used in a sentence?

"She visited the foundry to see how the bronze statues were made."

Is foundry an adverb?

No, foundry is not an adverb.

Is foundry an abstract noun?

No, foundry is a concrete noun, referring to a physical place.

Is foundry a vowel or consonant?

Foundry is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

Is foundry a collective noun?

It can be considered a collective noun when referring to the business or place where casting is done.

What is a stressed syllable in foundry?

The first syllable "found" is stressed in foundry.

What is the opposite of foundry?

There's no direct opposite, but a place unrelated to metal casting, like a bakery, could serve as a conceptual opposite.

What is the third form of foundry?

Foundry does not change forms; it remains the same as a noun.

How many syllables are in foundry?

There are two syllables in foundry.

Which determiner is used with foundry?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "this" can be used with foundry.

What is the first form of foundry?

The noun "foundry" itself is the primary form.

What is the second form of foundry?

There isn’t a second form; "foundry" remains constant.

Is foundry a countable noun?

Yes, foundry is a countable noun.

Is the word foundry imperative?

No, foundry is not imperative; it's a noun.

How do we divide foundry into syllables?

Foundry is divided into syllables as found-ry.

What part of speech is foundry?

Foundry is a noun.

What is another term for foundry?

Another term for foundry is metalworks or casting plant.
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