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Lollypop vs. Lollipop: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 27, 2024
Lollypop is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is lollipop which refers to a sweet candy on a stick.

Which is correct: Lollypop or Lollipop

How to spell Lollipop?

Lollypop is Incorrect

Lollipop is Correct


Key Differences

Imagine the round candy as the 'O's and the stick as the lowercase 'l' in lollipop.
“A lolly is dolly, but a lollipop can pop.”
Lollipop has double 'l's like in "lolling" on a stick.
Lollipop ends with "pop", the sound candy makes when you remove it from your mouth.
'L' comes before 'P', so two 'L's in lollipop come before 'P'.

Correct usage of Lollipop

The child was happy with his colorful lollypop.
The child was happy with his colorful lollipop.
She asked for a lollypop at the store.
She asked for a lollipop at the store.
The lollypop was too sweet for my taste.
The lollipop was too sweet for my taste.

Lollipop Definitions

In tech, Lollipop refers to a version of the Android operating system, known for its fluid design.
Her phone just got updated to Lollipop, enhancing its performance.
Colloquially, a "financial lollipop" might refer to an unexpected, easy financial gain or bonus.
He referred to his unexpected tax refund as a little financial lollipop.
A lollipop is a sweet, flavored candy attached to a stick, enjoyed by licking or sucking.
Timmy savored his cherry lollipop, relishing every lick.
A lollipop can be a catchy, simple song or tune, often repetitive and easy to remember.
The band's new single is a real lollipop, sticking in everyone's minds.
Informally, lollipop can refer to medicinal lozenges on a stick, used for soothing throats or delivering medication.
The doctor gave him a medicated lollipop for his sore throat.
A confection consisting of a piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick.
An item of confectionery consisting of a piece of candy/sweet attached to a stick.
Something having the shape of a lollipop: a linear stem connected to a round body.
A kind of sugar confection which dissolves easily in the mouth.
A piece of hard candy, often of discoid shape, attached to the end of a handle of wood or hard paper by which it is held in the hand while being licked; - it is popular with small children.
Ice cream or water ice on a small wooden stick;
In England a popsicle is called an ice lolly
Hard candy on a stick

Lollipop Sentences

The lollipop had a bubblegum center.
He chose a sour apple lollipop from the candy store.
The little girl had a lollipop in one hand and a balloon in the other.
She bought a lollipop shaped like a cartoon character.
At the carnival, he won a giant lollipop as a prize.
The lollipop was wrapped in shiny, colorful foil.
She found a lollipop in her stocking on Christmas morning.
She enjoyed the lollipop while watching her favorite movie.
At the party, the lollipop-making kit was a hit with the kids.
The lollipop stand at the fair offered a variety of choices.
The lollipop was so large it took her days to finish it.
The lollipop had a festive design for the holiday season.
The lollipop had a hard candy shell with a soft center.
He was surprised to find a chili-flavored lollipop.
He used a lollipop to stir his tea, adding a hint of sweetness.


What is the singular form of lollipop?

The singular form is lollipop.

What is the plural form of lollipop?

The plural form is lollipops.

Which conjunction is used with lollipop?

Common conjunctions include "and" and "or" (as in "lollipop and candy," "lollipop or gum").

Is lollipop an abstract noun?

No, lollipop is a concrete noun.

What is the pronunciation of lollipop?

Lollipop is pronounced as /ˈlɒl.i.pɒp/.

Why is it called lollipop?

It's called lollipop possibly from Northern English dialect "lolly" (tongue) and "pop" (slap, strike).

What is the verb form of lollipop?

There is no standard verb form of lollipop.

What is the root word of lollipop?

The root words are "lolly" (tongue) and "pop" (to strike).

Which vowel is used before lollipop?

The vowel 'a' is typically used before lollipop, as in "a lollipop."

Is lollipop a noun or adjective?

Lollipop is a noun.

Is lollipop an adverb?

No, lollipop is not an adverb.

Which article is used with lollipop?

The indefinite article 'a' is used, as in "a lollipop."

Is lollipop a negative or positive word?

Lollipop is generally a positive word, associated with sweetness and treats.

Is the lollipop term a metaphor?

Not commonly, but it can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

What is the opposite of lollipop?

There's no direct opposite, but in terms of food, it might be a savory item like a cracker.

Which determiner is used with lollipop?

Determiners like "a," "the," "my," "your" can be used, as in "a lollipop," "the lollipop," "my lollipop."

What is the first form of lollipop?

The first form is lollipop, as it's a noun.

Which preposition is used with lollipop?

Common prepositions include "with," "on," and "like" (as in "with a lollipop," "on the lollipop," "like a lollipop").

Is lollipop a vowel or consonant?

Lollipop is a noun, not a vowel or consonant.

Is lollipop a countable noun?

Yes, lollipop is a countable noun.

Is lollipop a collective noun?

No, lollipop is not a collective noun.

Is the word lollipop imperative?

No, lollipop is not an imperative; it's a noun.

How do we divide lollipop into syllables?

Lollipop is divided as lol-li-pop.

How many syllables are in lollipop?

There are three syllables in lollipop.

What part of speech is lollipop?

Lollipop is a noun.

What is another term for lollipop?

Another term is sucker or popsicle.

What is the second form of lollipop?

There is no second form as lollipop is a noun, not a verb.

What is a stressed syllable in lollipop?

The first syllable 'lol' is stressed in lollipop.

What is the third form of lollipop?

There is no third form as lollipop is a noun, not a verb.

How is lollipop used in a sentence?

"She treated herself to a lollipop after the exam."
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