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Forgoe vs. Forego: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 28, 2024
"Forgoe" is an incorrect spelling; the correct spelling is "forego" which means to abstain from or do without something.

Which is correct: Forgoe or Forego

How to spell Forego?

Forgoe is Incorrect

Forego is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "fore" in "forego" with "before," suggesting to abstain from something beforehand.
Recall "fore" is a prefix meaning "before," helping to remember the correct spelling.
Think of "fore" as in "forecast" predicting something; "forego" is deciding before.
Link "forego" with "forgo," but remember the extra 'e' signifies an earlier decision.
Remember "go" is in "forego," indicating the action to proceed without something.

Correct usage of Forego

She chose to forgoe her right to speak first.
She chose to forego her right to speak first.
It's important to forgoe immediate gratification for long-term benefits.
It's important to forego immediate gratification for long-term benefits.
He was willing to forgoe some comfort for the sake of the journey.
He was willing to forego some comfort for the sake of the journey.
We might have to forgoe the trip if the weather doesn't improve.
We might have to forego the trip if the weather doesn't improve.
I decided to forgoe dessert tonight.
I decided to forego dessert tonight.

Forego Definitions

To precede, to go ahead of.
The introduction will forego the main text.
To give up the use or enjoyment of something.
He decided to forego his morning coffee to save time.
To go without for the sake of economy or from choice.
They chose to forego luxury vacations to save for their home.
To relinquish the right to claim something.
He decided to forego his inheritance for peace in the family.
To abstain from something desirable.
She had to forego dessert to stick to her diet.
To precede, as in time or place. See Usage Note at forgo.
Variant of forgo.

Forego Sentences

I'll forego my morning coffee to save time.
You shouldn't forego breakfast; it's the most important meal of the day.
To stay within budget, we may need to forego some features.
In times of drought, farmers often forego planting certain crops.
They decided to forego formalities and get straight to business.
She chose to forego her bonus in exchange for extra vacation days.
We'll have to forego the luxury hotel and look for something cheaper.
You might need to forego sleep the night before the exam.
He offered to forego his salary during the company's financial crisis.
To win the case, she was prepared to forego her privacy.
Many athletes forego junk food to maintain their fitness.
They were asked to forego their bonuses to help the company survive.
To live a minimalist lifestyle, you might need to forego some possessions.
To catch the early train, I had to forego my usual morning routine.
The director chose to forego special effects in favor of more realistic scenes.
The environmentalists urged the company to forego plastic packaging.
She decided to forego meat and adopt a vegetarian diet.
Athletes often forego late-night outings to maintain their performance.
Sometimes, peace requires us to forego our grievances.
The artist decided to forego gallery exhibitions and show his work online instead.
In his will, he chose to forego a traditional funeral service.
To support the cause, many volunteers forego their weekends.
Parents often forego their own desires to provide for their children.
To make the meeting, I had to forego my daily jog.
For the greater good, the leader chose to forego personal gains.

Forego Idioms & Phrases

Forego the formalities

To skip the usual customs or procedures.
Let's forego the formalities and get straight to the point.

Forego the opportunity

To pass up a chance to do something.
She chose to forego the opportunity to study abroad and stayed close to her family.

Forego the pleasure

To willingly give up the enjoyment of something.
I'll have to forego the pleasure of dining out to save money.

Forego one's rights

To voluntarily give up one's legal entitlements.
The defendant decided to forego his rights to a trial and accepted the plea deal.

Forego a claim

To give up a legal claim to something.
He agreed to forego his claim to the property as part of the settlement.

Forego vengeance

To decide not to seek revenge.
Despite the betrayal, he chose to forego vengeance and move on.

Forego a habit

To quit a usual habit.
To improve his health, he had to forego his habit of late-night snacking.

Forego comforts

To willingly give up comforts or conveniences.
The explorers had to forego comforts to survive in the wilderness.

Forego the usual

To do something different from what is customary.
This year, we'll forego the usual Christmas dinner for a simpler gathering.

Forego a tradition

To skip a customary practice or event.
They chose to forego the tradition of exchanging gifts to focus on spending time together.

Forego one's turn

To allow someone else to go before oneself.
In a show of sportsmanship, she chose to forego her turn.

Forego an advantage

To voluntarily give up a benefit.
The team agreed to forego their home advantage for the charity match.

Forego luxuries

To live without luxury items or services.
The family decided to forego luxuries to save for their dream home.

Forego a meal

To skip a meal.
Busy with the project, she had to forego lunch.

Forego criticism

To hold back from criticizing.
Despite the mistakes, he chose to forego criticism to maintain team morale.

Forego an invitation

To decline an invitation.
Due to prior commitments, I must forego your kind invitation.

Forego one's salary

To willingly not take one's pay.
The CEO decided to forego his salary to help the company's financial situation.

Forego rest

To willingly not take rest or breaks.
The team had to forego rest to meet the project deadline.

Forego judgment

To hold back from making a judgment.
Let's forego judgment until we have all the facts.

Forego a plan

To abandon a previously made plan.
Due to the weather, we had to forego our plan for a picnic.


Why is it called forego?

It is called "forego" because it means to go before or to precede in abstaining from something.

Which vowel is used before forego?

The vowel "e" is used in "fore" before "go."

Which conjunction is used with forego?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used, depending on sentence construction.

What is the singular form of forego?

The singular form is "forego."

What is the plural form of forego?

Forego does not have a plural form as it is a verb.

What is the verb form of forego?

The verb form is "forego."

What is the pronunciation of forego?

Forego is pronounced as /fɔːrˈɡoʊ/ or /fərˈɡoʊ/.

Is forego an adverb?

No, "forego" is not an adverb.

What is the root word of forego?

The root word is "fore," meaning before, and "go."

Is the word forego imperative?

"Forego" can be used in an imperative form (e.g., "Forego the formalities.").

Is forego a countable noun?

Forego is not a noun; it is a verb.

What is another term for forego?

Another term for "forego" is "abstain from."

What is the second form of forego?

The second form is "forewent" (past tense).

Which preposition is used with forego?

"To" is often used with "forego" (e.g., to forego something).

Which article is used with forego?

Articles are not typically used directly with "forego" as it is a verb.

Is forego a noun or adjective?

Forego is a verb.

Is forego a negative or positive word?

It can be neutral, often seen in a context of sacrifice or choice.

Is forego a vowel or consonant?

"Forego" is a word, comprised of both vowels and consonants.

Which determiner is used with forego?

Determiners are not typically used with "forego" as it is a verb.

What is the first form of forego?

The first form is "forego" (present tense).

Is forego a collective noun?

No, "forego" is not a noun.

Is the forego term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

How many syllables are in forego?

There are two syllables in "forego."

How do we divide forego into syllables?

Forego is divided into syllables as "for-go."

What part of speech is forego?

"Forego" is a verb.

How is forego used in a sentence?

"Due to the budget constraints, the committee decided to forego the annual retreat."

Is forego an abstract noun?

No, "forego" is a verb, not a noun.

What is a stressed syllable in forego?

The second syllable "go" is stressed in "forego."

What is the opposite of forego?

The opposite of "forego" could be "embrace" or "indulge in."

What is the third form of forego?

The third form is "foregone" (past participle).
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