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Assitance vs. Assistance: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Harlon Moss || By Janet White || Published on March 27, 2024
"Assitance" is an incorrect spelling; "assistance" is correct, meaning help or support provided to someone.

Which is correct: Assitance or Assistance

How to spell Assistance?

Assitance is Incorrect

Assistance is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "assist" with "assistance" to recall the double "s" and add "ance."
Think of "assistance" as the act of assisting, which requires an extra "s."
Remember, "assistance" contains "assist" fully spelled out.
Visualize "assistance" as "assist" plus "ance," emphasizing the full form of "assist."
Use the mnemonic "A Super-Special Instance Requires Assistance," highlighting the double "s."

Correct usage of Assistance

She offered her assitance in organizing the event.
She offered her assistance in organizing the event.
Can you provide some assitance with this project?
Can you provide some assistance with this project?
Thank you for your assitance in resolving the issue.
Thank you for your assistance in resolving the issue.
The program offers legal assitance to those in need.
The program offers legal assistance to those in need.
I need financial assitance to pay for my studies.
I need financial assistance to pay for my studies.

Assistance Definitions

Guidance or advice given to help someone.
He sought legal assistance for the court case.
Support in the form of services or resources.
Technical assistance was provided to resolve the software issue.
The act of helping or supporting someone.
She offered assistance to the elderly man crossing the street.
A mechanism or feature designed to provide help.
The vehicle comes equipped with parking assistance.
Aid provided by a person or organization to those in need.
The charity provided financial assistance to families affected by the disaster.
Aid; help; the act or result of assisting.
The act of assisting; help; aid; furtherance; succor; support.
Without the assistance of a mortal hand.
An assistant or helper; a body of helpers.
Wat Tyler [was] killed by valiant Walworth, the lord mayor of London, and his assistance, . . . John Cavendish.
Persons present.
The activity of contributing to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose;
He gave me an assist with the housework
Could not walk without assistance
Rescue party went to their aid
Offered his help in unloading
A resource;
Visual aids in teaching
Economic assistance to depressed areas

Assistance Sentences

Many countries sent assistance in the wake of the natural disaster.
The elderly often require assistance with daily tasks.
The teacher offered her assistance to students after class.
The company provides technical assistance for its products.
Medical assistance arrived just in time.
If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to ask.
They set up a helpline for people seeking assistance.
He thanked her for her kind assistance.
Emergency assistance is available 24/7.
Assistance dogs are trained to help people with disabilities.
Assistance at the voting booth is available for those who need it.
Legal assistance can be crucial in navigating the court system.
The organization provides assistance to families in poverty.
Financial assistance can help students afford college.
Community assistance programs can make a big difference in local neighborhoods.
Travel assistance services can help plan your trip.
Assistance with baggage is available at the airport.
The government offers assistance to small businesses.
The fund provides assistance to victims of crime.
The charity provides housing assistance for the homeless.
Educational assistance programs support lifelong learning.
Assistance in finding a job is offered through the career center.
She expressed her gratitude for the assistance she received.
The manual provides detailed assistance on how to use the software.
The new policy extends assistance to more families.

Assistance Idioms & Phrases

Seek assistance

To look for help.
If the task is too difficult, don't hesitate to seek assistance.

Assistance on hand

Help or support is readily available.
We have assistance on hand for anyone who finds the course material challenging.

With the assistance of

With the help of.
With the assistance of a tutor, her grades improved significantly.

At your assistance

Ready to help or serve.
Our staff is at your assistance for any needs you might have during your stay.

Assistance is forthcoming

Help will be provided soon.
Don't worry, assistance is forthcoming for all affected by the outage.

In need of assistance

Requiring help.
Passengers in need of assistance should contact a flight attendant.

Call for assistance

To request help.
If you encounter any issues, please call for assistance immediately.

Provide assistance

To offer help or support.
The community center provides assistance to families during the holidays.

Lend assistance

To give help.
Neighbors came to lend assistance when they saw us moving heavy furniture.

Volunteer assistance

Help offered by volunteers.
The event was a success thanks to the volunteer assistance we received.

Assistance from above

Help coming from a higher authority or power.
Sometimes, it feels like we got assistance from above to overcome that challenge.

Without assistance

Doing something without help.
She completed the project without assistance, showcasing her independence.

Beyond assistance

Beyond help; unable to be helped.
The car was beyond assistance and had to be scrapped.

Emergency assistance

Immediate help in a crisis.
The city has a hotline for emergency assistance during natural disasters.

Financial assistance

Monetary help.
The scholarship provided the financial assistance she needed for her studies.

Assistance dog

A dog trained to aid a person with a disability.
Assistance dogs are not just pets; they perform crucial tasks for their owners.

Grateful for the assistance

Thankful for the help received.
We are very grateful for the assistance during the difficult times.

Assistance program

A planned series of help or support activities.
The new assistance program aims to support unemployed workers.

Require assistance

To need help.
Children and the elderly may require assistance during the evacuation.

Offer one's assistance

To propose to help.
He kindly offered his assistance with the fundraising effort.


What is the root word of assistance?

The root word is "assist," from Latin "assistere" meaning to stand by, attend.

What is the verb form of assistance?

The verb form is "assist."

Which vowel is used before assistance?

The vowel "a" is used before "assistance."

Which preposition is used with assistance?

Prepositions like "with," "in," and "for" can be used with "assistance."

What is the pronunciation of assistance?

Assistance is pronounced as /əˈsɪs.təns/.

What is the plural form of assistance?

The plural form is also "assistance," as it is uncountable in most contexts.

Which article is used with assistance?

Both "the" and "an" can be used, depending on the context.

Why is it called assistance?

It is called "assistance" because it comes from the act of assisting or providing help.

Is assistance a vowel or consonant?

"Assistance" is a word, not a vowel or consonant. It starts with the vowel "a."

What is the singular form of assistance?

The singular form is "assistance."

Is assistance a collective noun?

No, "assistance" is not typically used as a collective noun.

Is the assistance term a metaphor?

"Assistance" can be used metaphorically in some contexts, but it usually refers directly to help or support.

Is the word assistance is imperative?

"Assistance" is not an imperative; it's a noun. However, requests for assistance can be phrased imperatively.

Which conjunction is used with assistance?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with "assistance."

Is assistance an adverb?

No, "assistance" is not an adverb.

Is assistance a negative or positive word?

"Assistance" is generally a positive word, implying help or support.

Is assistance a countable noun?

"Assistance" is usually an uncountable noun; it refers to help in general without a specific count.

What part of speech is assistance?

"Assistance" is a noun.

What is another term for assistance?

Another term for "assistance" is "help" or "aid."

Which determiner is used with assistance?

Determiners like "the," "some," "any," or "no" can be used with "assistance."

Is assistance an abstract noun?

Yes, "assistance" is an abstract noun as it refers to an idea or concept of help.

How many syllables are in assistance?

There are three syllables in "assistance."

What is a stressed syllable in assistance?

The stressed syllable in "assistance" is the second syllable, "sis."

What is the second form of assistance?

There's no conventional second form for "assistance" as it's not a verb.

What is the third form of assistance?

Similarly, there's no third form for "assistance" since it's not used as a verb.

How is assistance used in a sentence?

"The government provided assistance to the flood victims through relief funds and supplies."

Is assistance a noun or adjective?

"Assistance" is a noun.

How do we divide assistance into syllables?

Assistance is divided into syllables as as-sis-tance.

What is the opposite of assistance?

The opposite of "assistance" might be "hindrance" or "obstruction."

What is the first form of assistance?

"Assistance" itself is a noun form; its related verb form is "assist."
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