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Location vs. Locality: What's the Difference?

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Location refers to a specific place or position, while locality denotes a particular area or neighborhood, often within a larger city or region.

Key Differences

Location is a specific point or area where something exists or happens, pinpointing a particular spot within a broader context. Locality, by contrast, suggests a region or vicinity, encompassing a broader, often more community-oriented area.
A location can be a set of coordinates or an address that defines where an entity is situated. A locality is more about the character and attributes of a neighborhood or area within a larger geographic context.
Location often carries with it a sense of precision and can be temporary, such as the location of a pop-up event. Locality refers to a more permanent community or region, with social and administrative implications.
When someone inquires about a location, they seek a precise point, which could be used for navigation or identification. Inquiring about a locality, however, often seeks understanding of the area's nature, demographic, or culture.
Ultimately, location is about ‘where’ precisely something is, such as a landmark’s location. Locality is about ‘what’ the area is like, representing a broader, more inclusive sense of place.

Comparison Chart


A specific place or position.
A neighborhood or area within a region.


Precise and can be pinpointed.
Broader, encompassing a wider area.


Used for navigation or locating objects.
Refers to an area's character or community.


Often temporary or changeable.
Implies a more permanent area.

Examples of Use

GPS coordinates, event venue.
A city’s suburb, a historic locality.

Location and Locality Definitions


A particular place or position.
Please send the package to my office location.


A district or area with distinctive attributes.
The locality is known for its historic architecture.


A set of coordinates that determines a point on a map.
The treasure map marked the location with an 'X'.


A term for a community or neighborhood area.
The new policy changes will affect every locality in the city.


The placement of a building or entity in a particular context.
The restaurant's location by the river attracts many diners.


The immediate neighborhood or surrounding area.
The festival brings together people from different parts of the locality.


A specific address or destination.
The location of the nearest gas station is two miles away.


A region within a city or town that has its own name or identity.
She lives in the Lakeview locality, a vibrant community.


A place where something occurs or is set.
The beach was chosen as the location for the film shoot.


A term used to describe a smaller area within a geographical context.
This bird species is found only in this specific locality.


The act or process of locating
Location of the lost hikers took two days.


A particular neighborhood, place, or district
"Localities, even individual villages, developed their own languages" (Wall Street Journal).


A place where something is or could be located; a site.


The fact or quality of having position in space.


Can "location" denote a geographical point?

Yes, it often denotes precise geographical coordinates.

How do you ask for a place's "location"?

You can ask, "What is the location of the place?"

Can "location" be used in non-physical contexts?

Rarely. It usually refers to physical spaces.

Can "location" have a personal meaning?

Yes, it can describe where someone is at a given moment.

What does "location" mean?

"Location" refers to a specific place or position.

Is "location" a noun?

Yes, it is a noun.

Can "location" refer to a relative position?

Yes, it can describe a place in relation to others.

Can "locality" refer to a community?

Yes, it can describe an area and its people.

Is "location" used in technology?

Yes, in tech, "location" can refer to a digital position like a URL or a place on a map app.

How is "location" used in real estate?

It's key in real estate, meaning where a property is situated.

Does "location" have a plural form?

Yes, "locations" refers to multiple places.

Does "locality" denote a sense of community?

It can imply a sense of community due to shared characteristics.

What is the definition of "locality"?

"Locality" refers to a particular area or neighborhood.

How is "locality" used in ecology?

It's used to describe an area where a specific ecosystem is found.

Is "locality" more general than "location"?

Yes, it's less about precision and more about a general area.

Is "locality" commonly used in everyday speech?

It's more formal and less common than "location."

Can "locality" have a legal definition?

Yes, it can refer to an area defined by legal or administrative boundaries.

How do you use "locality" in a sentence?

"The locality is known for its historic buildings."

What is the plural of "locality"?

The plural is "localities," referring to multiple areas or neighborhoods.

Is "locality" always an urban term?

No, it can refer to any area, urban or rural.
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