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Leg Break vs. Leg Spin: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on December 8, 2023
Leg break is a cricket delivery turning from leg to off for a right-handed batsman, while leg spin is a style of bowling in cricket utilizing this delivery.

Key Differences

Leg break is a specific type of cricket delivery that spins from the leg side to the off side against a right-handed batsman. This is achieved by the wrist and finger action of the bowler. Leg spin, on the other hand, is a broader term referring to a style of spin bowling in cricket, where the primary mode of delivery is the leg break.
In leg break, the bowler uses a wrist action to spin the ball, which is aimed to deceive the batsman. The focus is on the turn and bounce the ball achieves after pitching. In contrast, leg spin as a bowling style encompasses not just the leg break delivery but may include variations like the googly or flipper.
The effectiveness of leg break lies in its unpredictability and the sharp turn it can generate. This delivery is often a weapon in a leg spinner's arsenal to outfox batsmen. Conversely, leg spin refers to the overall skill and techniques used by the bowler, which includes mastering the leg break along with other deliveries.
A leg break is usually bowled by a leg spinner, but not all deliveries by a leg spinner are leg breaks. The leg spinner's role involves using the leg break as a key element in their bowling strategy, often setting up batsmen with a series of leg breaks before introducing a variation.
A leg break is a specific type of delivery within the realm of cricket, while leg spin is a comprehensive term that describes a style of bowling. This style primarily uses leg breaks but also incorporates other types of deliveries for diversity and tactical advantage.

Comparison Chart


A cricket delivery from leg to off side
A style of spin bowling using leg break

Bowling Technique

Wrist action to spin the ball
Includes leg break, googly, and other spins

Primary Aim

To turn sharply from leg to off
To vary deliveries and deceive the batsman

Role in Bowling Arsenal

A specific delivery type
An overall bowling strategy

Variation Inclusion

No other variations included
May include various spin delivery techniques

Leg Break and Leg Spin Definitions

Leg Break

In cricket, a leg break is a challenging delivery for batsmen due to its unexpected spin.
The leg break fooled the batsman, leading to an easy catch for the wicketkeeper.

Leg Spin

Leg spin is a style of bowling in cricket that primarily uses leg break deliveries.
His leg spin was renowned for its accuracy and turn.

Leg Break

Leg break is a cricket delivery that turns from leg to off for a right-handed batsman.
The bowler's leg break turned sharply, beating the batsman's defense.

Leg Spin

Leg spin includes various types of deliveries like the googly, alongside the leg break.
The leg spin bowler's repertoire was difficult for batsmen to read.

Leg Break

A leg break is characterized by its spin direction and the wrist action used by the bowler.
The leg break spun wildly, taking a piece of the turf with it.

Leg Spin

Leg spin bowling aims to deceive the batsman with spin and variations in the ball's trajectory.
His leg spin was effective in taking key wickets during the match.

Leg Break

A leg break is a spin delivery aiming to pitch on the leg side and break towards off.
The batsman was confused by the leg break and missed the ball completely.

Leg Spin

In cricket, leg spin is a technique requiring skill and practice to master effectively.
The young player focused on improving his leg spin during the off-season.

Leg Break

In cricket, a leg break is executed by a right-arm bowler to a right-handed batsman.
He perfected his leg break, making it a key part of his bowling repertoire.

Leg Spin

In leg spin, the bowler delivers the ball with a wrist action that spins it from leg to off.
The leg spin bowler added a googly to surprise the opposing team.


Is leg break effective in cricket?

Yes, leg break can be highly effective due to its unpredictability and sharp turn.

What is leg spin in cricket?

Leg spin is a style of bowling that primarily uses leg break deliveries.

How is a leg break delivered?

A leg break is delivered using a wrist action that spins the ball from leg to off.

What variations can a leg spin bowler use?

A leg spin bowler can use variations like the googly and the flipper, in addition to leg breaks.

What is a leg break in cricket?

It's a delivery that turns from leg to off for a right-handed batsman.

How does leg spin differ from off spin?

Leg spin turns from leg to off side, while off spin turns from off to leg side for a right-handed batsman.

Is leg break bowling difficult to master?

Yes, it requires practice and skill to master the nuances of leg break bowling.

How does a batsman play against a leg break?

Batsmen need to read the spin and adjust their footwork to play against a leg break.

Can left-handers bowl leg breaks?

Yes, but it's called a left-arm unorthodox spin or a "chinaman".

What skills are required for leg spin bowling?

Skills like wrist flexibility, control over spin, and tactical thinking are crucial for leg spin.

Can leg break be bowled with speed?

Yes, but it's more effective when bowled with a slower pace to maximize turn.

How do field placements work for leg break bowlers?

Field placements typically involve close-in fielders on the leg side to catch off the turn.

Are all leg spinners leg break bowlers?

Most leg spinners use leg break as their primary delivery but also bowl variations.

Why is leg spin considered a challenging bowling style?

It's challenging due to the need for precision, control, and tactical acumen.

What makes a good leg spin bowler?

A good leg spin bowler has control, variety, and the ability to read the batsman's mind.

Can leg break lead to wickets?

Yes, leg break can lead to wickets, especially through catches and leg-before-wicket decisions.

How do variations complement leg spin?

Variations like the googly deceive the batsman, making leg spin more effective.

What is the key to a successful leg break?

The key is in the wrist action and the ability to pitch the ball accurately.

How does pitch condition affect leg break bowling?

Dry, rough pitches typically aid leg break bowling by offering more turn.

How important is leg spin in modern cricket?

Leg spin remains crucial in modern cricket for its wicket-taking ability and strategic value.
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