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Laptop vs. Netbook: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on January 9, 2024
Laptops are portable computers with full capabilities, while netbooks are smaller, less powerful, and more affordable.

Key Differences

A laptop is a portable computer designed for convenience and functionality, featuring a full-sized keyboard, larger screen, and more powerful hardware. In contrast, a netbook is a smaller, more compact version of a laptop, prioritizing portability and energy efficiency over performance.
Laptops often come equipped with high-performance components suitable for a wide range of tasks, including gaming and professional software. Netbooks, however, are designed for basic computing tasks like web browsing, email, and word processing, with less emphasis on high-end performance.
The storage capacity in laptops is typically more substantial, with options for larger hard drives or SSDs. Netbooks usually have less storage, often relying on solid-state drives for quicker access but limited space.
In terms of connectivity, laptops generally offer a wider range of ports and options, accommodating various peripherals. Netbooks, due to their smaller size, tend to have fewer connectivity options.
The price point is another distinguishing factor; laptops can range from mid to high-end prices depending on specifications. Netbooks are generally more affordable, making them an attractive option for those who need basic computing functionality on a budget.

Comparison Chart


Larger, bulkier
Smaller, more compact


Higher, suitable for demanding tasks
Lower, for basic tasks


Larger capacity
Limited capacity


More ports and options
Fewer options due to size


Ranges from mid to high
Generally more affordable

Laptop and Netbook Definitions


A laptop is a portable computer with a keyboard and screen.
I bought a new laptop for my college assignments.


A netbook is a streamlined laptop, ideal for simple online tasks.
Her netbook is perfect for social media and web surfing.


A laptop is a versatile computing device suitable for mobile use.
She uses her laptop to work from different locations.


A netbook is a compact, portable computing device with limited power.
His netbook is convenient for travel due to its small size.


A laptop is a foldable personal computer with a full-sized keyboard.
My laptop has a high-resolution display for graphic design.


A netbook is a miniaturized laptop with essential computing functions.
Students often use netbooks for note-taking in class.


A laptop is a mobile computer with the capabilities of a desktop.
Gaming laptops have become as powerful as desktops.


A netbook is a small, lightweight laptop designed for basic tasks.
She bought a netbook for browsing and checking emails.


A laptop is a personal computer designed for portability and convenience.
He carries his laptop to meetings for presentations.


A netbook is a budget-friendly, basic laptop with a small screen.
Netbooks are popular among users who need a secondary, portable computer.


A portable computer with a display screen hinged to a keyboard, small enough to use on one's lap.


A portable computer that is smaller than a laptop, with less processing speed and less memory, used primarily for accessing the internet.


(computing) A laptop computer.


(computing) An economical notebook computer.


A portable computer small enough to use in your lap


What is a laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer with a full-sized keyboard, screen, and the capability to run various applications.

Are netbooks cheaper than laptops?

Yes, netbooks are usually more affordable than laptops.

Can I play high-end games on a netbook?

No, netbooks are not designed for high-end gaming due to their limited performance capabilities.

What is a netbook?

A netbook is a smaller, less powerful version of a laptop, designed for basic computing tasks.

Are netbooks good for students?

Yes, netbooks can be a good choice for students who need a device for basic tasks like note-taking and web browsing.

Do netbooks have a long battery life?

Generally, netbooks have a longer battery life than laptops due to their energy-efficient design.

Can I upgrade the hardware in a laptop?

Some laptops allow hardware upgrades, but this varies by model and manufacturer.

How do laptops and netbooks differ in size?

Laptops are generally larger than netbooks, offering a bigger screen and keyboard.

Are laptops suitable for professional work?

Yes, laptops are often used for professional tasks due to their versatility and performance.

Can netbooks run all the same software as laptops?

No, netbooks may not be able to run certain software due to their limited hardware capabilities.

Are netbooks good for long hours of use?

They can be, especially since they are designed for efficiency and often have long battery life.

Are laptops heavier than netbooks?

Generally, yes. Laptops tend to be heavier than netbooks due to their larger size and more robust components.

Do netbooks have good graphics capabilities?

Netbooks generally have basic graphics capabilities, not suitable for intensive graphic tasks.

Can laptops connect to external monitors?

Yes, most laptops can connect to external monitors.

Do laptops have more storage than netbooks?

Typically, yes. Laptops usually offer more storage capacity than netbooks.

Is a netbook a good choice for a primary computer?

It depends on your needs. If you only do basic tasks, a netbook might suffice, but for more demanding tasks, a laptop is better.

Do laptops come with various operating systems?

Yes, laptops can come with different operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Do netbooks come with a full-sized keyboard?

Most netbooks have a smaller keyboard compared to laptops.

Can I use a laptop for video editing?

Yes, many laptops are powerful enough for video editing.

Are all laptops touchscreen?

No, not all laptops have a touchscreen feature.
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