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Klaxon vs. Claxon: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Harlon Moss || Updated on May 20, 2024
Klaxon refers to a brand of loud electric horns used in vehicles for warning purposes, while Claxon is an incorrect or variant spelling of the same term.

Key Differences

Klaxon is a well-known brand name that has become synonymous with loud, warning horns, especially in vehicles and emergency situations. These devices produce a distinctive, sharp sound used to alert people. Claxon, on the other hand, is a common misspelling or variant of Klaxon. Despite its usage, it refers to the same type of horn and sound-producing device but lacks the official branding of Klaxon.
Klaxon horns were originally developed for use in early automobiles and are now used in various applications where a loud warning is necessary. They are typically associated with a classic, harsh sound that cuts through background noise. Claxon, although spelled differently, is understood in context to mean the same type of horn. However, the term does not carry the same brand recognition and may be considered incorrect in formal contexts.
Klaxon devices are often crucial for safety in industrial settings, as well as in vehicles, where they alert pedestrians and other drivers to potential hazards. Their design and sound are iconic and instantly recognizable.
Claxon is less frequently encountered in official documentation or product descriptions. When it appears, it is usually corrected to Klaxon to maintain consistency and brand integrity.

Comparison Chart


Brand name of loud electric horns
Misspelling/variant of Klaxon

Usage Context

Vehicles, industrial safety, emergencies
Informal, incorrect usage


Sharp, distinctive warning sound
Same as Klaxon

Brand Recognition



Official and correct term
Incorrect or less formal term

Klaxon and Claxon Definitions


A brand of loud electric horns used in vehicles.
The truck's klaxon blared as it approached the intersection.


Non-standard spelling of Klaxon.
The instruction sheet had a typo, spelling klaxon as claxon.


A warning device that produces a sharp sound.
The klaxon sounded, signaling an emergency evacuation.


Variant spelling of Klaxon.
The car's claxon startled the pedestrians.


An alarm used in industrial and safety contexts.
The factory's klaxon alerted workers to the fire drill.


Incorrect term for a loud electric horn.
The manual mistakenly referred to the horn as a claxon.


An iconic sound device for warnings.
The klaxon’s distinctive sound is unmistakable.


Informal use of the term Klaxon.
The old-timer used the word claxon for the alarm horn.


A siren-like device used for alerts.
The klaxon at the railroad crossing was loud enough to be heard for miles.


Alternative spelling of klaxon.


A loud electric alarm or horn.


A kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles.


(intransitive) To produce a loud, siren-like wail.


To sound loudly; - of car horns.


A kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles.


To use the horn of a car.


A kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles


A kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles


Make a loud noise;
The horns of the taxis blared


Use the horn of a car


A misunderstood term for warning horns.
He called it a claxon, but it’s actually a klaxon.


Is Claxon a correct spelling?

Claxon is a variant or incorrect spelling of Klaxon, and it's not officially recognized.

Where are Klaxons commonly used?

Klaxons are used in vehicles, industrial safety settings, and emergency alert systems.

What sound does a Klaxon make?

A Klaxon produces a sharp, loud, and distinctive sound used for alerts.

Do Klaxon and Claxon mean the same thing?

Yes, they refer to the same type of warning horn, but Klaxon is the correct term.

What is a Klaxon?

A Klaxon is a brand of loud electric horns used for warnings and alerts, particularly in vehicles and safety systems.

Is Claxon used in technical manuals?

Claxon might appear in technical manuals, but it is usually considered a mistake.

Why is Klaxon a well-known term?

Klaxon is well-known due to its distinctive sound and widespread use in various warning systems.

How is Klaxon used in emergency situations?

Klaxon horns are used to alert people to emergencies, such as evacuations or approaching hazards.

Are there any other uses for Klaxon horns?

Yes, Klaxon horns are also used in maritime and railway applications.

Can Claxon be used in formal writing?

No, Klaxon should be used in formal writing to ensure correctness.

What does a Klaxon horn typically signal?

A Klaxon horn typically signals warnings, emergencies, or the presence of a vehicle.

What is the origin of the term Klaxon?

Klaxon originated as a brand name for a specific type of loud electric horn.

Is the sound of a Klaxon unique?

Yes, the sound of a Klaxon is unique and easily recognizable.

How did Klaxon become a generic term?

Klaxon became a generic term due to its widespread use and recognition in warning systems.

Is Claxon an accepted term in any industry?

Claxon is not officially accepted in any industry; Klaxon is the preferred term.

How do Klaxon and Claxon differ in spelling?

Klaxon is the correct spelling; Claxon is a misspelling.

Is Claxon used in any dialects?

Claxon might be used informally or in error but is not standard in any dialect.

What industries rely heavily on Klaxon horns?

Automotive, industrial safety, and emergency services rely heavily on Klaxon horns.

Can Klaxon be used interchangeably with other alarm systems?

Klaxon specifically refers to a type of horn, not all alarm systems.

Do technical specifications use Claxon?

No, technical specifications use Klaxon to ensure clarity and accuracy.
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