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Breack vs. Break: Mastering the Correct Spelling

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on March 15, 2024
"Breack" is an incorrect spelling, the correct spelling is "break" which means to separate into pieces or interrupt.

Which is correct: Breack or Break

How to spell Break?

Breack is Incorrect

Break is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "break" with "brake" in a car; both stop something, but only "break" means to separate or interrupt.
Link "break" to breakfast – breaking the fast, with "ea" in the middle.
Think of the "ea" in "break" as in "tear," which has a similar meaning of splitting something apart.
Remember "ea" in "break" is like "easily apart," helping to visualize the action of breaking.
Use a mnemonic: "Bears Really Enjoy A Kitkat" to remember the spelling of "break" with "ea".

Correct usage of Break

Let's breack for lunch now.
Let's break for lunch now.
The machine will breack if you overload it.
The machine will break if you overload it.
Can you breack a twenty dollar bill?
Can you break a twenty dollar bill?
He took a breack from studying to go for a walk.
He took a break from studying to go for a walk.
I need to breack away from work for a bit.
I need to break away from work for a bit.

Break Definitions

To cause something to separate into pieces through force.
She accidentally broke the vase.
A pause or interruption in continuity.
We took a break after two hours of work.
To surpass a limit or record.
He aims to break the world record.
The moment something becomes known.
News of the scandal broke overnight.
To change direction or move suddenly.
The thief broke left, evading the police.
To cause to separate into pieces suddenly or violently; smash.

Break Sentences

The company decided to break the contract.
If you drop the glass, it will break.
I'm going to take a break and get some fresh air.
I can't wait for spring break this year.
Can anyone break this tie in the game?
We need to break the news to her gently.
Let's break for coffee at ten.
The thief managed to break the lock.
The band decided to take a break from touring.
Sometimes, you need to break the rules.
He managed to break free from the ropes.
Let's break the cycle of procrastination.
Break the chocolate bar into pieces before melting it.
The documentary seeks to break stereotypes.
It's important to break bad habits early.
She wants to break the world record.
Taking a short break can help reset your focus.
They're planning to break ground on the new building soon.
The teacher will break the class into small groups.
After the storm, they had to break the ice off the sidewalk.
The news report aims to break the silence on the issue.
The break in the case came with a new witness.
They hope to break barriers with their new project.
It's time to break the pattern of late nights.
The athlete aims to break his personal best.

Break Idioms & Phrases

Break the ice

To initiate conversation in a social setting, making people feel more comfortable.
He told a funny joke to break the ice at the party.

Break the mold

To do something in a new and different way.
Her innovative design really breaks the mold in fashion.

Break even

To neither gain nor lose money in a transaction.
After all the expenses, we just managed to break even on the project.

Break of dawn

The very beginning of daylight in the morning.
They started their hike at the break of dawn to avoid the heat.

Break ground

To start construction on a building or project.
The city will break ground on the new park next month.

Break a leg

A way to wish someone good luck, especially before a performance.
Before she went on stage, her friend said, Break a leg!

Break the bank

To cost a lot of money, potentially more than is available.
Buying a new car might break the bank for some families.

Break the cycle

To end a recurring pattern, often of negative behavior.
He's determined to break the cycle of poverty in his family.

Break one's heart

To cause someone great emotional pain.
It broke her heart to see the stray dogs in such poor condition.

Break the silence

To interrupt a period of quiet or absence of communication.
The loud crash broke the silence of the night.

Break a sweat

To start to sweat because of physical exertion.
She barely broke a sweat during the workout, thanks to her excellent fitness.

Make or break

To be the deciding factor for success or failure.
This deal could make or break our company.

Break the code

To figure out a puzzle or solve a mystery.
After weeks of effort, they finally managed to break the code.

Break the news

To inform someone of something, typically bad news.
They had to break the news of the accident to her very carefully.

Coffee break

A short pause in work to drink coffee or rest.
Let's meet for a coffee break at 3 p.m.

Break the habit

To stop a habitual behavior or routine.
I'm trying to break the habit of checking my phone first thing in the morning.

Break one's back

To work extremely hard or exhaust oneself.
He's breaking his back to finish the project on time.

Take a break

To pause work or an activity for rest or relaxation.
You've been studying hard; you should take a break.

Break free

To escape from confinement or control.
The horse managed to break free from the stable.

Break new ground

To discover or discuss something new.
Her research breaks new ground in the field of genetics.


Which vowel is used before break?

The vowel "e" is used before the "a" in "break."

Why is it called break?

It's called "break" due to the action of causing separation or division.

What is the pronunciation of break?

It is pronounced as /breɪk/.

What is the verb form of break?

The verb form is "break."

What is the root word of break?

The root is from Old English "brecan," meaning to break, fracture.

Is break a negative or positive word?

It can be both, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with break?

"And" or "but" can be used, depending on the context.

Which article is used with break?

"The," "a," or "an" can be used, depending on the context.

What is the singular form of break?

The singular form is "break."

What is the plural form of break?

The plural form is "breaks."

Which preposition is used with break?

"Into," "from," and "with" are commonly used (e.g., break into, break from).

Is break an adverb?

No, break is not an adverb.

Is the break term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically, especially in phrases like "break the news."

Is the word break imperative?

Yes, it can be used as an imperative verb in commands.

What part of speech is break?

"Break" can be a verb or a noun, depending on its use.

What is another term for break?

Fracture, rupture, or pause are other terms for "break."

Is break an abstract noun?

It can be, especially when referring to concepts like a break in time.

Is break a vowel or consonant?

The word begins with a consonant.

What is the third form of break?

The third form is "broken."

Is break a collective noun?

No, it is not typically used as a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with break?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "this" can be used with "break."

What is the first form of break?

The first form is "break."

What is the second form of break?

The second form is "broke."

Is break a noun or adjective?

Break can be both a noun and a verb, but not typically an adjective.

Is break a countable noun?

Yes, when referring to instances or periods of interruption.

How many syllables are in break?

There is one syllable in "break."

How do we divide break into syllables?

Break is a single syllable, so it is not divided.

What is a stressed syllable in break?

The entire word "break" is stressed, as it is one syllable.

What is the opposite of break?

Mend, repair, or unite can be considered opposites.

How is break used in a sentence?

"I need to take a break from studying."
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