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iPad vs. iPod: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 9, 2024
The iPad is a tablet computer with a larger touchscreen for browsing, apps, and media, while the iPod is primarily a portable music player.

Key Differences

The iPad is a tablet device with a large screen, designed for a variety of functions like web browsing, gaming, and productivity tasks. In contrast, the iPod, particularly known for its iPod Touch model, is smaller and primarily focused on music playback, though it also supports apps and games on a smaller scale.
In terms of operating systems, both the iPad and iPod run on Apple's iOS, but the iPad's larger display allows for more complex and varied app experiences. The iPod, while still functional, has more limited capabilities due to its smaller screen and less powerful hardware.
Storage capacity varies greatly between the two; iPads typically have higher storage options, suitable for apps, documents, and media files, whereas iPods have lower storage, intended mainly for music and some light apps.
Connectivity options also differ. iPads often come with Wi-Fi and cellular options, making them versatile for on-the-go use. iPods, however, mainly rely on Wi-Fi, with the primary purpose of streaming and storing music.
The iPad is continuously updated and comes in various models, catering to different user needs. The iPod, however, has seen a decrease in updates and varieties, reflecting its more niche position in the market as a dedicated music player.

Comparison Chart

Primary Function

Multi-purpose tablet for apps and media
Portable music and media player

Screen Size

Larger (7.9 inches and above)
Smaller (around 4 inches for iPod Touch)

Storage Capacity

Higher (up to 1TB in some models)
Lower (max 256GB for latest iPod Touch)


Wi-Fi and cellular options
Mainly Wi-Fi

Usage Variability

Versatile for productivity and media
Focused on music and light app usage

iPad and iPod Definitions


A device bridging the gap between a smartphone and a laptop.
I prefer my iPad over a laptop for its portability.


An Apple product that revolutionized portable music.
The iPod changed how we listen to music on the go.


A touchscreen device for accessing apps and the internet.
My iPad is indispensable for browsing the web on the go.


A compact device for storing and playing audio files.
I have thousands of songs on my iPod.


A versatile tablet supporting a wide range of applications.
From gaming to drawing, my iPad does it all.


A device primarily used for music playback.
My iPod holds all my favorite albums.


A multi-functional tablet designed by Apple.
I use my iPad to read eBooks and attend virtual meetings.


A portable media player developed by Apple.
I take my iPod on runs to listen to music.


An Apple product serving as a portable media and work station.
I edit videos on my iPad while traveling.


A user-friendly music player with intuitive controls.
Navigating my music library on the iPod is a breeze.


Misspelling of iPod


Can you make phone calls with an iPad?

Yes, iPads with cellular capabilities can make phone calls, unlike iPods.

Is the iPod still in production?

As of my last update, iPod production was decreasing, with a focus shifting to other Apple products.

What is an iPod?

An iPod is a portable music player designed by Apple, primarily for playing music and other audio files.

Do iPads have better battery life than iPods?

Generally, iPads have longer battery life due to their larger size, accommodating bigger batteries.

Is an iPod a good choice for kids?

Yes, an iPod is a great choice for kids due to its simplicity and focus on music and light app usage.

What is an iPad?

An iPad is a versatile tablet computer made by Apple, used for a variety of tasks like browsing, media consumption, and work.

Is the camera quality better in iPads or iPods?

Generally, iPads have better camera quality, particularly in the latest models.

Can iPods connect to the internet?

Yes, iPods, especially the iPod Touch, can connect to Wi-Fi for internet access.

Is there a variety of models for iPods?

There used to be, but recently the variety has decreased, focusing mainly on the iPod Touch.

Is the iPod Touch similar to an iPhone?

The iPod Touch is similar in functionality to an iPhone, but it cannot make cellular calls.

Can the iPod run the same apps as the iPad?

The iPod can run many of the same apps, but its smaller size and less powerful hardware may limit some functionalities.

Are iPads suitable for professional work?

Yes, iPads, especially the Pro models, are equipped for professional tasks like graphic design and video editing.

Do both devices use iOS?

Yes, both iPad and iPod run on Apple's iOS, though the iPad's version often has more features.

Can iPods store videos as well as music?

Yes, iPods can store and play videos, though they are primarily designed for music.

Are iPads good for gaming?

Yes, iPads are popular for gaming due to their powerful processors and large screens.

Do iPads support external keyboards?

Yes, iPads can connect to external keyboards for easier typing.

Are iPads compatible with Apple Pencil?

Most recent iPad models are compatible with the Apple Pencil, expanding their functionality for drawing and note-taking.

Can iPads be used as e-readers?

Absolutely, iPads are popular for reading eBooks due to their large, clear displays.

Are iPads more expensive than iPods?

Yes, iPads are typically more expensive due to their larger size and more advanced features.

Do iPads have a headphone jack?

Some older models do, but newer iPads usually require wireless or adapter-connected headphones.
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