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Inventory Management vs. Inventory Control: What's the Difference?

Edited by Janet White || By Harlon Moss || Published on December 3, 2023
Inventory management encompasses the broad process of ordering, storing, and using a company's inventory, whereas inventory control focuses specifically on maintaining the desired inventory level to prevent overstocking or shortages.

Key Differences

Inventory management involves the overall strategy of how a business orders, stores, and utilizes inventory, including raw materials and finished goods. Inventory control, in contrast, is the process of maintaining the optimal amount of each item in the inventory.
In inventory management, decisions about when and how much to order are crucial, considering factors like demand forecasting and supplier relationships. Inventory control, however, concentrates on the day-to-day management of existing inventory, ensuring that quantities are neither too high nor too low.
Inventory management strategies can influence a business’s bottom line by optimizing purchasing and storage costs. While, the focus of inventory control is to minimize the costs associated with holding inventory and avoiding stockouts or excesses.
Technology plays a vital role in inventory management, with systems designed to track and analyze inventory levels and trends. In inventory control, technologies are used to monitor real-time inventory levels and trigger reordering processes.
Inventory management is a holistic approach that includes aspects like inventory turnover and supply chain management. Inventory control is a subset of inventory management, more concerned with the day-to-day operations of managing stocked items.

Comparison Chart


Broad process including ordering, storing, and utilization
Focused on maintaining optimal inventory levels


Optimizing overall inventory strategy
Preventing overstocking and understocking

Activities Involved

Ordering, forecasting, cost management
Stock monitoring, reorder point determination

Impact on Business

Affects purchasing, costs, and supply chain efficiency
Directly influences stock availability and storage costs

Tools Used

Inventory management software for analysis and tracking
Inventory control systems for real-time stock levels

Inventory Management and Inventory Control Definitions

Inventory Management

Involves strategic planning for optimal inventory levels.
Inventory management in retail includes planning for seasonal demand changes.

Inventory Control

The process of maintaining the desired inventory level.
Inventory control ensures there are enough products without overstocking.

Inventory Management

Aims to minimize costs while meeting customer demand.
Good inventory management can reduce holding costs without leading to stockouts.

Inventory Control

Addresses challenges in stock availability and storage.
Their inventory control system alerted them when to reorder low-stock items.

Inventory Management

Balances inventory turnover and storage costs.
High inventory turnover is a sign of efficient inventory management.

Inventory Control

Focuses on monitoring and managing stocked items.
Regular audits are part of effective inventory control.

Inventory Management

Includes demand forecasting and supply chain coordination.
Inventory management helped the store anticipate and meet the holiday season rush.

Inventory Control

Involves setting reorder points and quantities.
Inventory control helped avoid running out of best-selling items.

Inventory Management

The process of ordering, storing, and using a company's inventory.
Effective inventory management ensures the company always has the necessary materials for production.

Inventory Control

Aims to reduce the costs of holding inventory.
Efficient inventory control minimizes the space and resources used for storage.


How do you calculate optimal inventory levels?

By analyzing demand patterns, lead times, and safety stock requirements.

What's the goal of inventory control?

To prevent stockouts and minimize overstock.

What is inventory management?

It's the process of ordering, storing, and utilizing a company's inventory.

What is inventory control?

Inventory control focuses on maintaining optimal inventory levels.

How often should inventory be audited for control purposes?

Regularly, the frequency depends on the business size and type.

How does inventory management affect profitability?

It impacts costs and efficiency, directly affecting profitability.

What role does technology play in inventory management?

Technology aids in tracking, forecasting, and analyzing inventory.

What are some common inventory management techniques?

Techniques include JIT, EOQ, and ABC analysis.

Can good inventory control improve customer satisfaction?

Yes, by ensuring product availability and reducing wait times.

What's a safety stock in inventory management?

An extra stock to prevent stockouts during unforeseen demand spikes.

Can inventory control prevent stockouts?

Yes, through timely monitoring and reordering.

What's the importance of forecasting in inventory management?

It helps in anticipating demand and adjusting inventory levels.

Is inventory control only about maintaining stock levels?

It also involves managing storage space and costs.

Does inventory control involve supplier management?

Indirectly, as it requires coordination for timely restocking.

How does inventory management impact supply chain efficiency?

Efficient management ensures timely availability of products, enhancing supply chain operations.

How do returns affect inventory management?

Returns require adjustments in inventory records and forecasting.

What is the economic order quantity (EOQ) in inventory management?

It’s the ideal order quantity that minimizes total inventory costs.

How does seasonality affect inventory management?

It requires adjustments in stock levels to meet seasonal demand changes.

What's the difference between manual and automated inventory control?

Manual involves physical counts; automated uses software for real-time tracking.

Can inventory control help in reducing waste?

Yes, by avoiding overstocking and optimizing storage.
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