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Interupt vs. Interrupt: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Interupt" is an incorrect spelling, while "Interrupt" is correct, meaning to stop the continuous progress of an activity or process.

Which is correct: Interupt or Interrupt

How to spell Interrupt?

Interupt is Incorrect

Interrupt is Correct


Key Differences

"Interrupt" has the same number of Rs as its synonyms "disturb" and "disrupt."
Think of the double "r" in "interrupt" as two roads you have to cross, thereby interrupting your path.
"Interrupt" contains "Rupt," which also means "break," and "interrupt" essentially means "break into," so remember it as "interruption."
The double "r" in "interrupt" stands for "really rude," as it's often rude to interrupt.
"Rupture" relates to "break," and so does "Interrupt." Both have "rupt" in them, so ensure you include "rupt" in "interrupt."

Correct usage of Interrupt

She did not mean to interupt your conversation.
She did not mean to interrupt your conversation.
It's rude to interupt someone when they are talking.
It's rude to interrupt someone when they are talking.
Can you please not interupt me while I'm speaking?
Can you please not interrupt me while I'm speaking?
He keeps trying to interupt the class with irrelevant questions.
He keeps trying to interrupt the class with irrelevant questions.
I hate it when ads interupt my favorite shows.
I hate it when ads interrupt my favorite shows.

Interrupt Definitions

"Interrupt" denotes breaking the continuity of a state or condition
The power outage interrupted the town's tranquility.
"Interrupt" means to stop the continuity of an event or action
He always interrupts me when I speak.
It involves intruding upon a conversation or activity unexpectedly
Please do not interrupt others during discussions.
It implies causing an activity to cease temporarily
The rain interrupted the baseball game.
"Interrupt" can mean to disrupt normal operations or conditions
The storm could interrupt satellite communications.
To break the continuity or uniformity of
Rain interrupted our baseball game.
To stop (someone engaged in an activity) by saying or doing something
The baby interrupted me while I was on the phone.
To cause an activity to stop by saying or doing something.
A signal to a computer that stops the execution of a running program so that another action can be performed.
A circuit that conveys a signal stopping the execution of a running program.
(ambitransitive) To disturb or halt (an ongoing process or action, or the person performing it) by interfering suddenly.
A maverick politician repeatedly interrupted the debate by shouting.
(transitive) To divide; to separate; to break the monotony of.
The evenness of the road was not interrupted by a single hill.
To assert to (a computer) that an exceptional condition must be handled.
The packet receiver circuit interrupted the microprocessor.
An event that causes a computer or other device to temporarily cease what it was doing and attend to a condition.
The interrupt caused the packet handler routine to run.
To break into, or between; to stop, or hinder by breaking in upon the course or progress of; to interfere with the current or motion of; to cause a temporary cessation of; as, to interrupt the remarks of anyone speaking.
Do not interrupt me in my course.
To divide; to separate; to break the monotony of; as, the evenness of the road was not interrupted by a single hill.
Broken; interrupted.
Make a break in;
We interrupt the program for the following messages
Destroy the peace or tranquility of;
Don't interrupt me when I'm reading
Interfere in someone else's activity;
Please don't interrupt me while I'm on the phone
She interrupted her pregnancy
Break a lucky streak
Break the cycle of poverty

Interrupt Sentences

He didn't like to interrupt people because he thought it was impolite.
It's important not to interrupt the teacher during a lesson.
Every time she starts to focus, something seems to interrupt her.
It's considered rude to interrupt someone in the middle of a sentence.
Please try not to interrupt others when they are speaking.
He raised his hand to interrupt the speaker with a question.
She politely waited for a pause to interrupt with her news.
He was careful not to interrupt while his parents were talking.

Interrupt Idioms & Phrases

Don't interrupt the flow

Avoid disrupting the continuous progress or activity.
She tried not to interrupt the flow of his storytelling.

Interrupt the silence

To break a period of quiet with noise or speech.
The phone rang to interrupt the silence of the night.

To interrupt one's peace

To disturb someone's state of tranquility or rest.
The loud construction work interrupted their peace every morning.

Interrupt the pattern

To change or disrupt a regular sequence or arrangement.
The artist liked to interrupt the pattern with unexpected colors.

Interrupt the process

To halt or disrupt the course of an operation or activity.
A sudden question can interrupt the process of thought.

Interrupt the conversation

To interject or break into a discussion.
It's generally considered impolite to interrupt the conversation without a good reason.

Interrupt the routine

To disrupt a regular or habitual sequence of actions.
The holiday interrupted their routine, giving them a much-needed break.

Interrupt the cycle

To stop a recurring series of events or behaviors.
Taking a vacation can interrupt the cycle of stress and burnout.

Interrupt the sequence

To break the order or progression of something.
A mistake in the script interrupted the sequence of the play.

Interrupt the peace and quiet

To disturb a calm and silent environment.
The late-night party interrupted the peace and quiet of the neighborhood.

Interrupt the flow of traffic

To disrupt the continuous movement of vehicles.
A parade can interrupt the flow of traffic significantly.

Interrupt the moment

To disrupt a particular point in time, especially one that is significant or enjoyable.
He was careful not to interrupt the moment as she admired the sunset.

Interrupt one's train of thought

To disrupt someone's line of thinking or concentration.
Loud noises often interrupt one's train of thought.

Interrupt the harmony

To disrupt the agreement or compatibility among elements.
The new law threatened to interrupt the harmony between the communities.

Interrupt the rhythm

To disrupt the regular or repeated pattern of something.
Changing the beat unexpectedly can interrupt the rhythm of the dance.

Interrupt the connection

To disrupt the link or relationship between things.
A bad signal can interrupt the connection during a phone call.


What is the pronunciation of Interrupt?

It's pronounced as "in-tuh-RUPT."

What is the root word of Interrupt?

The root word is the Latin "rupt," meaning "break."

Which preposition is used with Interrupt?

"Interrupt" is often used with the preposition "by" (interrupted by).

Why is it called Interrupt?

It comes from the Latin "interruptus," meaning "to break off" or "disrupt."

Which vowel is used before Interrupt?

The letter "u" is used before "interrupt."

What is the singular form of Interrupt?

As a verb, it doesn’t have a singular form, but the singular present third person is "interrupts."

Is Interrupt an adverb?

No, "interrupt" is a verb. The adverb would be "interruptedly."

What is the verb form of Interrupt?

"Interrupt" itself is a verb.

What is the plural form of Interrupt?

Verbs don't have plural forms. It remains "interrupt" with a plural subject.

Which article is used with Interrupt?

Depending on the context, "a," "an," or "the" can be used.

Which conjunction is used with Interrupt?

Common conjunctions like "and," "but," or "while" can be used.

Is Interrupt a noun or adjective?

"Interrupt" is primarily a verb. The noun form is "interruption."

What is a stressed syllable in Interrupt?

The stress is on the second syllable: "rupt."

Is the Interrupt term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically when referring to non-literal interruptions.

How do we divide Interrupt into syllables?

It is divided as in-ter-rupt.

What part of speech is Interrupt?

"Interrupt" is a verb.

What is another term for Interrupt?

Synonyms include "disrupt," "halt," or "intrude."

What is the opposite of Interrupt?

Opposites include "continue," "resume," or "proceed."

How is Interrupt used in a sentence?

"Sorry to interrupt, but there's a call for you."

Is Interrupt a vowel or consonant?

"Interrupt" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Interrupt a collective noun?

No, it's a verb.

How many syllables are in Interrupt?

There are three syllables.

Which determiner is used with Interrupt?

"Interrupt" as a verb typically doesn't require a determiner.

What is the first form of Interrupt?

The first form is "interrupt" (base form).

What is the third form of Interrupt?

The third form (past participle) is "interrupted."

Is Interrupt an abstract noun?

No, it's a verb. The related abstract noun is "interruption."

Is Interrupt a negative or positive word?

It's neutral, but often has a negative connotation due to the nature of the action.

Is Interrupt a countable noun?

"Interrupt" is a verb, not a noun.

Is the word Interrupt imperative?

It can be used in the imperative mood (e.g., "Do not interrupt me!").

What is the second form of Interrupt?

The second form (past simple) is "interrupted."
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