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Memeber vs. Member: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Memeber" is an incorrect spelling. "Member" is the correct form, referring to a person belonging to a group or organization.

Which is correct: Memeber or Member

How to spell Member?

Memeber is Incorrect

Member is Correct


Key Differences

Visualize the word "Member" with two 'M's and no extra 'E' in the middle.
Think of "Member" as a part of a group, with no extra "e".
Associate "Member" with "club", both are concise with no extra letters.
Equate "Member" to "limb", as both relate to parts and have no additional 'e'.
Recall: "Remember the member without the extra 'e'."

Correct usage of Member

She was the first female memeber of the club.
She was the first female member of the club.
To become a memeber, you must complete the application form.
To become a member, you must complete the application form.
He is a memeber of the local football team.
He is a member of the local football team.
Every memeber has a right to voice their opinions in the meeting.
Every member has a right to voice their opinions in the meeting.

Member Definitions

(Linguistics) A syntactic unit of a sentence; a clause.
(Logic) A proposition of a syllogism.
(Mathematics) An element in a set.
A limb, such as an arm or a leg.
A part of a plant.
One that belongs to a group or organization
A club member.
A bank that is a member of the FDIC.
(Mathematics) The expression on either side of an equality sign.
A structural unit, such as a beam or wall.
One who officially belongs to a group.
A part of a whole.
The I-beams were to become structural members of a pedestrian bridge.
Part of an animal capable of performing a distinct office; an organ; a limb.
(euphemism) The penis.
(logic) One of the propositions making up a syllogism.
(set theory) An element of a set.
The judge or adjudicator in a consumer court.
A part of a discourse or of a period, sentence, or verse; a clause.
(math) Either of the two parts of an algebraic equation, connected by the equality sign.
(computing) A file stored within an archive file.
The zip file holding the source code of this application has 245 members.
(object-oriented programming) A function or piece of data associated with each separate instance of a class.
To remember.
(obsolete) To cause to remember; to mention.
To remember; to cause to remember; to mention.
A part of an animal capable of performing a distinct office; an organ; a limb.
We have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office.
A part of a whole; an independent constituent of a body
One of the persons who compose a social group (especially individuals who have joined and participates in a group organization);
Only members will be admitted
A member of the faculty
She was introduced to all the members of his family
An organization that is a member of another organization (especially a state that belongs to a group of nations);
The library was a member of the interlibrary loan association
Canada is a member of the United Nations
An external body part that projects from the body;
It is important to keep the extremities warm
Anything that belongs to a set or class;
Snakes are members of the class Reptilia
Members of the opposite sex
The male organ of copulation (`member' is a euphemism)

Member Sentences

Each member of the team plays a vital role in our success.
Being a member of the library gives you access to thousands of books.
He was honored as the member of the month for his contributions.
To vote in the meeting, you must be an official member.
He's been a member of the chess club since high school.
Being a team member teaches valuable collaboration skills.
Each member contributes a unique perspective to our discussions.
As a new member, she was eager to participate in all the activities.

Member Idioms & Phrases

A member in good standing

A member who has fulfilled all their obligations to the membership organization.
John is a member in good standing with the local rowing club, having paid all his dues.

To be a card-carrying member

To be an official, registered member of an organization, often implying strong and active support.
She's a card-carrying member of the writers' association, participating in all their events.

Member benefits

Advantages or perks that come with being a member of an organization.
One of the member benefits is access to exclusive networking events.

To be an honorary member

To be given membership as an honor, without the usual requirements or fees.
The society named her an honorary member for her contributions to science.

Full member

A member who has all the rights and privileges of membership.
After a year as an associate, she was promoted to a full member.

Member discount

A reduction in price offered exclusively to members.
Members receive a 10% member discount on all bookstore purchases.

Active member

A member who participates regularly in the organization's activities.
Active members will be prioritized for tickets to the annual gala.

To be a founding member

To be among the group of individuals who established an organization.
He's proud to be a founding member of the local hiking club.

To welcome a new member

To greet someone who has recently joined an organization.
The club president made a point to personally welcome all new members.
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