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Asure vs. Assure: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Asure" is an incorrect spelling. The right term is "assure," meaning to inform positively or to guarantee.

Which is correct: Asure or Assure

How to spell Assure?

Asure is Incorrect

Assure is Correct


Key Differences

Remember it has a double "s" like "guaranteeSS" to assure something.
Visualize giving someone "assurance" with a double "s."
Recall "assure" as making someone "sSure" of something.
Think of the phrase "I assure you" to get the right spelling.
Link "assure" with "sure" – they both guarantee something.

Correct usage of Assure

Can you asure me that this is safe?
Can you assure me that this is safe?
He tried to asure his parents he would be home early.
He tried to assure his parents he would be home early.
I need to asure you everything will be okay.
I need to assure you everything will be okay.

Assure Definitions

It can denote making certain or sure.
Steps were taken to assure the project's success.
"Assure" can indicate providing a guarantee.
This warranty will assure the product's quality.
"Assure" can signify instilling confidence in someone.
His credentials assure us of his expertise.
"Assure" means to inform positively or with certainty.
I assure you, he's trustworthy.
To inform positively, as to remove doubt
Assured us that the train would be on time.
To cause to feel sure
A gesture that assured her of his devotion.
To give confidence to; reassure.
To make certain; ensure
"Nothing in history assures the success of our civilization" (Herbert J. Muller).
To make safe or secure
"We would rather forgo certain benefits in order to be assured against certain evils" (Alfred E. Smith).
Chiefly British To insure, as against loss.
(transitive) To make sure and secure; ensure.
To give (someone) confidence in the trustworthiness of (something).
I assure you that the program will work smoothly when we demonstrate it to the client.
He assured of his commitment to her happiness.
(obsolete) To guarantee, promise (to do something).
(transitive) To reassure.
To make sure or certain; to render confident by a promise, declaration, or other evidence.
His promise that thy seed shall bruise our foe . . . Assures me that the bitterness of deathIs past, and we shall live.
To declare to, solemnly; to assert to (any one) with the design of inspiring belief or confidence.
I dare assure thee that no enemyShall ever take alive the noble Brutus.
To confirm; to make certain or secure.
And it shall be assured to him.
And hereby we know that we are of the truth, and shall assure our hearts before him.
To affiance; to betroth.
To insure; to covenant to indemnify for loss, or to pay a specified sum at death. See Insure.
Make certain of;
This nest egg will ensure a nice retirement for us
Preparation will guarantee success!
Inform positively and with certainty and confidence;
I tell you that man is a crook!
Assure somebody of the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence;
I assured him that traveling to Cambodia was safe
Be careful or certain to do something; make certain of something;
He verified that the valves were closed
See that the curtains are closed
Control the quality of the product
Cause to feel sure; give reassurance to;
The airline tried to reassure the customers that the planes were safe
Make a promise or commitment
It can mean to make safe or secure.
The safety measures assure the building's stability.

Assure Sentences

I assure you, this car is in excellent condition.
Parents often assure their children that monsters aren't real.
The teacher can assure the students that the test isn't hard.
Can you assure me that this will not happen again?
I need you to assure me that you understand the instructions.
Let me assure you that your secret is safe with me.
To assure quality, the product undergoes several tests.
Can the company assure us of timely delivery?
I can assure you, the journey will be worth it.
Assure yourself that you've done your best.
Please assure me that you'll consider all the options.
Our team can assure clients of prompt service.
Officials assure the public that the water is safe to drink.
I assure you, learning a new language is rewarding.
They assure satisfaction or your money back.

Assure Idioms & Phrases

I can assure you

Used to emphasize the truthfulness of a statement.
I can assure you, the movie is worth watching.

Assure yourself that

To convince yourself of something.
Assure yourself that you've made the right decision.

To assure someone of something

To make someone confident about something.
The manager assured us of the restaurant's cleanliness.

To assure compliance

To ensure that rules or orders are followed.
The agency assures compliance with environmental laws.

Assure a win

To make a win certain.
Their teamwork assured a win against the toughest team in the league.

Assure satisfaction

To guarantee that someone will be pleased with something.
This brand assures customer satisfaction with every purchase.

Assure promptness

To guarantee quick service or response.
We assure promptness in addressing customer complaints.

Assure a response

To guarantee that a reply will be given.
Please assure a response to the email by tomorrow.

Assure someone's safety

To guarantee someone's safety.
The guide assured our safety throughout the trip.

Assure the best

To guarantee the highest quality or outcome.
We assure the best care for all our patients.

Assure success

To guarantee the achievement of success.
Their hard work assures success in the project.

Assure confidentiality

To guarantee privacy or secrecy.
The counselor assured confidentiality to all her clients.

To assure understanding

To make sure someone comprehends something.
The teacher assures understanding by using simple examples.

To assure a smooth process

To guarantee that everything will go without problems.
The planner assures a smooth process for the event.

To assure accuracy

To ensure that something is correct or precise.
The editor assures accuracy in every published article.

Assure someone's participation

To confirm that someone will take part.
We assured his participation in the upcoming meeting.

To assure quality

To guarantee the good condition or value of something.
The bakery assures quality in all its baked goods.

Assure a place

To guarantee a spot or position for someone.
His performance assured him a place in the finals.


What is the root word of Assure?

The Old French "asseurer."

What is the verb form of Assure?


What is the pronunciation of Assure?


What is the plural form of Assure?

Assures (in the context of third-person singular).

Which vowel is used before Assure?

"An" is typically used before "assure."

Which conjunction is used with Assure?

Any conjunction can be used depending on the sentence context.

Is Assure a noun or adjective?


Is Assure an abstract noun?

No, it's a verb.

Why is it called Assure?

The term "assure" comes from the Old French word "asseurer" which means to reassure or guarantee.

What is the singular form of Assure?


Which article is used with Assure?

Either "an" or "the" can be used, depending on context.

Is Assure a negative or positive word?

Generally positive, but neutral in certain contexts.

Which preposition is used with Assure?

"Of" is commonly used, as in "assure someone of something."

Is Assure a vowel or consonant?

"Assure" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is Assure a collective noun?


How many syllables are in Assure?

Two syllables.

What is the second form of Assure?


Is Assure an adverb?


Is Assure a countable noun?

"Assure" is not typically used as a noun.

Is the Assure term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically.

What is another term for Assure?


What is the opposite of Assure?


What part of speech is Assure?


What is the first form of Assure?


What is the third form of Assure?


Is the word Assure imperative?

It can be, as in "Assure me that this will happen."

How do we divide Assure into syllables?


What is a stressed syllable in Assure?

The second syllable, "sure."

Which determiner is used with Assure?

"This" or "that" can be used, e.g., "this assurance."

How is Assure used in a sentence?

"I assure you that everything will be fine."
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