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Interruptable vs. Interruptible: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Interruptable" is an incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "Interruptible," which means capable of being interrupted.

Which is correct: Interruptable or Interruptible

How to spell Interruptible?

Interruptable is Incorrect

Interruptible is Correct


Key Differences

Use spelling checkers which will flag "interruptable".
Remember "interrupt" as the root; add "-ible" not "-able".
Associate "interruptible" with similar words like "perceptible" or "convertible".
Consider "interrupt" + "ible", both end in "t".
Recall that "able" doesn't fit well after "interrupt".

Correct usage of Interruptible

The conversation seemed interruptable, so I chimed in with my question.
The conversation seemed interruptible, so I chimed in with my question.
I thought the software update was interruptable, but it restarted my computer.
I thought the software update was interruptible, but it restarted my computer.
The meeting is scheduled to be interruptable for urgent calls.
The meeting is scheduled to be interruptible for urgent calls.
The system is designed to be interruptable by any user.
The system is designed to be interruptible by any user.
His focus was so deep, it seemed interruptable only by a loud noise.
His focus was so deep, it seemed interruptible only by a loud noise.

Interruptible Definitions

Capable of being interrupted or halted.
The meeting was interruptible for urgent matters.
Admitting of interruption in continuity.
The software has an interruptible process.
Susceptible to pauses or breaks.
An interruptible power supply allows for seamless switching.
Allows for pauses without significant impact.
The procedure is interruptible if needed.
Can be stopped or paused at intervals.
The task was interruptible by design.
To break the continuity or uniformity of
Rain interrupted our baseball game.
To stop (someone engaged in an activity) by saying or doing something
The baby interrupted me while I was on the phone.
To cause an activity to stop by saying or doing something.
A signal to a computer that stops the execution of a running program so that another action can be performed.
A circuit that conveys a signal stopping the execution of a running program.
Able to be interrupted.

Interruptible Sentences

The download process is interruptible, allowing you to pause and resume later.
She found her concentration easily interruptible by any noise.
His thoughts were surprisingly interruptible, given how focused he usually is.
Even though the game is online, it's designed to be interruptible.
The security system's maintenance window is interruptible in case of alerts.
The sleep of a new parent is often highly interruptible.
The teacher explained that the class was interruptible for emergencies.
Movie night at our house is always interruptible for snack refills.
Reading is one of the few pleasures I find not easily interruptible.
The software installation is interruptible, so you can shut down your computer if necessary.
Workshops at the conference are interruptible for important announcements.
The app's syncing process is thankfully interruptible without data loss.
The music practice sessions are interruptible if you need to take a call.
The lecture series is designed to be interruptible for interactive discussions.
The marathon training schedule is flexible and interruptible for rest days.
Holiday planning is definitely interruptible for spontaneous fun.
Their weekly meetings are intentionally interruptible for feedback or questions.
Even in deep meditation, he remains somewhat interruptible.
The server's update cycle is interruptible to minimize downtime.
The doctor's appointments are interruptible for urgent cases.
The long drive felt less daunting, knowing it was interruptible for breaks.
Her workflow is impressively interruptible, allowing her to manage multiple tasks efficiently.
Storytime is always interruptible for kids' questions or comments.
Their strategy meeting is usually interruptible for urgent operational issues.


Why is it called Interruptible?

Derived from "interrupt" with the suffix "-ible" indicating capability or susceptibility.

What is the verb form of Interruptible?


What is the root word of Interruptible?


What is the pronunciation of Interruptible?


What is the singular form of Interruptible?

"Interruptible" (it's an adjective, so it doesn't have a singular/plural distinction).

What is the plural form of Interruptible?

Adjectives like "interruptible" don't have plural forms in English.

Which preposition is used with Interruptible?

Varies by context, e.g., "interruptible by" or "interruptible with".

Is Interruptible an abstract noun?


Which article is used with Interruptible?

Both "a" (before consonant sounds) and "an" (before vowel sounds) can be used, but "an" is common due to its pronunciation.

Which vowel is used before Interruptible?

The indefinite article "an" is used: "an interruptible".

Which conjunction is used with Interruptible?

Any can be used; depends on context.

Is Interruptible a negative or positive word?

Neutral, it describes capability.

Is Interruptible a countable noun?

"Interruptible" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is Interruptible a collective noun?


What part of speech is Interruptible?


What is the third form of Interruptible?


What is the opposite of Interruptible?

"Non-interruptible" or "uninterruptible".

What is the first form of Interruptible?

There's no verb form for "interruptible". The related verb is "interrupt".

Is Interruptible a noun or adjective?


Is Interruptible an adverb?


Is the Interruptible term a metaphor?

No, it's a literal descriptor.

Is the word Interruptible imperative?


What is a stressed syllable in Interruptible?

The second syllable, "ter".

What is another term for Interruptible?

"Pause-able" or "stoppable", though less formal.

What is the second form of Interruptible?


Is Interruptible a vowel or consonant?

The term "interruptible" contains both vowels and consonants.

How many syllables are in Interruptible?

Five syllables.

How do we divide Interruptible into syllables?


Which determiner is used with Interruptible?

It depends on the context; e.g., "this" interruptible process, "that" interruptible function, etc.

How is Interruptible used in a sentence?

The streaming service offered an interruptible download feature, allowing users to pause and resume at will.
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