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Elimentary vs. Elementary: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Elimentary" is the incorrect spelling. The correct spelling is "elementary," which refers to the fundamental or basic aspects of a subject or field.

Which is correct: Elimentary or Elementary

How to spell Elementary?

Elimentary is Incorrect

Elementary is Correct


Key Differences

Remember the phrase "Elementary, my dear Watson," from Sherlock Holmes.
"Elemen-" rhymes with "lemon," while "elimen-" does not.
"Elementary" sounds like "element" and should start the same way.
Think "element" plus "ary" — like a fundamental element.
"Ary" sounds like "airy," while the incorrect "ary" would sound like "uh-ree."

Correct usage of Elementary

The detective solved the case using elimentary methods.
The detective solved the case using elementary methods.
This is an elimentary example of the problem.
This is an elementary example of the problem.
She is taking an elimentary Chinese language course.
She is taking an elementary Chinese language course.
The elimentary principles of physics are important.
The elementary principles of physics are important.
He went to an elimentary school in his hometown.
He went to an elementary school in his hometown.

Elementary Definitions

Simple and straightforward, easy to understand.
The solution was elementary.
Relating to the stages of education that come before secondary school.
She teaches at an elementary school.
Concerning the basic chemical elements.
An elementary particle is a subatomic particle.
Elementary refers to the basic, foundational aspects or principles.
Elementary math is crucial for advanced study.
Of, relating to, or constituting the basic, essential, or fundamental part
An elementary need for love and nurturing.
Of, relating to, or involving the fundamental or simplest aspects of a subject
An elementary problem in statistics.
Of or relating to an elementary school or elementary education
The elementary grades.
Elementary teachers.
Relating to the basic, essential or fundamental part of something.
Relating to an elementary school.
(physics) Relating to a subatomic particle.
(archaic) Sublunary; not celestial; belonging to the sublunary sphere, to which the four classical elements (earth, air, fire and water) were confined; composed of or pertaining to these four elements.
An elementary school
A supernatural being which is associated with the elements.
Having only one principle or constituent part; consisting of a single element; simple; uncompounded; as, an elementary substance.
Pertaining to, or treating of, the elements, rudiments, or first principles of anything; initial; rudimental; introductory; as, an elementary treatise.
Pertaining to one of the four elements, air, water, earth, fire.
Easy and not involved or complicated;
An elementary problem in statistics
Elementary, my dear Watson
A simple game
Found an uncomplicated solution to the problem
Of or being the essential or basic part;
An elementary need for love and nurturing
Relating to the rudimentary aspects of a skill or discipline.
His understanding of the topic is elementary.

Elementary Sentences

In elementary science, students learn about plants and animals.
Mathematics is a subject taught in every elementary grade.
The teacher organized an elementary art contest for the students.
The elementary school was just a block away from his house.
Homework in elementary school shouldn't be too difficult.
Learning to read is an essential goal of elementary education.
Elementary students often have a recess period to play outside.
Parent-teacher meetings are common in elementary schools.
She bought an elementary Italian book to start learning the language.
Elementary geography introduces students to the basics of our world.
She volunteered to help with the elementary school play.
The principal visited every classroom to observe the elementary teaching methods.
Elementary students learn basic math operations like addition and subtraction.
The science fair is a popular event in elementary schools.
Field day is a fun, sports-related event for elementary students.
The elementary health class teaches about nutrition and hygiene.
Art projects help elementary students express their creativity.
Field trips are an exciting part of the elementary school experience.
The library has a section dedicated to elementary level books.
In elementary music class, students are introduced to different instruments.
Physical education in elementary schools focuses on fun and participation.
Learning how to write simple sentences is part of elementary English.
Safety drills are regularly conducted in elementary schools.
Many elementary schools have after-school programs for students.
Teachers often use games to make learning fun in elementary classes.

Elementary Idioms & Phrases

Back to elementary

Returning to the basics of a subject or skill.
To improve his writing, he went back to elementary grammar exercises.

Elementary question

A very basic, simple question.
The student asked an elementary question about the homework assignment.

Elementary knowledge

A basic understanding of a subject.
Elementary knowledge of computers is necessary for most jobs today.

Elementary principles

The most basic and fundamental rules or laws.
Understanding the elementary principles of chemistry is crucial for advanced study.

Make it elementary

To simplify something.
The teacher tried to make the concept elementary so everyone could understand.

Elementary approach

A method that is simple and straightforward.
The teacher's elementary approach made the subject accessible to all.

Elementary level

Referring to the basic level of education or understanding.
The course is designed for students at an elementary level of Spanish.

Elementary reasoning

Simple, straightforward thinking process.
Solving the puzzle required some elementary reasoning.

Elementary mistake

A very basic or obvious error.
Missing the deadline was an elementary mistake.

Elementary steps

The initial, basic steps in a process.
Learning to cook starts with understanding a few elementary steps.

From the elementary up

Starting from the most basic level and moving upwards.
He built his knowledge of finance from the elementary up.

In elementary terms

Explained in simple, basic language.
Can you explain the problem in elementary terms?

Elementary concepts

The most basic ideas or notions in a subject area.
Understanding elementary concepts in economics is essential.

Elementary understanding

A fundamental grasp of a concept.
A elementary understanding of human rights is important for everyone.

Elementary examples

Simple illustrations or instances used to clarify a point.
The lecture included several elementary examples of scientific laws.

Elementary stage

The initial phase of learning or development.
The project is still at the elementary stage.

At an elementary level

Pertaining to a very basic stage of learning or understanding.
The class teaches programming at an elementary level.

Elementary skills

Basic, fundamental skills.
Reading and writing are considered elementary skills.

Elementary exercises

Basic activities or tasks designed to teach fundamental skills.
The workbook is filled with elementary exercises to improve literacy.

Elementary practice

The act of engaging in basic exercises or activities to learn or improve skills.
Elementary practice in math can help improve problem-solving skills.


What is the pronunciation of elementary?

/ˌɛl.əˈmɛn.tər.i/ in American English.

What is the root word of elementary?

The root word is "element."

Why is it called elementary?

It's called "elementary" to signify something that is basic or foundational.

Which vowel is used before elementary?

"An" as in "an elementary concept."

What is the plural form of elementary?

Elementary doesn't have a plural form as it is an adjective.

What is the verb form of elementary?

There is no verb form of "elementary."

Is elementary an abstract noun?


Which conjunction is used with elementary?

"And," as in "elementary and advanced levels."

Is elementary a negative or positive word?

Neutral, but context can make it either.

Which preposition is used with elementary?

"Of," as in "elementary principles of chemistry."

Is elementary an adverb?


Which article is used with elementary?

"An" or "the," depending on context.

Is the elementary term a metaphor?

Generally, no, but it can be used metaphorically.

How do we divide elementary into syllables?


What is the singular form of elementary?


Is elementary a collective noun?


Is the word elementary imperative?


How many syllables are in elementary?


What is a stressed syllable in elementary?

The third syllable, "men."

What part of speech is elementary?


Which determiner is used with elementary?

"The," "an," "some," depending on context.

What is the third form of elementary?

No third form, as it's an adjective.

How is elementary used in a sentence?

"The elementary principles of physics are crucial for understanding more complex theories."

Is elementary a countable noun?

It's not a noun.

What is another term for elementary?


What is the second form of elementary?

No second form, as it's an adjective.

Is elementary a noun or adjective?


Is elementary a vowel or consonant?

Starts with a vowel (E).

What is the opposite of elementary?


What is the first form of elementary?

Elementary as it is an adjective.
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