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Gallore vs. Galore: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "Gallore". The correct spelling is "Galore", meaning in abundance or plentiful.

Which is correct: Gallore or Galore

How to spell Galore?

Gallore is Incorrect

Galore is Correct


Key Differences

Associate "Galore" with "gold" - both start with "g" and indicate richness or abundance.
Visualize "Gallore" having an unnecessary extra 'l', which is redundant.
Think of "Galore" as a single word for "a lot more".
Remember that "Galore" ends similarly to "store" where you find many items.
Pronounce "Galore" and "Gallore" aloud; the former should sound familiar and succinct.

Correct usage of Galore

There were candies gallore at the party.
There were candies galore at the party.
The store offered discounts gallore during the sale.
The store offered discounts galore during the sale.
They had stories gallore from their trip.
They had stories galore from their trip.
The garden was filled with flowers gallore.
The garden was filled with flowers galore.
We found toys gallore in the playroom.
We found toys galore in the playroom.

Galore Definitions

"Galore" means in great quantities or abundance.
She had shoes galore in her wardrobe.
"Galore" signifies an ample amount or supply.
The festival had entertainment galore for everyone.
"Galore" denotes a lavish or profuse amount.
At the party, there was food and drinks galore.
"Galore" can refer to something being plentiful or numerous.
There were stars galore in the night sky.
In great numbers; in abundance
"with balloons and hot dogs ... and fireworks galore" (Anne Armstrong).
(postpositive) In abundance.
After the shipwreck there was whisky galore to be had for the taking.
(archaic) An abundance; plenty.
Plenty; abundance; in abundance.
In great numbers;
Daffodils galore
Existing in abundance;
Abounding confidence
Whiskey galore
"Galore" emphasizes that there's more than enough of something.
The store had discounts galore during the sale.

Galore Sentences

The beach had shells galore, perfect for collecting.
The music festival featured artists galore from around the world.
The festival had entertainment galore, making it fun for everyone.
At the yard sale, there were bargains galore to be found.
In the costume shop, there were options galore for Halloween.
The new mall has shops galore, offering everything you could need.
The movie night featured popcorn galore and a selection of classic films.
At the petting zoo, there were animals galore for children to admire.
At the carnival, there were games galore for kids of all ages.
After the harvest, the village had food galore.
The library had books galore, satisfying every reader's interests.
In the art supply store, there were colors galore for all projects.
In the autumn, the orchard had apples galore, ready for picking.
The park in spring has flowers galore, painting the landscape in vibrant colors.
The cooking show demonstrated recipes galore, inspiring viewers to try new dishes.
The buffet offered desserts galore, tempting every guest.
The science fair had inventions galore, showcasing young talent.
The bakery had pastries galore, each more tempting than the last.
The summer camp offered activities galore, keeping kids engaged.
At the craft fair, there were handmade goods galore to explore.
The costume party had creativity galore with all the unique outfits.
In the digital world, there are apps galore to help with daily tasks.
The antique store was filled with relics galore, each with its own history.
The holiday season brings sales galore in every store.
The garage sale featured treasures galore, hidden among the tables.

Galore Idioms & Phrases

Opportunities galore

A large number of chances or possibilities.
After graduating, she found opportunities galore in the tech industry.

Gifts galore

A large amount of presents.
At her birthday party, there were gifts galore, making her feel very special.

Surprises galore

A situation where there are many unexpected events.
The mystery tour promised surprises galore for all the adventurous attendees.

Treasures galore

An abundance of valuable items or experiences.
The beachcomber found treasures galore washed up on the shore after the storm.

Laughs galore

A lot of moments that cause laughter.
The comedy show offered laughs galore, ensuring a good time for the audience.

Questions galore

A multitude of inquiries or doubts.
The new science exhibit raised questions galore among curious students.

Memories galore

A wealth of memorable moments.
The family reunion was an event that created memories galore for everyone involved.

Ideas galore

An abundance of concepts or plans.
The brainstorming session produced ideas galore for the new marketing campaign.

Options galore

Having many choices available.
When it comes to dining in the city, there are options galore for every taste.

Challenges galore

Facing a large number of difficulties or obstacles.
Starting a new business comes with challenges galore, but it can be very rewarding.

Activities galore

A wide range of actions or tasks to engage in.
The summer camp offers activities galore, from hiking to swimming.

Stars galore

A sky full of stars; metaphorically, a lot of famous people in one place.
At the film premiere, there were stars galore, attracting fans from all over.

Friends galore

Having a large number of friends or acquaintances.
At college, she found friends galore, making her feel right at home.

Fun galore

An abundance of enjoyment or amusement.
The beach day promised fun galore with games, swimming, and sunbathing.

Sweets galore

A large amount of candies or desserts.
At the fair, there were sweets galore, tempting everyone with a sweet tooth.

Problems galore

Encountering numerous issues.
The old house they bought had problems galore, from leaking pipes to a faulty roof.

Bargains galore

A lot of items being sold for less than their usual price.
The end-of-season sale offered bargains galore, attracting bargain hunters.

People galore

A large gathering of individuals.
At the concert, there were people galore, filling the venue to capacity.

Excuses galore

A lot of reasons given to justify something or to avoid doing something.
Every time homework was due, he had excuses galore for not completing it.

Talents galore

A large number of skilled individuals.
The art show displayed talents galore, with artists presenting a variety of works.


What is the verb form of Galore?

"Galore" doesn't have a verb form; it's an adjective or adverb.

What is the root word of Galore?

The root is from the Irish "go leor", meaning "enough" or "plenty".

Why is it called Galore?

"Galore" comes from the Irish phrase "go leor" meaning "enough".

What is the pronunciation of Galore?

"Galore" is pronounced as /gəˈlɔːr/.

What is the singular form of Galore?

"Galore" doesn't have a singular or plural form, as it's an adjective/adverb.

What is the plural form of Galore?

"Galore" is invariant; it remains "galore".

Which preposition is used with Galore?

Not specific to "galore", but in usage, you might see "with galore" as in "with opportunities galore".

Which vowel is used before Galore?

Typically, "a" as in "toys a-galore".

Is Galore a noun or adjective?

"Galore" is primarily an adjective.

Is Galore a negative or positive word?

Typically positive, as it indicates abundance.

Is Galore a vowel or consonant?

The word "galore" starts with a consonant.

How many syllables are in Galore?

"Galore" has two syllables.

What part of speech is Galore?

"Galore" can be an adjective or adverb.

Which conjunction is used with Galore?

Conjunction usage isn't specific to "galore".

What is the first form of Galore?

"Galore" does not have verb forms.

Is Galore an abstract noun?

No, "galore" is not an abstract noun.

Is Galore a collective noun?

No, "galore" is not a collective noun.

How do we divide Galore into syllables?

"Galore" is divided as ga-lore.

How is Galore used in a sentence?

"There were books galore at the library sale."

Is Galore an adverb?

It can also be used as an adverb.

Is Galore a countable noun?

No, "galore" is not a countable noun.

Is the Galore term a metaphor?

No, but its usage can have a metaphorical feel, emphasizing abundance.

Is the word Galore imperative?

No, "galore" is not an imperative word.

What is a stressed syllable in Galore?

The second syllable, "lore", is stressed.

What is the opposite of Galore?

The opposite can be "scarce" or "limited".

Which determiner is used with Galore?

No specific determiner is always paired with "galore".

What is the second form of Galore?

"Galore" does not have verb forms.

Which article is used with Galore?

"Galore" doesn't typically require an article.

What is another term for Galore?

"Plenty" or "abundance" can be synonymous with "galore".

What is the third form of Galore?

"Galore" does not have verb forms.
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