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Interpretation vs. Construction: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on November 11, 2023
Interpretation is the act of explaining or understanding meaning; construction is the act of building or assembling something.

Key Differences

Interpretation involves deciphering, explaining, or assigning meaning to something, such as a text, event, or artwork. Construction, on the other hand, refers to the process of building or assembling structures, concepts, or arguments.
In the realm of language and communication, interpretation is the act of translating or explaining the meaning of words and sentences. Construction in this context can mean the way words are put together to form sentences or phrases.
When it comes to law, interpretation is the process of determining the meaning or intent of legal texts. In contrast, legal construction refers to the process of applying these interpretations to specific cases or situations.
In the arts, interpretation is about understanding and conveying the meaning or theme of a work, whether it be a painting, a piece of music, or literature. Construction, in artistic terms, could refer to the physical creation or assembly of an artwork.
Interpretation often requires subjective judgment and can vary from person to person. Construction, particularly in the context of building, follows objective plans and specifications and aims for consistency and accuracy.

Comparison Chart


Explaining or understanding meaning
Building or assembling something


Language, law, arts
Engineering, architecture, language (sentence construction)


Subjective, varies with perspective
Objective, follows plans and specifications


Deciphering, translating, elucidating
Building, assembling, creating


Meaning, understanding, explanation
Physical structure, assembled concept or argument

Interpretation and Construction Definitions


The act of explaining the meaning of something.
His interpretation of the poem differed from mine.


The arrangement of words in a sentence.
The sentence had an unusual grammatical construction.


Translating spoken or written language.
The interpreter provided a real-time interpretation of the speech.


The process of building or assembling structures.
The construction of the new bridge took two years.


Understanding or representing an artistic work.
Her dance was a unique interpretation of the music.


The creation of an argument or theory.
His thesis was a careful construction of facts and analysis.


The way in which a rule or law is understood.
The legal interpretation of the contract caused debate.


The act of formulating something.
The construction of her argument was flawless.


A personal or subjective explanation.
Everyone's interpretation of the story was different.


Building up or establishing something.
The construction of their relationship took time and effort.


The act or process of interpreting.


The act or process of constructing.


A result of interpreting.


What’s construction in the context of law?

It's the application of legal interpretations to specific cases.

Can construction refer to language?

Yes, it can refer to sentence structure and phrasing.

Does interpretation vary from person to person?

Yes, it can vary based on individual perspectives.

Can interpretation be wrong?

Interpretations can differ; what's "wrong" is subjective.

Is construction limited to physical structures?

No, it can also refer to conceptual or argumentative formation.

What is interpretation in literature?

It's the act of explaining or finding the meaning in a literary work.

Is interpretation always subjective?

Generally yes, as it often involves personal perspective.

Is construction in art different from building construction?

Yes, in art it refers to creating or assembling an artwork.

What skills are important for construction?

Technical skills, precision, and planning are crucial.

Do construction projects always follow a plan?

Yes, they usually follow detailed plans and specifications.

Is interpretation valuable in education?

Yes, it helps in understanding and analyzing information.

How does culture influence interpretation?

Cultural background can significantly shape interpretations.

Why is interpretation important in communication?

It ensures the meaning is correctly understood and conveyed.

Is construction always a lengthy process?

It varies; some projects are quick, others take years.

Does interpretation require creativity?

Often yes, especially in arts and literature.

What’s the role of an interpreter?

They translate spoken or written content between languages.

Can construction be a collaborative process?

Yes, it often involves teamwork and collaboration.

Can construction be environmentally friendly?

Yes, with sustainable practices and materials.

Can interpretation change over time?

Yes, interpretations can evolve with new insights or information.

How does interpretation affect conflict resolution?

Understanding different interpretations can aid in resolving conflicts.
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