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Imagin vs. Imagine: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Imagin" is an incorrect spelling; the correct form is "imagine," which means to form a mental picture or concept of something.

Which is correct: Imagin or Imagine

How to spell Imagine?

Imagin is Incorrect

Imagine is Correct


Key Differences

The "e" at the end is silent, but it helps you remember that the word is complete, unlike "imagin."
Recall the phrase "Imagine that!" which you've likely heard in conversations or movies.
Associate "imagine" with the root word "mag," which means "to be able."
Remember that "imagine" ends with "-ine," like "define" or "design."
Think of the word "image," which is a part of "imagine."

Correct usage of Imagine

He could barely imagin the pain she felt.
He could barely imagine the pain she felt.
I try to imagin myself in ten years and see where I am.
I try to imagine myself in ten years and see where I am.
Can you imagin a world without music?
Can you imagine a world without music?
It's hard to imagin life on other planets.
It's hard to imagine life on other planets.
She likes to imagin she's a famous singer.
She likes to imagine she's a famous singer.

Imagine Definitions

To mentally construct an alternative scenario.
Imagine if we won the lottery!
To envision something that is not yet real.
The architect imagined a sustainable city.
To form a mental picture or image of
Imagined a better life abroad.
To think or suppose; conjecture
I imagine you're right.
To have a notion of or about without adequate foundation; fancy or believe
She imagines herself to be a true artist.
To employ the imagination.
To have a belief or make a guess.
(transitive) To form a mental image of something; to envision or create something in one's mind.
Try to imagine a pink elephant.
(transitive) To believe in something created by one's own mind.
She imagined that the man wanted to kill her.
(transitive) to assume
I imagine that he will need to rest after such a long flight.
(transitive) to conjecture or guess
I cannot even imagine what you are up to!
The board imagines the merger will increase profits by 25%
(transitive) to use one's imagination
Imagine that we were siblings.
To contrive in purpose; to scheme; to devise.
Used to mock some idea.
Imagine thinking that would work.
(fandom slang) A short fanfic or prompt placing a reader insert in a novel scenario with a character or celebrity.
To form in the mind a notion or idea of; to form a mental image of; to conceive; to produce by the imagination.
In the night, imagining some fear,How easy is a bush supposed a bear!
To represent to one's self; to think; to believe.
To form images or conceptions; to conceive; to devise.
To think; to suppose.
My sister is not so defenseless leftAs you imagine.
Form a mental image of something that is not present or that is not the case;
Can you conceive of him as the president?
Expect, believe, or suppose;
I imagine she earned a lot of money with her new novel
I thought to find her in a bad state
He didn't think to find her in the kitchen
I guess she is angry at me for standing her up
To form a mental picture or concept of something.
She couldn't imagine living without her dog.
To believe or assume something is probable.
I imagine he will be late.
To conceive in the mind as possible or feasible.
The scientists imagine a cure is within reach.

Imagine Sentences

It's difficult to imagine how vast the universe is.
Can you imagine living in a world without internet?
Imagine finding a treasure map in your backyard.
Can you imagine a future where cars fly?
Imagine having the ability to travel through time.
Imagine flying through the sky like a bird.
He couldn't imagine his life without his friends.
Imagine walking on the moon and looking back at Earth.
She tried to imagine what her life would be like abroad.
It's easy to imagine yourself as the hero of a story.
She likes to imagine stories and write them down.
Imagine winning the lottery; what would you do first?
He likes to imagine different endings to his favorite movies.
Imagine a world where renewable energy powers everything.
Imagine being stranded on a deserted island; what would you do?
Imagine a city built entirely underwater.
They tried to imagine a solution to the problem.
Imagine if animals could talk; what would they say?
Can you imagine going back in time to see dinosaurs?
Can you imagine a day without using your phone?
Imagine being able to speak every language fluently.
It's hard to imagine a more perfect day than today.
She could hardly imagine receiving such an award.

Imagine Idioms & Phrases

Imagine that!

An expression of surprise or amazement.
He won the championship against all odds. Imagine that!

Imagine the possibilities

A phrase encouraging someone to think about the potential or opportunities of a situation.
If we work together, just imagine the possibilities.

To imagine in one's mind's eye

To visualize something in your imagination.
Imagine in your mind's eye a place where peace reigns supreme.

As one might imagine

A phrase indicating that the outcome is as expected or easily predictable.
The final exam was tough, as one might imagine.

Can only imagine

To acknowledge that something is beyond one's personal experience or understanding.
I've never been skydiving, so I can only imagine the thrill.

Let's imagine for a moment

A phrase used to introduce a hypothetical situation.
Let's imagine for a moment that we could travel anywhere instantly.

Hard to imagine

Something that is difficult to believe or envision.
It's hard to imagine life before the internet.

Imagine yourself in someone's shoes

To empathize with someone by imagining you are in their situation.
Imagine yourself in her shoes before you judge her actions.


What is the verb form of imagine?

Imagine is already a verb.

Why is it called imagine?

Derived from Latin "imaginari," meaning "to form a mental picture."

What is the pronunciation of imagine?


What is the plural form of imagine?

N/A, it's a verb.

What is the root word of imagine?

Derived from Latin "imago," meaning "image."

What is the singular form of imagine?

Imagine (it's a verb and doesn't have a singular/plural form).

Which vowel is used before imagine?

'A,' as in "a vivid imagination."

Which conjunction is used with imagine?

"And," "or," or "that," depending on the context.

Which preposition is used with imagine?

"Imagine of" or "Imagine about," depending on context.

Is imagine an abstract noun?

No, it's a verb.

Is the word imagine imperative?

It can be used in an imperative sentence, e.g., "Imagine a world without hunger."

What is a stressed syllable in imagine?

The second syllable, "ag."

What is the second form of imagine?

Imagined (past tense).

Is imagine an adverb?


Is imagine a countable noun?

It is not a noun.

Is imagine a collective noun?


What is the opposite of imagine?

Disregard or ignore.

Is imagine a noun or adjective?

It is a verb.

How do we divide imagine into syllables?


What part of speech is imagine?


What is another term for imagine?


How many syllables are in imagine?


Which determiner is used with imagine?

None, as it's typically a verb.

Which article is used with imagine?

Generally doesn't use an article, as it's a verb.

Is imagine a negative or positive word?

Neutral, context-dependent.

Is imagine a vowel or consonant?

Starts with a vowel ('I').

Is the imagine term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

What is the first form of imagine?

Imagine (base form).

What is the third form of imagine?

Imagined (past participle).

How is imagine used in a sentence?

"Can you imagine how much effort went into building this?"
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