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Envoke vs. Invoke: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Envoke" is a misspelling. The correct term is "Invoke," which means to call upon or reference something, especially in a formal context.

Which is correct: Envoke or Invoke

How to spell Invoke?

Envoke is Incorrect

Invoke is Correct


Key Differences

Connect "invoke" to similar verbs like "invite."
Use spell-check tools or grammar platforms to ensure accuracy.
Focus on the "in-" prefix to internalize its meaning as "inward" or "into."
Recall "in-" prefixes in English, like "input" or "inward."
Remember the phrase, "invoke a right" or "invoke a spirit."

Correct usage of Invoke

He attempted to envoke the spirit of the forest.
He attempted to invoke the spirit of the forest.
She tried to envoke her right to free speech.
She tried to invoke her right to free speech.
The priest will envoke blessings upon the congregation.
The priest will invoke blessings upon the congregation.
The lawyer will envoke the Fifth Amendment.
The lawyer will invoke the Fifth Amendment.
Can you envoke a law that supports your claim?
Can you invoke a law that supports your claim?

Invoke Definitions

Invoke means to call upon a higher power or spirit, especially in prayer.
The shaman invoked the spirits.
Invoke can mean to refer to something in support of one's arguments.
He invoked the law to support his case.
Invoke signifies to call forth emotions or feelings.
The movie invoked deep emotions in the audience.
Invoke means to make a necessary condition.
The contract invokes certain obligations.
To call on (a higher power) for assistance, support, or inspiration
"Stretching out her hands she had the air of a Greek woman who invoked a deity" (Ford Madox Ford).
To appeal to or cite in support or justification.
To call for earnestly; solicit
Invoked the help of a passing motorist.
To summon with incantations; conjure.
To resort to; use or apply
"Shamelessly, he invokes coincidence to achieve ironic effect" (Newsweek).
(Computers) To activate or start (a program, for example).
(transitive) To call upon (a person, a god) for help, assistance or guidance.
(transitive) To solicit, petition for, appeal to a favorable attitude.
The envoy invoked the King of Kings's magnanimity to reduce his province's tribute after another drought.
(transitive) To call to mind (something) for some purpose.
(transitive) To appeal for validation to a (notably cited) authority.
In certain Christian circles, invoking the Bible constitutes irrefutable proof.
(transitive) To conjure up with incantations.
This satanist ritual invokes Beelzebub.
(transitive) To bring about as an inevitable consequence.
Blasphemy is taboo as it may invoke divine wrath.
To cause (a program or subroutine) to execute.
Interactive programs let the users enter choices and invoke the corresponding routines.
To call on for aid or protection; to invite earnestly or solemnly; to summon; to address in prayer; to solicit or demand by invocation; to implore; as, to invoke the Supreme Being, or to invoke His and blessing.
Go, my dread lord, to your great grandsire's tomb, . . . Invoke his warlike spirit.
Evoke or call forth, with or as if by magic;
Raise the specter of unemployment
He conjured wild birds in the air
Stir a disturbance
Call down the spirits from the mountain
Cite as an authority; resort to;
He invoked the law that would save him
I appealed to the law of 1900
She invoked an ancient law
Request earnestly (something from somebody); ask for aid or protection;
Appeal to somebody for help
Invoke God in times of trouble
Invoke refers to the act of putting a process into effect.
Invoke the emergency protocols.

Invoke Sentences

The ritual is supposed to invoke ancient gods.
The government can invoke emergency powers in a crisis.
The activists invoke the First Amendment to justify their protest.
In times of trouble, he would invoke the memory of his grandmother for strength.
To protect the environment, we must invoke new regulations.
Community leaders invoke the spirit of cooperation to promote unity.
Writers often invoke their personal experiences in their work.

Invoke Idioms & Phrases

Invoke the spirit

To call upon a spirit or supernatural force.
The shaman invoked the spirit of the ancestor for guidance.

Invoke the Fifth

Referring to the Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.
The witness chose to invoke the Fifth during the interrogation.

Invoke a sense of

To elicit or induce a particular feeling or response.
The novel invokes a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era.

Invoke the past

To refer to or bring up past events or times.
In his speech, he invoked the past to highlight how far we’ve come.

Invoke the law

To call upon the law for justification or protection.
The activists invoked the law to defend their right to peaceful assembly.

Invoke a principle

To apply or refer to a principle.
The charity invoked the principle of kindness in its appeal for donations.

Invoke rights

To assert one’s legal rights.
The accused decided to invoke his rights and asked for a lawyer.

Invoke a response

To cause a reaction.
The artist’s work is meant to invoke a strong emotional response from the viewer.

Invoke someone’s name

To mention someone, often to invoke their authority or reputation.
She invoked the CEO’s name to get the staff to listen.

Invoke a vision

To present a compelling picture of the future.
The environmental group invoked a vision of a world powered by renewable energy.


What is the root word of Invoke?

The root is from the Latin "invocare."

Why is it called Invoke?

The term "invoke" comes from Latin "invocare," meaning to call upon or summon.

Is Invoke an abstract noun?


What is the pronunciation of Invoke?

It's pronounced as /ɪnˈvoʊk/.

Which vowel is used before Invoke?

Typically, no specific vowel directly precedes "Invoke."

Which preposition is used with Invoke?

"on" as in "invoke on behalf."

Is Invoke an adverb?


What is the verb form of Invoke?

"Invoke" is the verb form.

Which conjunction is used with Invoke?

Any conjunction can be used with "invoke" based on the sentence context.

Is Invoke a negative or positive word?

Neutral, though context can give it positive or negative connotations.

Is the word Invoke imperative?

It can be, e.g., "Invoke the rule now!"

What is a stressed syllable in Invoke?

The second syllable, "voke."

Which determiner is used with Invoke?

"the" when referring to a specific instance.

What is the third form of Invoke?


What is the singular form of Invoke?

"Invoke" is a verb and does not have a singular or plural form like nouns.

What is the plural form of Invoke?

Verbs don't have plural forms.

What part of speech is Invoke?


What is the first form of Invoke?


Is Invoke a noun or adjective?

"Invoke" is a verb.

Is Invoke a countable noun?

"Invoke" is not a noun.

How do we divide Invoke into syllables?


Is Invoke a collective noun?


What is the second form of Invoke?


Which article is used with Invoke?

"the" when referring to a specific instance, e.g., "the right to invoke."

Is Invoke a vowel or consonant?

"Invoke" is a word, not a single letter.

Is the Invoke term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

How many syllables are in Invoke?


What is another term for Invoke?

Call upon.

What is the opposite of Invoke?

Dismiss or repel.

How is Invoke used in a sentence?

"The lawyer invoked an old law to support his argumen
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