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Bycycle vs. Bicycle: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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The incorrect spelling is "Bycycle" while the correct spelling is "Bicycle", a two-wheeled vehicle propelled by pedaling.

Which is correct: Bycycle or Bicycle

How to spell Bicycle?

Bycycle is Incorrect

Bicycle is Correct


Key Differences

Think of "bi-" which means "two" and matches the two wheels of a bicycle.
Note that "by" means "near" or "past", while "bi" signifies duality.
Connect "cycle" with "circular", referencing the round wheels.
Visualize the two wheels whenever you think of "bicycle".
Associate "bicycle" with other "bi-" words like "bipod" or "binoculars".

Correct usage of Bicycle

She rides her bycycle to school every day.
She rides her bicycle to school every day.
The bycycle race will be held on Saturday.
The bicycle race will be held on Saturday.
He bought a new bycycle helmet for safety.
He bought a new bicycle helmet for safety.
They went on a long bycycle ride in the countryside.
They went on a long bicycle ride in the countryside.
My bycycle has a flat tire.
My bicycle has a flat tire.

Bicycle Definitions

A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle you pedal.
She rode her bicycle to the store.
Bicycles are commonly used for transport, sport, and recreation.
The city encourages commuting by bicycle to reduce traffic.
A bicycle operates mainly on human power and has a frame, pedals, and handlebars.
He customized his bicycle to make it unique.
In sports, a bicycle is used for racing, mountain biking, and BMX.
The bicycle race attracted competitors from around the world.
Bicycles are considered environmentally friendly and promote physical health.
More people are choosing the bicycle over cars for short trips.
A vehicle consisting of a light frame mounted on two typically wire-spoked wheels one behind the other and usually having a seat, handlebars for steering, brakes, and two pedals by which it is driven.
An exercise bicycle.
To ride or travel on a bicycle.
A vehicle that has two wheels, one behind the other, a steering handle, and a saddle seat or seats and is usually propelled by the action of a rider’s feet upon pedals.
A traveling block used on a cable in skidding logs.
The best possible hand in lowball.
A motorbike.
A slut; a promiscuous woman.
(climbing) A stabilizing technique in which one foot is pushed down while the other is pulled up.
(ambitransitive) To travel or exercise using a bicycle.
To physically ship (a recorded programme) to another broadcasting entity.
A light vehicle having two wheels one behind the other. It has a saddle seat and is propelled by the rider's feet acting on cranks or levers.
A wheeled vehicle that has two wheels and is moved by foot pedals
Ride a bicycle

Bicycle Sentences

On weekends, they enjoy going on bicycle rides through the park.
The city is adding more bicycle lanes to encourage cycling.
He participated in a charity bicycle ride to raise money.
Her bicycle has a basket in the front for carrying groceries.
He uses his bicycle for his daily commute to work.
Safety gear, like helmets and knee pads, is important when riding a bicycle.
The bicycle shop offers repairs and maintenance services.
She joined a bicycle club to meet other cycling enthusiasts.
The child learned how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.
He taught his younger brother how to fix a bicycle chain.
The invention of the bicycle had a significant impact on transportation.
She decorates her bicycle with stickers and colorful tape.
Learning to balance is the first step in riding a bicycle.
The bicycle rally drew attention to the need for safer roads for cyclists.
The bicycle race attracts competitors from around the world.
The tour guide led the group on a bicycle tour of the historic district.
The bicycle mechanic showed him how to adjust the brakes.
A good lock is essential to keep your bicycle secure.
His first job was delivering newspapers on his bicycle.
The bicycle-sharing program makes it easy to rent a bike for short trips.
She saved up her allowance to buy a new bicycle.
Her new bicycle is equipped with lights for night riding.

Bicycle Idioms & Phrases


A tandem bicycle designed for two riders.
They rented a bicycle-built-for-two to tour the vineyard together.

Ride a bicycle

To operate a bicycle.
She learned to ride a bicycle at a very young age.

Bicycle kick

A dramatic soccer move performed by kicking the ball backward over one's own head.
The crowd cheered after the player scored with a spectacular bicycle kick.

As easy as riding a bicycle

Describing something that, once learned, is never forgotten.
Once you learn to swim, it's as easy as riding a bicycle.

Get back on the bicycle

Encouragement to try again after a failure or setback, similar to "get back on the horse."
After falling during her race, her coach told her to get back on the bicycle.


What is the pronunciation of Bicycle?

Bicycle is pronounced as /ˈbaɪ.sɪ.kəl/.

Why is it called Bicycle?

It's called a bicycle because of its two wheels; "bi-" means two and "cycle" refers to a wheel or circular movement.

What is the verb form of Bicycle?

The verb form is "bicycle" as in "to bicycle to work".

What is the root word of Bicycle?

The root words are "bi-", meaning two, and "cycle", meaning wheel.

What is the plural form of Bicycle?

The plural form is "bicycles".

Is Bicycle a noun or adjective?

Bicycle is primarily a noun but can also act as a verb.

Which vowel is used before Bicycle?

The vowel "a" is often used before bicycle, as in "a bicycle".

What is the singular form of Bicycle?

The singular form is "bicycle".

Is Bicycle an abstract noun?

No, bicycle is a concrete noun.

Is Bicycle a negative or positive word?

Bicycle is a neutral word.

Which preposition is used with Bicycle?

"On" is commonly used, as in "on a bicycle".

Which article is used with Bicycle?

The articles "a" and "the" can be used with bicycle.

Is Bicycle a vowel or consonant?

The word "bicycle" starts with a consonant.

How do we divide Bicycle into syllables?

Bicycle is divided as bi-cy-cle.

What is the second form of Bicycle?

The second form as a verb is "bicycled".

Which conjunction is used with Bicycle?

Standard conjunctions such as "and" can be used, e.g., "bicycles and cars".

Is the Bicycle term a metaphor?

Not inherently, but can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

What part of speech is Bicycle?

Bicycle can be a noun and a verb.

What is the opposite of Bicycle?

There isn't a direct antonym, but "car" could be an opposing mode of transport.

What is the first form of Bicycle?

The first form as a verb is "bicycle".

Is Bicycle a countable noun?

Yes, bicycle is a countable noun.

How many syllables are in Bicycle?

There are three syllables in "bicycle".

What is another term for Bicycle?

Another term is "bike".

What is the third form of Bicycle?

The third form as a verb is "bicycled".

How is Bicycle used in a sentence?

I plan to ride my bicycle to the park today.

Is Bicycle an adverb?

No, bicycle is not an adverb.

Is Bicycle a collective noun?

No, bicycle is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in Bicycle?

The first syllable "bi-" is stressed in "bicycle".

Is the word Bicycle imperative?

In commands like "bicycle safely!", it is imperative.

Which determiner is used with Bicycle?

Determiners like "this", "that", "my", and "the" can be used with bicycle.
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