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Hypo vs. Hyper: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on January 3, 2024
Hypo indicates "under" or "less than normal," while hyper means "over" or "more than normal," often used to describe activity or conditions.

Key Differences

Hypo is a prefix in medical and scientific terminology meaning "below," "under," or "less than normal." Hyper, in contrast, denotes an excess or above normal condition, often used to describe heightened states or activities.
In medical contexts, hypo is often associated with deficiency, as in hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Hyper, on the other hand, is associated with excess, such as hyperactivity, implying an overabundance or heightened state.
Hypo can signify a reduced state or level, such as in hypotension (low blood pressure). Hyper, conversely, denotes increased levels or activity, like hypertension (high blood pressure).
In terms of function, hypo often describes conditions of insufficiency or underperformance. Hyper suggests overactivity or overperformance, like hyperthyroidism, where the thyroid is overly active.
Both hypo and hyper are used across various fields, from medicine to physics, to denote levels relative to a normal or standard condition, with hypo indicating less and hyper indicating more.

Comparison Chart


Under, less than normal
Over, more than normal

Medical Use

Indicates deficiency or lower levels
Indicates excess or higher levels


Hypoglycemia, hypotension
Hyperactivity, hypertension


Insufficiency, underperformance
Overabundance, overactivity


Used in conditions with reduced activity
Used in conditions with increased activity

Hypo and Hyper Definitions


Hypo signifies underactivity in biological terms.
Hypoallergenic products are designed for sensitive skin.


Hyper suggests increased activity or intensity.
The child was diagnosed with ADHD for his hyperactivity.


Hypo refers to a state below normal levels.
The patient was diagnosed with hypothyroidism.


Hyper denotes an excess or overabundance.
Hyperinflation severely impacts economies.


Hypo indicates a deficiency in medical terms.
Hypoglycemia is a concern for diabetics.


Hyper indicates a condition above normal levels.
Hyperthyroidism can accelerate metabolism.


Hypo denotes lower than usual conditions.
Hypotension requires careful monitoring.


Hyper means more or over in multiple contexts.
Hyperpigmentation causes dark spots on the skin.


Hypo means less or under in various contexts.
Hypoechoic lesions indicate less echo in ultrasounds.


Hyper is used for overactive biological states.
Hypertension is a common cardiovascular issue.


(obsolete) Melancholy; a fit of hypochondria; a morbid depression.


Having a very excitable or nervous temperament; high-strung.


(slang) A hypochondriac.


Emotionally stimulated or overexcited.


(colloquial) hyperactive


(slang) energetic; overly diligent




Hyperextension exercise


Can hypo be used in non-medical terms?

Yes, it's used in various fields to indicate "less than normal."

What is the definition of hyper?

It denotes over or more than normal.

What is an example of a hypo condition?

Hypoglycemia, which is low blood sugar levels.

Can hypo and hyper occur in the same condition?

Yes, some conditions can fluctuate between hypo and hyper states.

What does hyper indicate in terms of body activity?

It suggests increased or overactive bodily functions.

What does hyperthermia mean?

It denotes an abnormally high body temperature.

Are hyper conditions always harmful?

Not always, but they can lead to health issues if unmanaged.

What does hypo mean?

It means below normal or less than normal.

Is hyper always related to medical conditions?

No, it's used broadly to describe any overactive state.

Are hypo and hyper prefixes interchangeable?

No, they have opposite meanings and implications.

How does hypo affect body functions?

It often signifies underperformance or deficiency in body functions.

What does hypertonic mean?

It refers to a solution with higher solute concentration.

What is hyperextension?

It's the excessive extension of a limb or joint beyond its normal range.

Give an example of a hyper condition.

Hyperactivity, characterized by unusually high activity levels.

Is hypothermia related to low temperatures?

Yes, it refers to dangerously low body temperature.

What is hypotonic solution?

It's a solution with lower solute concentration than another solution.

Can hyper be used in technology?

Yes, like in hyperlinks, which indicate enhanced connectivity.

Is hypoxia related to oxygen levels?

Yes, it's a condition where the body lacks sufficient oxygen.

Can hypo conditions be serious?

Yes, conditions like hypotension can be life-threatening.

How is hypo used in astronomy?

It's used to describe phenomena less than a standard reference point.
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