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Haunting vs. Hunting: What's the Difference?

By Aimie Carlson & Janet White || Updated on May 28, 2024
Haunting involves the lingering presence of a ghost or memory, while hunting refers to the act of pursuing and killing animals or searching for something.

Key Differences

Haunting typically involves a ghost or spirit that lingers in a place, creating an eerie atmosphere. It often evokes feelings of fear or nostalgia. Hunting, on the other hand, is an activity where individuals pursue and capture or kill animals for sport, food, or control purposes.
Haunting can also refer to the persistent presence of a memory or emotion, affecting someone deeply over time. Hunting, however, is more about the physical act of searching for and obtaining a specific target, often involving strategy and skill.
The term haunting is commonly associated with paranormal activities and is frequently used in literature and movies to describe supernatural occurrences. Hunting is associated with the real-world activity of tracking and capturing animals, and it has practical applications such as population control and sustenance.
While haunting often has a negative or sorrowful connotation, invoking a sense of lingering sadness or fear, hunting is viewed variably depending on cultural perspectives, being seen either as a necessary skill or a controversial practice.
Haunting deals with intangible presences or emotions, whereas hunting is a tangible activity with direct outcomes.

Comparison Chart


The lingering presence of a ghost or memory
The act of pursuing and killing animals


Often negative or sorrowful
Variable; can be controversial

Common Usage

Paranormal activities, literature, emotions
Wildlife activity, food gathering

Emotional Impact

Creates fear or nostalgia
Can be seen as skillful or brutal


Intangible presence or emotion
Tangible pursuit and capture

Haunting and Hunting Definitions


A persistent and troubling memory.
Her haunting memories of the accident made it hard to sleep.


The process of trying to find and acquire resources.
They are hunting for bargains at the flea market.


An emotion or feeling that lingers.
He couldn't shake the haunting feeling of regret.


The practice of seeking out information or clues.
The detective was hunting for evidence in the case.


A melody or sound that remains in the mind.
The haunting melody stayed with him all day.


The activity of pursuing and killing animals.
He enjoys hunting deer in the fall.


The presence of a ghost in a place.
The old house is said to be haunted by a ghost.


The activity or sport of pursuing game.


An artwork or image that evokes a strong emotional response.
The painting has a haunting quality that captivates viewers.


The act of conducting a search for something
House hunting.


Continually recurring to the mind; unforgettable
A haunting melody.


(Electronics) The periodic variation in speed of a synchronous motor with respect to the current.


Present participle of haunt
A ghost was haunting the house.


The act of finding and killing a wild animal, either for sport or with the intention of using its parts to make food, clothes, etc.


Remaining in the mind; not easily forgotten.
He had a haunting gaze.


Looking for something, especially for a job or flat.


A particular instance of haunting; a ghostly habitation.
During the haunting, strange voices and noises were heard and objects flew off tables.


(engineering) Fluctuating around a central value without stabilizing.


Continually recurring to the mind;
Haunting memories
The cathedral organ and the distant voices have a haunting beauty


(telephony) The process of determining which of a group of telephone lines will receive a call.


Having a deeply disquieting or disturbing effect;
From two handsome and talented young men to two haunting horrors of disintegration


Present participle of hunt


The pursuit of game or of wild animals.


The pursuit and killing or capture of wild animals regarded as a sport


The activity of looking thoroughly in order to find something or someone


The work of finding and killing or capturing animals for food or pelts


The act of searching for something.
She is hunting for a new job in the city.


An effort to capture or kill a specific target.
The soldiers were hunting the enemy leader.


Is hunting only related to animals?

No, hunting can also mean searching for objects, information, or resources.

What emotions are associated with haunting?

Haunting often evokes fear, nostalgia, or sadness.

What is haunting?

Haunting involves the lingering presence of a ghost or a persistent memory or feeling.

What is hunting?

Hunting is the act of pursuing and capturing or killing animals or searching for something.

Can haunting refer to something other than ghosts?

Yes, haunting can refer to persistent memories, emotions, or even melodies.

Is hunting controversial?

Yes, hunting can be controversial due to ethical and environmental concerns.

What is the cultural significance of haunting?

Haunting plays a significant role in folklore, literature, and horror genres.

Can haunting be positive?

Rarely, but it can be if it involves nostalgic memories.

How is hunting regulated?

Hunting is regulated by laws and licenses to ensure ethical practices and wildlife conservation.

What skills are involved in hunting?

Hunting requires strategy, patience, and sometimes physical endurance.

Can a place be haunted without ghosts?

Yes, a place can feel haunted due to its atmosphere or history, even without actual ghosts.

What is a haunting feeling?

A haunting feeling is a persistent and troubling emotion that is hard to shake.

Are haunted places real?

Haunted places are part of folklore and paranormal belief, but scientific evidence is lacking.

What is a haunting melody?

A haunting melody is a tune that lingers in the mind and evokes strong emotions.

Why do people hunt?

People hunt for food, sport, population control, or resource acquisition.

What is the impact of hunting on wildlife?

Hunting can impact wildlife populations, both positively (control) and negatively (overhunting).

Is hunting necessary?

Hunting can be necessary for population control, subsistence, and conservation efforts.

Can hunting be considered a sport?

Yes, hunting is often considered a sport involving skill and competition.

What literature features haunting themes?

Gothic literature often features haunting themes, exploring fear and the supernatural.

What are hunting strategies?

Hunting strategies include tracking, ambushing, and using decoys or calls to attract prey.
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