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Good Friday vs. Easter Monday: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Janet White || Published on November 14, 2023
Good Friday commemorates Jesus Christ's crucifixion, while Easter Monday follows Easter Sunday, celebrating Christ's resurrection.

Key Differences

Good Friday and Easter Monday are both significant days within the Christian calendar, yet they serve different purposes in the narrative of Jesus Christ's life and death.
Good Friday marks the crucifixion of Jesus, a solemn day when Christians remember his sacrifice for humanity's sins. It's characterized by somber reflections and, for many, fasting or abstinence. Easter Monday, on the other hand, falls after Easter Sunday, the day which heralds the joyous resurrection of Jesus from the dead.
This makes Easter Monday a continuation of the celebration, with many observing it as a day of rest and continued reflection on the significance of Christ's resurrection.
Both these days are public holidays in many countries, with Good Friday being a day of mourning and Easter Monday often involving festive activities.

Comparison Chart


Commemorates Jesus' crucifixion.
Follows the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.


Somber and reflective.
Joyous and celebratory.

Position in Holy Week

Precedes Easter Sunday.
Follows Easter Sunday.

Traditional Activities

Church services, fasting, and meditation.
Festive activities, rest, and continued celebration.

Day of the Week

Always on a Friday.
Always on a Monday.

Good Friday and Easter Monday Definitions

Good Friday

A Christian holiday commemorating Jesus' crucifixion.
Many Christians attend church services on Good Friday.

Easter Monday

Often marked by festive events and activities.
Parades and egg hunts are common on Easter Monday.

Good Friday

A significant event in the Christian narrative of salvation.
Good Friday reminds us of Jesus' sacrifice.

Easter Monday

A day of rest for many Christians.
She took the day off work to relax on Easter Monday.

Good Friday

The Friday before Easter Sunday.
Good Friday is a day of reflection and remembrance.

Easter Monday

Part of the Paschal celebrations within Christianity.
Easter Monday concludes the weekend of Paschal celebrations.

Good Friday

A day of fasting and prayer for many believers.
She abstained from meat on Good Friday.

Easter Monday

A continuation of the celebration of Jesus' resurrection.
Many families have picnics on Easter Monday.

Good Friday

Often observed with solemn processions and ceremonies.
The streets were filled with processions on Good Friday.

Easter Monday

The day following Easter Sunday.
Easter Monday is a public holiday in many countries.


How do Christians typically observe Good Friday?

Many attend church services, engage in prayer, fasting, and reflect on Jesus' passion.

Why is it called "Good" Friday when it marks a somber event?

The term "good" signifies the good salvation brought about by Jesus' sacrifice.

What is Good Friday's significance?

Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ.

When is Easter Monday observed?

Easter Monday is the day following Easter Sunday.

Do all Christian denominations commemorate Good Friday?

While most do, the manner of observance might vary.

What's the religious significance of Easter Monday?

It's a continuation of Easter celebrations, marking Jesus' resurrection's joy.

What activities are common on Easter Monday?

Celebrations, outings, feasts, and in some places, special events or parades.

Do non-Christians observe Good Friday?

While primarily a Christian observance, some non-Christians might acknowledge it due to its cultural significance.

Is Good Friday considered a holiday in the US?

Good Friday isn't a federal holiday, but some states and regions observe it.

Why is fasting common on Good Friday?

Fasting represents mourning and penitence, acknowledging Jesus' suffering.

How does Easter Monday differ from Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday primarily celebrates Jesus' resurrection, while Easter Monday continues the celebration in a more relaxed manner.

Is Easter Monday celebrated globally?

While Easter Monday is observed by Christians worldwide, it's a public holiday in specific countries.

Why is Easter Monday important to Christians?

It extends the joy and reflection of Jesus' resurrection, allowing more time for celebration.

Is there a specific liturgy or service for Easter Monday?

Some churches might have services, but it's less formal than Easter Sunday liturgies.

Are there any foods traditionally associated with Easter Monday?

It varies by culture, but feasting is common, and leftover Easter foods may be consumed.

Is Good Friday always observed on the same date?

No, it's based on the lunar calendar and falls on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

Can Good Friday ever fall in March?

Yes, if Easter Sunday is on the last day of March, Good Friday will be earlier in that month.

Is it appropriate to wish someone a "Happy Good Friday"?

Given its somber nature, "Blessed Good Friday" might be more fitting.

Are any games or traditions specific to Easter Monday?

In some cultures, games like "egg rolling" or special dances might occur on Easter Monday.

Do businesses typically remain closed on Easter Monday?

In countries where it's a public holiday, many businesses and schools may be closed.
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