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Godsister vs. Sister: What's the Difference?

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A godsister is a non-biological sibling relationship through godparent ties; a sister is a female sibling by blood or law.

Key Differences

A godsister is a term that describes a female who is the child of one's godparent; this relationship is not determined by blood but by a bond formed between families, often through religious or close personal connections. A sister, however, is a female who shares one or both parents with another individual, establishing a biological or legal kinship.
The role of a godsister can vary greatly as it is not a legal or formalized relationship; it is based more on individual family customs and the personal agreement between the godparents and the child's parents. Conversely, a sister has a clearly defined role within the family unit, and this relationship comes with legal and social recognition that can influence inheritance rights and familial responsibilities.
In cultural and social contexts, having a godsister may carry sentimental value, often mirroring the closeness of a biological sibling relationship. A sister, on the other hand, is often associated with deep familial bonds that have been established since birth and recognized universally in familial and social structures.
One may have several godsisters if their parents have chosen multiple godparents, which can expand a person's sense of extended family. In contrast, the number of sisters one has is determined by the number of female children born to or adopted by their parents, and this relationship is acknowledged in census and legal documents.
Godsisters may or may not be part of one’s daily life and familial interactions; the relationship's intensity is subjective and based on personal connections. Sisters typically grow up together and share childhood experiences and memories, which can contribute to a lifelong bond that is both emotionally and legally recognized.

Comparison Chart

Basis of Relation

Through godparent ties
By blood or legal adoption

Legal Status

No legal standing
Legal recognition as family


Less common and varies in significance
Universally recognized and defined

Familial Rights

Typically none
May have inheritance and decision-making rights


By choice or religious tradition
By birth or legal process

Godsister and Sister Definitions


A familial bond established through godparent-godchild relationships.
My godsister often joins our family for holidays.


A female sibling from at least one shared parent.
My half-sister is my mother's daughter from her first marriage.


Child of one's godparent.
My godsister and I met at our parents' baptism ceremony.


Female sibling with the same parents.
My sister and I share the same birthday.


An honorary familial title.
Although not related, I consider her my godsister.


A member of a religious community of women.
The sister at the convent has taken a vow of silence.


Female associated through spiritual kinship.
My mother chose her best friend's daughter to be my godsister.


Used as a term of solidarity among women.
She stood up for her sisters in the workplace.


A term of endearment for a close family friend's daughter.
My parents' friends' daughter is like a godsister to me.


A close female friend akin to a sibling.
Even though we're not related, I call her my sister.


A female having the same parents as another or one parent in common with another.


A kinswoman.


Are sisters always related by blood?

They can also be related by law, as in adoption.

Can a godsister become a godparent?

Yes, if chosen when she is of appropriate age and consent.

Is a godsister legally recognized?

No, it's an informal relationship.

Can you have more than one sister?

Yes, if your parents have multiple daughters.

Does a godsister have to be religious?

Not necessarily; it depends on the nature of the familial ties.

Do sisters have legal obligations to each other?

It depends on the jurisdiction, but often they have some legal familial rights.

Is the term godsister common?

It's less common than sister and varies by culture and individual family practice.

What rights do sisters have if a parent dies?

Sisters may have inheritance rights under the law.

Can men have sisters?

Yes, men can have female siblings.

Are sisters part of the immediate family?

Yes, sisters are considered immediate family.

Can step-sisters be considered real sisters?

Socially and legally, yes, though they are not blood-related.

Is the bond with a godsister the same as with a sister?

It can be as strong emotionally, but it's different legally and socially.

Does the term godsister have a legal definition?

No, it's not legally defined.

Are godbrothers and godsisters similar?

Yes, in that they both represent non-biological family relationships.

What do you call your godsister’s parents?


How do you become someone's godsister?

Through the designation of your parent's godparent relationship.

Can a godsister inherit from your family?

Only if specified in a legal document like a will.

Is a sisterhood important?

Many consider the bond between sisters as very important.

Do sisters have responsibilities towards each other?

Socially, yes; legally, it varies.

Can brothers also have a godsister?

Yes, the term is not gender-specific.
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