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Gigabyte Aorus Pro vs. Gigabyte Aorus Elite: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on February 5, 2024
Gigabyte Aorus Pro is higher-end, offers more features, typically more expensive. Gigabyte Aorus Elite is more affordable, fewer features, but still offers good performance.

Key Differences

The Gigabyte Aorus Pro generally offers more advanced features compared to the Gigabyte Aorus Elite, which is designed as a more budget-friendly option.
In terms of performance, the Gigabyte Aorus Pro often includes better overclocking capabilities and higher-end components than the Gigabyte Aorus Elite.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite, while less feature-rich than the Pro, still provides solid performance for its price point, making it a good choice for budget-conscious consumers.
Aesthetically, the Gigabyte Aorus Pro may have more elaborate designs and additional RGB lighting compared to the more subdued Gigabyte Aorus Elite.
The Gigabyte Aorus Pro is typically aimed at enthusiasts looking for high performance, whereas the Gigabyte Aorus Elite caters to users seeking good performance at a more affordable price.

Comparison Chart


Typically more expensive
More affordable


More advanced features
Basic, essential features


Higher, with better overclocking
Good, but less than Pro

Target Audience

Enthusiasts and power users
Budget-conscious consumers

Design and Aesthetics

More elaborate and RGB lighting
More subdued design

Gigabyte Aorus Pro and Gigabyte Aorus Elite Definitions

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

High-Performance Motherboard.
The Gigabyte Aorus Pro is ideal for gamers seeking top-tier performance.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Stylish Yet Subtle Design.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite looks sleek without being overly flashy.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Advanced Cooling System.
The Gigabyte Aorus Pro's cooling system keeps the PC stable during intense gaming sessions.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Balanced for Everyday Use.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite is perfect for both gaming and regular computing tasks.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Premium Build Quality.
The durable construction of the Gigabyte Aorus Pro ensures longevity.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Efficient Power Management.
With the Gigabyte Aorus Elite, power consumption is efficiently managed.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Enthusiast-Level Overclocking.
Overclocking enthusiasts prefer the Gigabyte Aorus Pro for its superior stability.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Budget-Friendly Performance Motherboard.
The Gigabyte Aorus Elite is a great choice for budget-minded gamers.

Gigabyte Aorus Pro

Feature-Rich Design.
With its multiple connectivity options, the Gigabyte Aorus Pro stands out.

Gigabyte Aorus Elite

Solid Base Features.
For essential functionalities, the Gigabyte Aorus Elite delivers reliably.


Who should buy the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

Enthusiasts and gamers seeking advanced features and performance.

What sets the Gigabyte Aorus Pro apart from other motherboards?

Its combination of performance, features, and build quality.

Is the Gigabyte Aorus Pro expensive?

It is higher-priced due to its advanced features.

Can the Gigabyte Aorus Elite handle gaming?

Yes, it's suitable for gaming but with fewer features than the Pro.

Does the Gigabyte Aorus Pro support overclocking?

Yes, it offers excellent overclocking capabilities.

Is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite good for overclocking?

It has basic overclocking abilities but less than the Pro.

What is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite?

A more affordable motherboard with essential features.

What is the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

A high-end motherboard offering top performance and features.

Is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite easy to set up?

Yes, it's user-friendly for beginners.

Can I upgrade the Gigabyte Aorus Pro easily?

Yes, it's designed for easy upgrades and scalability.

What kind of warranty comes with the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

It typically includes a manufacturer's warranty; specifics vary by region.

Is the Gigabyte Aorus Elite energy efficient?

It's designed for efficient power management.

Does the Gigabyte Aorus Elite have RGB lighting?

It has minimal RGB features compared to the Pro.

How does customer support for the Gigabyte Aorus Elite compare to the Pro?

Both models receive support from Gigabyte, but experiences may vary.

Who is the target audience for the Gigabyte Aorus Elite?

Budget-conscious consumers and general users.

Can the Gigabyte Aorus Pro be used for professional workstations?

Yes, it's well-suited for high-performance tasks.

Does the Gigabyte Aorus Elite support the latest processors?

Yes, it supports current mainstream processors.

Are there different versions of the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

Yes, it comes in various models catering to different needs.

What type of memory is supported by the Gigabyte Aorus Pro?

It supports high-speed memory modules.

How does the design of the Gigabyte Aorus Elite compare to the Pro?

It's more subdued and less feature-rich.
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