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GET Method in PHP vs. POST Method in PHP: What's the Difference?

Edited by Aimie Carlson || By Harlon Moss || Published on March 2, 2024
GET Method in PHP transmits data via URL, suitable for non-sensitive data retrieval. POST Method in PHP sends data through HTTP request body, used for secure data transmission.

Key Differences

GET Method in PHP appends data to the URL, visible and limited in length. POST Method in PHP sends data in the request body, hidden from the URL and more secure.
GET Method is more efficient for data that doesn't require security, like query strings in search. POST Method is better for transferring sensitive data, like user passwords.
GET requests can be bookmarked and cached, making them suitable for repeat visits. POST requests cannot be bookmarked and don't remain in the browser history.
GET Method has a size limitation, constrained by the URL length. POST Method allows for larger data sizes, not limited by URL constraints.
GET Method is simpler for data retrieval, but less secure. POST Method offers more security for data transmission, but is slightly more complex.

Comparison Chart

Data Transmission

Appended to URL, visible
Sent in HTTP body, hidden


Less secure, suitable for non-sensitive data
More secure, ideal for sensitive data

Data Size Limitation

Limited by URL length
No URL length limitation


Can be bookmarked and cached
Cannot be bookmarked or cached

Use Case

Efficient for simple data retrieval
Preferred for secure and large data transfer

GET Method in PHP and POST Method in PHP Definitions

GET Method in PHP

Has limitations on the amount of data sent.
Due to URL length limits, the GET method was unsuitable for large data transfers.

POST Method in PHP

Ideal for sending large amounts of data.
The POST method was used to upload the large dataset.

GET Method in PHP

Suitable for non-sensitive data transfer.
He used the GET method to request a list of book titles.

POST Method in PHP

Does not expose data in the URL.
Sensitive data was sent using POST to keep it hidden from the URL.

GET Method in PHP

Often used in search queries and URL parameters.
The website used GET to handle user searches through URL parameters.

POST Method in PHP

Commonly used for form submission and updates.
He submitted the online form using the POST method.

GET Method in PHP

Sends data appended to the URL.
The GET method was used to fetch search results based on the query in the URL.

POST Method in PHP

Transmits data within the body of the HTTP request.
For user registration, the POST method securely sent the form data.

GET Method in PHP

Data transmitted can be seen in browser history.
Using GET, the page's URL displayed all the query parameters.

POST Method in PHP

More secure than GET, suitable for sensitive data.
For password transmission, POST was the preferred method due to its security.


When should you use the POST method in PHP?

For sending sensitive or large amounts of data securely.

What is the main use of the GET method in PHP?

For retrieving data where security is not a primary concern.

Can GET requests be cached?

Yes, GET requests can be cached and bookmarked.

Is data visible in the URL with GET?

Yes, GET appends data to the URL, making it visible.

What's the data size limit for GET?

It's limited by URL length, which varies by browser.

Are POST requests cached?

No, POST requests aren't cached and can't be bookmarked.

Does POST method expose data in the URL?

No, POST sends data in the HTTP request body, hidden from the URL.

Why is POST preferred for sensitive data?

Because it transmits data within the HTTP request body, enhancing security.

Are there size limitations for POST?

POST can handle much larger data sizes compared to GET.

Is GET more efficient than POST?

GET is simpler and faster for small, non-sensitive data retrieval.

How do GET and POST affect server load?

POST requires slightly more processing, potentially increasing server load.

Can GET requests modify data on the server?

They can, but it's a practice against web standards and security.

Can GET method be used for form submission?

It can be used, but it's not recommended for sensitive data.

Is it possible to send binary data using GET?

No, GET is unsuitable for binary data, which POST can handle.

Is POST suitable for search queries?

It's less common for search queries due to its no-cache nature.

How do browsers handle GET and POST differently?

Browsers can save GET URLs in history, but not POST data.

Can PHP access data sent by GET and POST similarly?

PHP accesses both using global arrays, $_GET and $_POST.

Are GET and POST methods interchangeable?

They serve different purposes and aren't directly interchangeable.

How does PHP secure data sent via GET and POST?

PHP itself doesn't secure data; security depends on how data is handled and transmitted.

Do developers need to sanitize data from both methods?

Yes, sanitizing data from both GET and POST is crucial for security.
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