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Liscense vs. License: Mastering the Correct Spelling

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"Liscense" is an incorrect spelling; the correct form is "license," which refers to formal permission or authorization.

Which is correct: Liscense or License

How to spell License?

Liscense is Incorrect

License is Correct


Key Differences

Remember that "sense" spelled backwards does not make "license."
"License" has the same "se" ending as "permit," another word for formal authorization.
Think of "ice" in the middle of the word; you need a license to sell ice cream.
The word begins with "li-" as in "liberty," which a license gives you the freedom to do something.
The "c" comes before the "s," just as you need permission ("license") before taking action ("s").

Correct usage of License

She showed her liscense to the officer.
She showed her license to the officer.
I need to renew my liscense this year.
I need to renew my license this year.
They require a special liscense to operate that machinery.
They require a special license to operate that machinery.
He lost his driving liscense last week.
He lost his driving license last week.
Can you get a fishing liscense at the local store?
Can you get a fishing license at the local store?

License Definitions

A document granting permission or qualification.
She got her driver's license last week.
A software agreement outlining usage rights.
Your software license expires next month.
The freedom to deviate from strict rules.
The movie took some license with historical facts.
Official or legal permission to engage in a regulated activity
"He believed that the subcommittee gave him license to interrogate anyone about any possible links to communism" (Donald A. Ritchie).
A document, card, plate, or tag that is issued as proof of official or legal permission
A driver's license.
A contract allowing someone to use a proprietary product or service
Has a site license for that software.
Freedom of action or permission to act
"Doctors labeled many of the organs of the immune system 'functionless' ... giving surgeons license to remove them with abandon" (Andrew Weil).
Poetic license.
Lack of due restraint; excessive freedom
"It is important to preserve freedom only for people who are willing to practice self-denial, for otherwise freedom degenerates into license and irresponsibility" (Milton Friedman).
Heedlessness for the precepts of proper behavior, especially with regard to sex
"noir stories of the consequences of sexual license" (Foster Hirsch).
An excuse or justification to do something wrong
People who see low-fat labels as a license to eat larger amounts.
To give or yield permission to or for
"Deep down I wondered what licensed me to speak" (Jan Clausen).
To grant a license to or for; authorize.
A legal document giving official permission to do something; a permit.
The legal terms under which a person is allowed to use a product, especially software.
Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behaviour or speech).
Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint.
To authorize officially.
I am licensed to practice law in this state.
(transitive) (applied to a piece of intellectual property)
To give formal authorization to use.
It was decided to license Wikipedia under the GFDL.
To acquire authorization to use, usually in exchange for compensation.
The filmmakers licensed several iconic 80's songs for the soundtrack.
(transitive) To give permission or freedom to; accept.
To permit (as grammatically correct).
No English adverbs have mandatory complements, and most don't even license optional ones.
Authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act; especially, a formal permission from the proper authorities to perform certain acts or to carry on a certain business, which without such permission would be illegal; a grant of permission; as, a license to preach, to practice medicine, to sell gunpowder or intoxicating liquors.
To have a license and a leave at London to dwell.
The document granting such permission.
Excess of liberty; freedom abused, or used in contempt of law or decorum; disregard of law or propriety.
License they mean when they cry liberty.
That deviation from strict fact, form, or rule, in which an artist or writer indulges, assuming that it will be permitted for the sake of the advantage or effect gained; as, poetic license; grammatical license, etc.
To permit or authorize by license; to give license to; as, to license a man to preach.
A legal document giving official permission to do something
Freedom to deviate deliberately from normally applicable rules or practices (especially in behavior or speech)
Excessive freedom; lack of due restraint;
When liberty becomes license dictatorship is near
The intolerable license with which the newspapers break...the rules of decorum
The act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization
Authorize officially;
I am licensed to practice law in this state
Legal authorization to operate or practice.
He lost his license to practice law.
A mechanism to control substance distribution.
You need a license to sell alcohol.

License Sentences

She has a license to practice medicine in three states.
You must have a driver's license to drive a car.
We applied for a marriage license at the city hall.
I need to update my address on my license.
My brother just passed his test and got his license.
The company was fined for operating without a proper license.
The restaurant needs a new license to serve alcohol.
The pilot showed his license during the inspection.
I'm studying for my real estate license exam.
Fishing without a license can result in a fine.
My software license expired, and I need to renew it.
The architect showed us her professional license.
My teacher's license is up for renewal next year.
After the wedding, we signed our marriage license.
The pharmacy's license is displayed at the entrance.
She lost her license and had to apply for a duplicate.
To adopt a pet, you sometimes need a license.
Our guide had a license to lead tours in the national park.
The cafe's music license allows them to play songs.
To sell products online, you might need a business license.
You can get a fishing license at most sporting goods stores.
Your license must be visible when you're hunting.
You need a special license to drive a truck.
The new law changed license requirements for small businesses.
The contractor showed us his building license.

License Idioms & Phrases

Driver's license

An official document permitting a specific individual to operate one or more types of motorized vehicles.
She was proud to receive her driver's license after months of practice.

Poetic license

The freedom to depart from the facts of a matter or from the conventional rules of language when speaking, writing, or creating art.
The novelist used poetic license to create a more engaging story.

Business license

An official permit allowing the holder to conduct business in the local jurisdiction.
Opening a cafe requires obtaining a business license from the city.

License to kill

Authority or permission to use deadly force.
In movies, spies often have a license to kill.

Fishing license

A permit required to fish in certain areas, ensuring the regulation of fishing activities to protect fish populations.
Before we go fishing, we need to buy a fishing license.

License plate

A metal or plastic plate attached to a vehicle for official identification purposes.
The police asked for the car's license plate number.

Marriage license

A document issued by a governmental authority that allows two people to marry.
The couple filled out their marriage license application together.

Liquor license

A permit to sell alcoholic beverages.
The restaurant's success was delayed by the lengthy process to obtain a liquor license.


Which vowel is used before license?

'A' as in "a license" or 'e' as in "the license."

Why is it called license?

It derives from the Latin word "licentia," meaning "freedom, permission."

What is the pronunciation of license?


Which preposition is used with license?

"To," "for," "under," depending on context.

What is the plural form of license?


Is license a noun or adjective?

It can be both a noun and a verb.

What is the verb form of license?

To license.

What is the root word of license?

The Latin word "licentia."

Is the license term a metaphor?

It can be used metaphorically.

Is the word license imperative?

Not inherently, but it can be used in imperative sentences.

Is license an adverb?


Is license a countable noun?


How many syllables are in license?

Two syllables.

What is another term for license?


Which determiner is used with license?

"The," "a," depending on context.

What is the singular form of license?


Which conjunction is used with license?

"And," "or," depending on context.

Is license a vowel or consonant?

It starts with a consonant ('L').

Is license a collective noun?


What part of speech is license?

Noun or verb.

What is the first form of license?

License (as a noun or as a base verb form).

Which article is used with license?

"A" or "the," depending on context.

Is license a negative or positive word?

Neutral; context-dependent.

What is the opposite of license?


What is the third form of license?

Licensing (as a present participle or gerund verb form).

What is a stressed syllable in license?

The first syllable, "li."

Is license an abstract noun?

Yes, it refers to a concept or idea.

How do we divide license into syllables?


What is the second form of license?

Licensed (as a past and past participle verb form).

How is license used in a sentence?

"You need a license to drive a car legally."
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